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Koenigsegg CC850 - 2023

Twenty years after the creation of the Koenigsegg's first manufacturing automobile, the CC8S, described the new "megacar" category. In birthday party of the CC8S's twentieth anniversary, the Koenigsegg CC850 turned into unveiled at 2022 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering to an target target market of media, customers, and enterprise luminaries.The CC850 is a current reimagination of the Koenigsegg CC8S. It is likewise a twin tribute for Koenigsegg, celebrating twenty years of car manufacturing, in addition to the fiftieth birthday of the company's founder and namesake, Christian Von Koenigsegg. As such, CC850 manufacturing can be restricted to simply 50 vehicles worldwide."The CC850 is an homage to the unmarried maximum significant automobile in Koenigsegg history," stated Christian von Koenigsegg. "The CC8S positioned us at the map and made us successful - and celebrating twenty years of manufacturing, along my fiftieth birthday, felt just like the proper time to expose the CC850 to realize our roots."The CC850's challenge is to supply the purest, maximum basically completely happy using revel in of any Koenigsegg so far. While visually the CC8S idea is apparent, the drivetrain, engine, and abilities of the CC850 are whatever however vintage.The Koenigsegg CC850's 5.0-liter twin-faster V8 turned into engineered and built absolutely in-house. As visible withinside the Jesko, this V8 does now no longer function a flywheel and is consequently the maximum responsive, fast- revving engine possible.

The visceral revel in and accompanying aural signature are otherworldly and incomparable.Performance is staggering-the CC850's 5.0-liter twin-faster V8 provides 1,185 hp on fuel or 1,385 hp on E85, in addition to 1,385 nm (1,020 lb-ft) of torque.As with the enduring Koenigsegg ONE:1 launched in 2014, the CC850 additionally achieves a 1:1 strength to weight ratio with 1385 hp and a 1385 kg lower weight.What makes the Koenigsegg CC850 simply particular and driving force-centered is its revolutionary, world- first Engage Shift System (ESS). The ESS permits for one-of-a-kind equipment ratios relying at the using mode, presenting tailor-made studies primarily based totally on avenue or music use. But that is now no longer what simply units ESS apart.Based on Koenigsegg's Light Speed Transmission (LST), ESS, paired with a snatch pedal, is an adaptable, multi-ratio, 6-velocity guide transmission that can also run as a super-fast, smooth- transferring 9-velocity automated. The cappotential for the driving force to seamlessly pick among an unadulterated guide transmission or greater laid-again automated transferring is unprecedented. It locations the CC850 in a category with the aid of using itself.The gated ESS shifter is a piece of mechanical artwork and is paying homage to Swiss chronographs- intricate, aesthetically beautiful, and absolutely functional. Great care has been taken to make the ESS one of the maximum attractive manuals ever created. Additionally, the Swedish flag crowns the guide shifter because it did withinside the authentic guide CC8S.

CC850 Design: Familiar, Yet All-New

The outside showcases smooth Nordic Koenigsegg layout, telephone-dial fashion rims and triple taillights, all of which draw idea from the earliest Koenigsegg models. The indoors boasts a symmetrical, minimum layout aesthetic corresponding to the CC8S.

This symmetry makes variations for left- and proper-hand force variations practical. The spherical steerage wheel, the open-gate shifter with uncovered mechanical components, and the analogue chrono cluster show off the precision paintings that underpins the CC850.And of course, as a Koenigsegg, the CC850 functions the enduring removable hardtop, the synchrohelix door system, the Autoskin function - and, naturally, it is able to run on renewable fuels.The authentic CC8S turned into a showstopper. It now no longer most effective broke statistics right now and received awards- it set new enterprise requirements and positioned Koenigsegg, a small, decided Swedish Megacar company, at the map.The Koenigsegg CC850 turned into now no longer created to interrupt Jesko's music statistics or set new high-water marks for pinnacle velocity, however to provide the best stage of driving force pleasure and leisure with the exhilarating overall performance for which Koenigsegg is renowned.