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Bentley Bentayga EWB 2023

Bentley is bringing a brand new attention on health to its version variety with the release of the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase - a brand new grand journeying SUV that builds at the strengths of the Bentayga to grow to be a brand new luxurious flagship, extending the cutting-edge product variety to 5 models.
So lots greater than only a stretch, the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase is the end result of a nine-parent funding through Bentley to create a brand new version that gives the high-satisfactory rear cabin enjoy due to the fact a Mulsanne, at the same time as keeping the Bentley hallmarks of handy overall performance, notable handcraftsmanship and infinite personalisation.
The fulfillment of the Bentayga described and enabled the boom of the posh SUV marketplace for the reason that first unveiling in 2015. Over the final seven years, the Bentayga has proved its credibility thru real off-avenue capability, hybrid generation, document-breaking overall performance, and bespoke specs. The Bentayga stays Bentley's high-satisfactory-promoting version, and has grow to be the benchmark in opposition to which different luxurious SUVs are measured. The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase yet again redefines the zenith.
In 2021, Bentley done document income of 14,659 cars, a 31% boom over the preceding high-satisfactory from 2020 - and the Bentayga accounted for simply over a 3rd of this volume. The worldwide luxurious SUV marketplace maintains to expand, with the forecast growing toward the stop of the last decade throughout all regions. However, this isn't always the equal for the E-segment, which has been declining. The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase has the capacity to elevate the ceiling of the D-segment, as one of the non secular successors to the Mulsanne.Feedback from Bentley clients is that layout, generation and overall performance are the 3 maximum critical elements at the selection to purchase, with the riding traits being the pinnacle precedence among present day proprietors. In a latest survey, proprietors additionally showed that 82% of them use their luxurious SUVs daily, 74% in towns and concrete environments.The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase stretches the elegance-main SUV's breadth of capacity even in addition whether or not you're riding or being pushed.

The Extended Wheelbase might be accountable for as much as 45% of all Bentayga income whilst the automobile is going on sale later this yr. The Bentayga will consequently continue to be Bentley's primary version, and the maximum a success and in-call for luxurious SUV withinside the global.
Introduction to the Bentayga EWB
The Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (EWB) builds at the cutting-edge second-era Bentayga, extending the wheelbase and rear cabin area through an additional one hundred eighty mm. With Body-in-White adjustments to the underfloor, facet panels, door and roof, Bentley's layout crew have ensured the strains and proportions maintain to exude fashion and presence. This boom outcomes withinside the wheelbase of the automobile stretching from 2995 mm to 3175 mm, with an standard period of 5322 mm. The elevated period is all withinside the rear door, developing an extremely expensive rear cabin location. With a bigger cabin area than some other luxurious competitor, an emphasis on health, and the creation of the global's first vehiclemobile weather and superior postural adjustment rear seat, brilliant trips are guaranteed.
The new Bentley Airline Seat specification is the maximum superior seat ever suited for a vehicle, with 22-methods of adjustment and global-firsts in a brand new vehiclemobile weather sensing device and postural adjustment generation.
In Relax mode, the seat can recline to forty degrees, at the same time as the passenger seat is motored forwards and a superbly leather-based-trimmed footrest deploys from the lower back of the the front passenger seat. In Business Mode, the seat actions into its maximum upright role to make operating at the circulate greater snug.
The vehiclemobile weather seat generation senses occupant temperature and floor humidity after which determines whether or not to use heat, air flow or each concurrently to preserve the occupant at top-rated thermal wellbeing. Meanwhile, the postural adjustment device routinely makes micro modifications to the occupant's seating role and stress factors, through measuring stress throughout the seat floor. The device can practice 177 man or woman stress adjustments throughout six absolutely unbiased stress zones over a 3-hour duration enhancing consolation and minimising fatigue in the course of a journey.
Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors, comments: 'The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase is our first vehicle clearly devoted to the onboard health of its occupants. Every Bentley receives you for your vacation spot feeling greater comfortable than while you began out your journey, and but with the Extended Wheelbase we have got been capable of cross even in addition way to the adoption of global-first health generation embedded inside our unrivalled indoors cabin layout. In mixture with the excellent competencies of the craftspeople at our carbon-impartial manufacturing facility in Crewe, those advances make the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase the final luxurious SUV to power or be pushed in."
The Bentley Bentayga EWB includes a greater superior sewing layout created the use of virtual craftsmanship. Diamonds may be visible elongating symmetrically from the centre of the seatbacks shoulder panels and alongside the period of the door, reflecting the extension withinside the vehicle itself.

The new indoors fashion of the rear door additionally consists of a completely unique layout showcasing the non-obligatory 'Metal Overlay in Veneer'. Using a skinny metallic strip simply 0.07 mm thick, an complicated layout is bonded through hand at the floor of the veneer earlier than the element is lacquered and polished.New capabilities like Bentley Diamond Illumination (wherein mild is emitted thru small perforations withinside the tender sense door trim) display how generation combines with modern-day craftsmanship to supply fairly current layout in expensive materials. With 24 billion trim combos alone (and a complete quantity of feasible specs walking into the trillions), the cabin of the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase is able to supplying the maximum man or woman Bentayga ever.
The creation of Electronic All Wheel Steering, a primary for the Bentayga, guarantees that there may be no shortfall of dynamic capacity in spite of the longer wheelbase. In fact, the turning circle is 7% much less than a popular Bentayga, at simply 11.eight metres. This additionally ensures no compromise among high-velocity self assurance and occasional velocity convenience.
Bentley Dynamic Ride, the 48V lively anti-roll manage device added initially through Bentayga as a global-first, is protected as popular and affords the top-rated stability among final experience consolation, managing and frame manage.
Comfort and Wellness in Detail
The Bentley Bentayga EWB gives the final in rear passenger indulgence, with the maximum superior seat ever suited for a vehicle, 3 exceptional seat configurations, new twin air ionisers and elevated cabin area.
As popular, a 4+1 seating configuration is obtainable with outer rear seats offering great consolation, sixteen methods of adjustment, heating, air flow and 5 man or woman rub down programs. There is an occasional center seat, effortlessly accommodating a 3rd person and giving get entry to to a ski hatch withinside the backboard.
A new function with the bigger cabin is the Bentley Airline Seat Specification. To allow most rest withinside the lower back, the seat backrests recline to forty degrees, offering an excellent and snug role to sleep in.
The stage of seat recline may be managed thru the Touch Screen Remote - Bentley's devoted hand held touchscreen tool for controlling automobile features from the rear cabin. Additional switches are positioned withinside the door pocket location to set the seat to most recline (Relax Mode) or in its maximum upright role (Business Mode).
In Relax Mode, the the front passenger seat will traverse to its maximum ahead role if you want to maximise the distance to be had to the rear occupant. Additionally, a footrest - superbly trimmed in carpet and leather-based and surrounded with a chrome strip - will install from the the front passenger seat lower back.
Bentley Airline Seat Specification additionally consists of 4 considerable capabilities such as a global generation first:
With Seat Auto Climate, a passenger selects their favored temperature setpoint from six exceptional levels. The touch temperature and floor humidity are then at once measured - cushion and backrest independently - and the heating and air flow are adjusted to attain the specified temperature. This is constantly monitored to make sure it stays consistent as optimised frame temperature is crucial whilst the focal point is on man or woman wellbeing. In research which have manipulated frame temperature through outside way, it has typically been pronounced that cognitive feature is decreased through lowering frame temperature beneath normal [Wright, Hull and Ceizler 2002]. A snug thermal surroundings also can alleviate fatigue, lessen irritability, and enhance riding safety [Szczurek & Maciejewska 2016]
The Postural Adjustment feature makes use of new thigh and shoulder wallet, plus extra lumbar rub down wallet, to subtly but constantly alternate the form of the seat to ease stress factors across the frame, stopping useless spots and fatigue construct up. There are 3 exceptional programmes to be had, 'All regions of the seat', 'Twist' and 'Backrest best'. The use of air wallet permits greater non-stop and complicated moves to be made - which can be in reality imperceptible to the passenger - in preference to the linear moves because of using seat automobiles. The device is going past the 2D motions ordinary of adjustable seats, capable of rent a 3-dimensional twist to alleviate stress factors. Six unbiased stress zones can offer 177 modifications each 3 hours to make sure that seat consolation is by no means compromised, no matter the period of the journey. Studies have proven that actively helping frame weight in a dynamic manner relieves strain, that could top intellectual strain and create loss of attention. Natural supported postures had been proven to relieve strain from tensed muscles.
The Bentley Airline Seat Specification additionally provides in addition cushion and backrest bolster adjustment, cushion extension, electric powered headrest peak adjustment and a deployable footrest to the lower back of the the front passenger seat. The rear seat passenger in this facet of the automobile also can circulate the the front passenger seat forwards through a "VIP mode".
New for the Bentayga EWB are heated rear door and centre armrests, including a stage of element totally befitting of the maximum expensive SUV cabin withinside the global.
Other configurations consist of a Four Seat Comfort Specification and a Five Seat alternative for the ones looking the capacity to fold down the rear backrests. A seven seat configuration is to be had withinside the popular Bentayga, but consumer comments confirmed that area and comfort continue to be a concern for the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase proprietors.
With the Four Seat Comfort Specification, a rear centre console among the 2 rear seats affords extra stowage and in addition USB charging sockets. The Mulliner Console Bottle Cooler also can be chosen, housing a completely included liquids cooler for a 750 ml bottle, and hand made Cumbria Crystal Flutes.
The heating, air flow and aircon device withinside the rear cabin has been superior to in addition enhance onboard health. The rear air flow turns on best whilst rear occupants are detected, decreasing rear cabin fan noise. The rear cabin has a separate air ionisation device that improves air great with decrease airborne particulates. The ionisers create a static fee round pollution inclusive of dirt or allergens withinside the air, which in flip reason them to paste to the closest floor. The end result is the elimination of such contaminants from the air that the occupants breathe.
Interior Design - Crafted Detail with Seamless Technology
The rear cabin of the Bentley Bentayga EWB units a brand new benchmark for combining global-elegance luxurious and technological innovation, demonstrating new heights of expertise and consolation.
Bentley's right away recognisable diamond quilting has been reimagined in a dramatic and modern-day new layout. Like all extremely good layout, the very last execution appears simple, however the obsession to element at the back of it encapsulates all this is specific approximately Bentley interiors.
Developed and finished thru a mixture of virtual craftsmanship and precision generation, the symmetrical sample on the pinnacle of the seat backs stretches the diamonds as they circulate farfar from the centre line of the seats. The doorways, in flip, boast an uneven sample, that accentuates the period of the door and the rear cabin as a whole.
Within every diamond, the faultless leather-based is perforated with holes of much less than 1 mm diameter. Each hollow has been digitally located with precision through one in all Bentley's indoors designers to attain a cohesive standard layout - the 'virtual-crafting' procedure.

Once the leather-based has long past thru a perforating system, the sewing of the diamonds is done with a specialized embroidery system.The system includes a digital digicam which analyses the perforation sample and guarantees the strains of embroidery are flawlessly parallel and equidistant among the perforation diamonds. The completed end result is a beautiful, fashionable and specific layout.To attain a softer panel, with delicate, expensive shape language, a finer thread (generally observed in Bentley's embroidered logos) and a smaller micro-stitch (1/2 of the period of a popular Bentley stitch) has been used.This alternate of thread and innovation of producing procedure has created a greater accentuated, softly lofted quilting, in a manner Bentley has by no means performed earlier than in production. This procedure is precisely similar to the quilting procedure showcased at the doorways and seats of the EXP one hundred GT idea vehicle from 2019.
Enhancing the rear cabin location in addition, the longer door trim panels had been redesigned. The veneer panel has been reduced and prolonged, and it sweeps down to satisfy the armrest incorporating the rear door handle.
Bentayga EWB will see the primary use of the Metal Overlay in Veneer function on Bentayga collection production, having formerly been used at the top Continental GT Mulliner derivatives. This non-obligatory function is protected at the passenger's fascia panel and on all 4 doorways. The complicated layout includes man or woman brushed metallic badges crafted to be particularly thin - simply and 0.07 mm thick.
To create the inlay designs, a procedure referred to as photo-etching is used. A very great stencil of the layout is laminated to the metallic. After a few intermediate steps of UV mild publicity and growing of the laminate, the primary procedure chemically etches away regions of metallic now no longer required, leaving best the inlay layout. Etching way there may be little guide managing or slicing of the fabric so the hazard of harm is much less and the precision that may be done is fairly high. Each badge is then bonded through hand in a unique vicinity at the floor of the veneer, earlier than the element is lacquered and polished.
A in addition placing and fashionable non-obligatory function added for Bentayga EWB is Bentley Diamond Illumination. The illumination impact is done the use of LEDs (12 on every of the the front doorways, 22 on every of the rear doorways) that emit mild thru small perforations 1 mm in diameter withinside the leather-based trim at the door panels.
The depth and color of the illumination thru the trim may be managed through the consumer thru the infotainment device and Touch Screen Remote. The function is related with the temper lighting fixtures to make sure regular color and depth of mild in the course of the automobile. This dramatic function can rework the indoors sense and appearance of the cabin, specifically at night.
With the elevated cabin period, the the front centre console has been redesigned to offer higher ergonomics and capability for the rear passengers. The rear face of the console has been prolonged for progressed interplay with the contact display screen remote, the addition of a wi-fi charging cradle for a cellular telecellsmartphone and a brand new air vent layout.
For the primary time on a Bentley, electricity last doorways may be specified. Two switches are positioned at the rear face of the prolonged centre console, with ease withinside the attain of rear passengers. Pressing and retaining the transfer will near the door at the corresponding facet of the automobile the use of devoted automobiles, developing a clearly expensive valet-like enjoy. The automobiles additionally have interaction with a mild guide push at the door, for a completely included movement with the electricity latching mechanism. The automobiles additionally provide mild help whilst starting the door.
Fitted as popular to the EWB are new 'waterfall illumination' indoors lamps offering diffused illumination to the rear cabin. The illumination is centered toward the centre of vehicle, and improves the passenger's visibility of the important thing valuable controls and capabilities. The diffused illumination affords a cushty ambient mild to the rear improving the sensation of luxurious for the rear passengers.
Exterior Design - Zero Comprimise
Four targeted outdoors adjustments mark the brand new version: the longer profile, a brand new the front grille, a brand new polished 22" 10-spoke wheel, and a repositioned sunroof, all at the same time as intentionally keeping the distinctly a success second-era Bentayga aesthetic.
Taking proposal from the brand new grille at the Flying Spur, the Bentayga EWB has a 'Vertical Vane Grille' layout that stays fashionable whilst being visually placing. The specific grille includes shiny chrome vertical vanes sitting in the front of a black mesh grille. The 22-inch 10-spoke Bentayga wheel is obtainable in a brand new mirror-polished layout for the Bentayga EWB.
The repositioned panoramic sunroof illustrates once more the focal point at the rear cabin atmosphere and guarantees the enjoy is uncompromised. The sunroof has consequently been moved rearwards withinside the vehicle through a hundred twenty five mm, offering the top-rated role to wash the rear cabin seating location in herbal mild. The sunroof may be managed through the rear cabin Touch Screen Remote, in addition to through the the front cabin console.
The one hundred eighty mm wheelbase boom outcomes in a splendidly ethereal and spacious rear cabin and offers the possibility to offer a considerable boom in rear legroom.
The elegance-main new cabin has is longer than some other luxurious SUV competitor through over forty mm. The Bentley Bentayga EWB additionally affords an additional 10 mm of headroom in comparison to a Mulsanne, at the same time as having a roofline one hundred mm decrease than competition offering a wearing and well-proportioned silhouette.
The end result is a spacious, expensive, mild-crammed cabin, showing each Bentley's conventional competencies and the maximum updated generation. Offering an adaptable area, excelling each as a piece surroundings with all of the cutting-edge generation inside smooth attain, and as a cossetting, enjoyable haven.
The noise of site visitors and the on-avenue global outdoor the automobile has a critical impact on wellbeing. Research that tracked lots of humans over a 4 yr duration observed that the ones uncovered to site visitors noise over 70 decibels (db) had been 65% greater prone to depression.The Bentayga EWB is quieter inner than its competition, through among 4% and 26pending on frequency and role within the vehicle.
Chassis and Powertain
The new Bentayga has gained crucial popularity of its dynamic abilities, with its overall performance on the street and its experience and managing universally praised. The Bentayga EWB maintains this ethos with the inclusion of Electronic All Wheel Steering and Bentley Dynamic Ride as popular.
Secondary experience consolation is some other key variable that impacts onboard health - the smoother the experience, the greater calming the journey. At ordinary avenue speeds and withinside the critical frequency variety of five Hz to twenty Hz, the Bentley Bentayga EWB has up 27% decrease secondary experience vibration than its competition.
Electronic All Wheel Steering became first added through Bentley on the brand new Flying Spur. It affords distinctly appropriate blessings and guarantees no compromise among high-velocity self assurance and occasional velocity convenience.

At fast, motorway speeds the device makes small modifications to the route of tour of the rear wheels, in tandem with the direct guidance inputs from the driving force to the the front wheels.This will increase high-velocity stability - making overtaking and lane converting greater assured - and improves managing whilst riding thru sweeping bends.At low speeds, the All Wheel Steering has the impact of 'shortening' the wheelbase, decreasing the turning circle, and growing agility in tight city environments making parking exceptionally easier. This is done through guidance the rear wheels withinside the contrary route to the the front wheels. The device simply affords a turning circle that's smaller than that of the usual wheelbase Bentayga through 7%.
The Bentayga EWB is powered through Bentley's verified 4.0-litre, 32-valve twin twin-scroll turbocharged V8 petrol engine, which mixes titanic electricity with marvelous gas economy. Mated to an eight-velocity computerized gearbox, the V8 gives supercar overall performance, growing 542 bhp (550 PS) and 568 lb.ft (770 Nm) of torque, ensuing in a pinnacle velocity of one hundred eighty mph (290 km/h) and 0-60 mph in 4.five seconds (one hundred km/h in 4.6 seconds).
Testing and Development
Over 2,500 new elements had been added to supply the Bentayga EWB such as considerable Body-in-White adjustments and a whole new underfloor.This has brought about new production processes, format adjustments and infrastructure specially for the brand new version. With over 50 pre-collection vehicles, almost 2,000 weeks of collective trying out had been incurred withinside the improvement of the brand new Bentayga EWB to offer its first rate credentials.

Enhanced SpecificationTwo superior specs of Bentayga Extended Wheelbase might be to be had at release. The Azure gives fashionable and undying layout with specific signatures, specializing in most consolation and wellness with an handy power. Unique specification consists of a completely unique 22" ten-spoke directional wheel, shiny decrease bumper grilles, Azure embroidery and badging. Other extra capabilities consist of specific quilted seats, temper lighting fixtures, heated guidance wheel, and elevated driver's help aids.
The First Edition specification builds in addition, such as Bentley Diamond Illumination, metallic overlays withinside the veneer, Naim for Bentley Premium Audio and LED welcome lamps. Unique embroidery, inlays and badging discover this as a distinctly exceptional and awesome version.