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Alpine A110 R 2023

This much-awaited brand new model rounds out the A110 range. Extreme, mild, extra streamlined, and extra stimulated with the aid of using motor sports activities than ever - 'radical' is the handiest manner of describing the auto that now sits because the crowning jewel of the A110 line-up.The last expression of lightness and overall performance, the Alpine A110 R become designed to be sensational at the racetrack but nevertheless licensed for the open road.The first major distinction with the A110 R is visible thru the sizeable paintings installed to decreasing its standard weight right all the way down to as low as 1,082kg - 34kg much less than the A110 S. Its aerodynamic overall performance has been improved for more downforce and decreased drag.For the primary time ever at the A110 range, a few components (e.g. the bonnet, rear window, and diffuser) had been redesigned specially for the brand new version.The specific enhancements made to the chassis, at the side of the 1.8L 300HP motor, and race-vehicle indoors, feed into the heightened radical experience that make the riding revel in extra severe than ever earlier than.Taking simply three.nine seconds to head from zero-100km/h, the All-new Alpine A110 R pushes the limits of sports activities automobiles. Building off the logo's dedication to motor sports activities, the layout segment worried direct enter from pinnacle-stage specialists and is extra than equipped to overcome the clock while it takes to the racetrack. Made in France on the Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé, this brand new vehicle marks the start of a brand new bankruptcy for the logo's know-how in motor sports activities.The Alpine A110 R is radical expression of sports activities vehicle overall performance. At the coronary heart of the auto's genesis lies a quest for best aerodynamics constructed off an finest stability among advanced downforce and decreased drag.A wide variety of functions stimulated with the aid of using the arena of motor racing had been immediately delivered or tailored to the All-new Alpine A110 R so that you can optimise managing at pinnacle pace. It blessings from the brand new wind-tunnel generation and equipment utilized in Formula 1. The new layout paintings positioned into the rear swan-neck spoiler, flat undercarriage, and diffuser, similarly to the complete-carbon fibre wheels, makes for more balance round corners and at excessive speeds. The A110 R boasts more returned-cease aerodynamic downforce than the A110 S Aero Kit, with a further 29kg at pinnacle pace, thereby making sure more stability while taking speedy corners. At the equal time, drag has been decreased with the aid of using five% (music attitude) thereby extending the pinnacle pace to a document 285km/h.In order to enhance excessive-pace balance and overall performance for the All-new Alpine A110 R at the racetrack, the layout segment become guided with the aid of using a essential goal: free up the vehicle's complete ability thru an finest stability among downforce and drag. As such, the the front cease has been outfitted with the equal carbon-fibre lip because the A110 S, but the air consumption valves had been included into the the front shield, thereby in addition decreasing standard air resistance and enhancing the auto's viable pinnacle pace. The the front aerodynamics had been transformed to acquire most stability with the brand new chassis.For a elegant but technical touch, the diffuser has been redesigned for a ambitious appearance and a riding revel in like no different.Designed the usage of carbon fibre and fibre glass, the decreased weight is an excellent a part of the aerodynamic equation.

Now wider than earlier than because it stretches in the direction of the rear, it creates a speedy glide of air thru the undercarriage thereby inflicting a more drop in stress.The vertically placed facet-flaps lessen aerodynamic turbulence.Fairing has been delivered to higher isolate the diffuser from disturbances coming from the spinning wheel. Alterations have additionally been made to the fins: larger and decrease than earlier than, their form has been modified to direct airflow in the direction of the diffuser.Lastly, cowlings at the rear suspension arm assist increase the effectiveness of the diffuser and flat vehicle-bed.
The rear spoiler is constant atop so-called 'swan-neck' mounts that upload a sporty appearance and more aerodynamic overall performance. While it has the equal form because the spoiler at the Alpine A110 S, some functions at the All-new A110 R make it particular. Pushed in addition to the rear, with a smaller incline for a smaller technique angle, it's far a key element of the auto's overall performance in phrases of downforce and optimised drag.The swan-neck mounts decorate the spoiler's overall performance at the same time as decreasing air carry on its underside. Given its vicinity in a low-stress environment, it's far specially touchy to any disturbances so as to modify its effectiveness.The Alpine A110 R has been outfitted with particular carbon-fibre facet skirts so that you can increase the underbelly out.The large floor vicinity manner there may be much less turbulence alongside the auto's period because it mitigates undercarriage disturbances.The rear-cease of the skirts upward push up in the front of the rear wheel, thereby decreasing backdraughts and protective the rear wheel from the encompassing air. Greater balance guaranteed! Aesthetically, the brand new skirts join the the front lip with the rear diffusers for a extra grounded appearance.Alpine engineers and thermodynamics specialists additionally labored at the exhaust. The A110's iconic twin exhaust, has been given a 3D-revealed double wall to isolate exhaust gases and guard different close by components.The manner it really works is simple: the outer wall stays chillier than the gases passing thru the vital exhaust, for this reason growing a stability among the internal and outside.While Alpine is already synonymous with 'lightness', engineers have taken it even in addition, for more overall performance at the circuit, and heightened riding satisfaction at the open road.Thanks to the sizeable use of carbon fibre - extensively utilized in Formula 1 - each internal and out, the All-new Alpine A110 R weighs handiest 1,082kg, making it 34kg lighter than the A110 S. With its weight/strength ratio diminished to three.6kg/PS, it is able to run a complete 1,000m from a status begin in only 21.nine seconds, rating it a few of the satisfactory in its category.Carbon fibre has been used maximum appreciably for the hood of the All-new Alpine A110 R. The totally carbon fibre bonnet now no longer handiest has a sportier appearance with extra person, however it additionally weighs 2.nine kg much less and gives advanced all-spherical overall performance, inclusive of pinnacle pace.The bonnet additionally has air intakes for improved aerodynamics, making it a key function of the auto's ambitious layout, giving it a extra radical experience.Develop in with the aid of using the Alpine crew at the side of the provider, Duqueine, the particular, tailored wheels at the All-new Alpine A110 R also are totally carbon fibre and designed with a triple reason in mind: to enhance the auto's overall performance with the aid of using decreasing its weight; to optimize its aerodynamics; and offer higher cooling for the brakes. As such, the wheels weight 12.5kg much less than at the A110 S. More open on the the front and extra closed on the rear, the wheels' had been given a completely unique layout with fine-tuned dynamic overall performance, optimised drag, and advanced brake cooling.While severa technical traits make stronger the sporty experience of the All-new A110 R, its layout offers it a bolder feel of person. The rear window, made totally of carbon fibre, has for this reason turn out to be the spotlight of the auto's rear cease.The new rear window now extends over the engine bay and functions the 0.33 prevent mild in its centre.It additionally homes consumption valves that deliver the engine with air and endure the Alpine logo's iconic snowflake.The single-shell Sabelt® seats at the All-new A110 R are each totally manufactured from carbon fibre and assist lighten the auto with the aid of using a in addition 5kg.The driving force and passenger seats are ready with a 6-factor protection harness.They encompass the sports activities vehicle experience and assure particular consolation and aid while cornering and riding at excessive speeds.Thanks to the unparalleled coupling of agility and overall performance, the All-new Alpine A110 R is a real race vehicle with certification for the open road, designed to overcome the clock regardless of the circumstances.Powered with the aid of using a 4-cylinder 1.eight faster coupled to a 7-pace moist twin-snatch computerized transmission, the All-new Alpine A110 R has the suitable set of muscular tissues beneathneath the bonnet constructed for overall performance. Maximum torque of 340Nm is to be had from 2,400rpm and most strength of 300HP at 6,300rpm. With the Launch Control computerized begin function, this logo-new sports activities vehicle can shoot as much as 100km/h in only three.nine seconds, for a most pace of 285 km/h. With overall performance like that, this vehicle is definitely in pole role for the A110 range.Adjustments and customized functions at the All-new Alpine A110 R chassis are sport changers, imbuing the auto with unparalleled overall performance at the racetrack. The clearance has been diminished with the aid of using 10mm as compared to the A110 S. The adjustable surprise absorbers imply it is able to be diminished a in addition 10mm for an last on-music revel in. The stiffness of the particular anti-cant bars has been improved 10% withinside the the front and 25% withinside the rear as compared to the A110 S. The equal may be stated for the suspension springs which might be extra than 10% stiffer withinside the the front and rear for some distance more frame aid. Specially designed surprise absorbers function hydraulic adjustment for a customized riding revel in. A 20-click on ring may be used to alter the compression / enlargement ratio, which means vehicle fanatics can in reality get the maximum out in their circuit riding sessions.The general All-new Alpine A110 R comes outfitted with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slick tyres (215/forty R18 on the the front and 245/forty R18 on the rear). When paired with the auto's specific chassis, those excessive-overall performance tyres may be used on each closed circuits and the open road. Compared to traditional tyres, semi-slick tires offer extra balance and cornering control (bolstered structure, 15% extra grip, more on-music sturdiness and extra transverse acceleration). All in all, which means an development of zero.five seconds consistent with km at the racetrack.The Brembo excessive-overall performance braking gadget at the All-new A110 R functions 320mm diameter composite discs on the the front and rear. To carry out at the extent required with the aid of using the on-music pace and behaviour, engineers devised an specific cooling gadget for the brakes, with 4 precise components. Scoops hooked up on both facet of the top hands of the the front axle and ducts connected to the fairing, beneathneath the auto, serve to higher direct the air in the direction of the brake discs so that you can cool them down.Their mixed enter interprets right into a 20% development of the brake cooling gadget.As with the alternative automobiles withinside the range, the All-new Alpine A110 R boasts 3 customisable riding modes for more enjoyment: Normal, Sport, and Track. Responsiveness of the accelerator and engine, strength-guidance sensitivity, tools shifts, and ESC sensitivity all alternate in step with the selected mode. The precise use of every mode is as follows:Normal - the mixture of easy ordinary riding with low gasoline use.Sport - optimised engine and gearbox control for a dynamic, sporty drive: reactive accelerator, precise deceleration, short upshifts, with the opportunity of multi-downshift and with improved revs (clever throttling like double clutching) among every downshift.Track -optimised for music riding, with quicker tools modifications which might be managed solely through the guidance wheel paddle shifters.This mode consists of a particular ESC placing to push the auto's limits while on a music. There is an 'ESC off' mode for professional drivers.A roar this is without difficulty recognisable as a legitimate signature worth of the Alpine name! The exhaust gadget with post-injection and double-wall exhaust pipes at the All-new A110 R provide a extra assertive sound. Improvements made to the form of the double-wall exhaust and the elimination of the exhaust valve imply the auto emits a miles extra harmonious sound. Noise from extra air has additionally been decreased, bringing the auto's sound extra in keeping with the Alpine signature.The absolutely overhauled indoors soundscape makes for a extra severe revel in and heightened engine experience. Increased noise from the engine has been improved thru the alternative of the glass partition with the aid of using a lighter cut-aluminium partition, the addition of tie rods, the elimination of engine soundproofing, and the continuing presence of an consumption resonator on the consumption, thereby improving the brightness of the auto's sound.

The All-new Alpine A110 R boasts particular gasoline performance.By some distance the lightest in its magnificence and with aerodynamics that integrate low drag and excessive downforce, this maximum latest sports activities vehicle boasts most gasoline performance in all riding situations that interprets into an incredibly low CO2 emission (1/three much less than the opposition) and decreased gasoline use!An assertive and particular carrying fashion this is without difficulty felt on each the indoors and outdoors of the All-new Alpine A110 R.A race vehicle environment that says: settle in and get equipped for the particular sensations this vehicle can give.The indoors of the Alpine A110 R is made totally of microfibre fabric - even the trim of the door panels! Red straps had been used rather than the conventional door handles as a nod to the arena of motorsports.The guidance wheel is likewise upholstered in microfiber with gray stitching. An wise combination of aesthetics, authenticity, and green layout, for a virtually sporty indoors.The single-shell Sabelt Track seats at the A110 R are stimulated with the aid of using the arena of motor racing. With their particular, carbon-fibre layout, microfiber upholstery and gray stitching, they encompass the arena of sports activities automobiles. Equipped with 6-factor opposition harnesses, the seats make sure finest aid for driving force and passenger alike. The seats additionally function a 'Seat Belt Reminder' warning. The driving force's seat has the front-returned and up-down adjustments, while the passenger seat stays constant, for delivered consolation.The letter 'A' at the headrests displays Alpine's particular logo identity.New components which includes the the front and rear bonnet, new diffuser, and facet skirts feed into the anticipated search for the All-new Alpine A110 R. Clear-cut, planned choices, which includes the opaque rear bonnet, make for an standard layout complete of person and emotion! The carbon percent has been advanced with the provider Carl Composite.A particular plaque that includes the auto's silhouette and which has been hooked up into the console, become designed specifical for the version.The release shade for the All-new Alpine A110 R, Racing Matte Blue, is similar to that used at the Formula 1 A522. Blue, however additionally red, carbon fibre, and microfibre: all colors and substances that draw idea from the Grands Prix beginning grid and the particular sensations from the music.The 100carbon fibre roof functions a gloss black finish.The general version comes with the 'Alpine Telemetrics' on-board telemetry gadget the usage of stress gauges and histograms to show real-time technical records on faster stress, gearbox temperature, torque, strength, guidance wheel angle, and accelerometer.The included chronograph may be used to degree and document performances at some point of on-music sessions.

TECHNICAL SPECS 1.8L 4-cylindre engine 300HP Weight/strength ratio: three.6kg/PS zero-100km/h: three.nine seconds Max torque: 340Nm @ 2,400-6,000rpm Top pace: 285km/h Chassis: recalibrated anti-roll springs and bars, precise axle geometry, coil springs 10% stiffer, precise anti-cant bars, adjustable spring/surprise absorber settings, experience top 10mm decrease, in addition 10mm drop feasible while on racetrack Kerb weight: 1,082kg Sport exhaust gadget Brembo® excessive-overall performance braking gadget, 320mm composite the front and rear discs 100rbon fibre 18" rims Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect semi-slick tyres (215/forty R18 on the the front and 245/forty R18 on the rear). Single-shell carbon-fibre Sabelt® Track seats (up-down / the front-returned adjustable for driving force) with black carbon fibre-microfibre combination upholstery with gray stitching