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Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 (2023)

The arrival of the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 marks the give up of automobiles being delivered into the Tonale variety-the version with which the emblem made its front into the arena of electrification at the same time as staying real to its Italian sporty DNA hooked up in 1910.The new edition is the pinnacle of the variety and opens a brand new bankruptcy in Alfa Romeo's metamorphosis because it combines most performance and sportiness: greater than 80km in complete-electric powered withinside the city cycle, 600km withinside the general cycle, and emissions decreased to 26g/km. It is a version designed to fulfill the desires of clients who, nowadays greater than ever, are seeking out era, consolation, and protection in a sporty automobile, further to excessive overall performance.The Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 foreshadows in which Alfa Romeo desires to take its concept of sportiness. Moreover, way to one of the best roominess, multiplied on-board consolation, quiet riding, and decreased emissions, the brand new version is right for travelling on my own or with own circle of relatives or buddies because it ensures the maximum in protection and reliability in each metropolis and lengthy-distance riding.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4's avenue traits are excellent in magnificence and its on-board era and connectivity make it the maximum hi-tech Alfa Romeo ever.Quality and attention-to-element had been blended with dynamic traits with the aim of reinventing sportiness withinside the twenty first century.The anciental Alfa Romeo emblem has been reinterpreted to focus on the emblem's electrification process: the fashionable elettro-biscione serigraphy positioned at the left rear window stands proud at the Tonale Plug-In and is emphasised via way of means of privateness glass.The Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 is a milestone in Alfa Romeo's "0 to 0" process, a good way to take it from being a zero% electrified emblem on the begin of 2022 to being a 0-emissions and a hundred% electric powered emblem in 2027. Plus, via way of means of wearing out this evolution in only 5 years, Alfa Romeo has set itself as much as be the quickest car emblem to attain carbon neutrality. ALL-ELECTRIC TO USE EVERYDAY, HYBRID FOR GETTING AWAY Thanks to the Plug-in Hybrid Q4's new engine, the Alfa Romeo Tonale offers the maximum in performance and sustainability because the electrification structures have been designed with the emblem in thoughts. The 280 HP Plug-In Hybrid Q4 device is the excellent in phrases of overall performance and battery life. The superior hybrid device combines a 180HP, 1.3L turbocharged MultiAir, four-cylinder engine coupled to a 6-pace automated transmission, which offers traction to the the front axle, with an electric powered motor able to providing 90kW of max top strength and 250 Nm of torque to the rear axle. The 306-volt, 15.five kWh lithium-ion battery materials an electric powered variety of over eighty km withinside the city cycle and greater than six hundred km of general variety, making the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid one of the maximum green SUV plug-in hybrids. It is likewise amazing in phrases of sustainability way to the brand new hybrid engine which reduces Co2 emissions to 26kg/km, bringing the variety's general emissions down via way of means of 40%. A discount has additionally been made in gasoline consumption, which has been added right all the way down to 1.14 liters consistent with a hundred km withinside the WLTP cycle. Plus, with the purpose of presenting most performance, it takes much less than 2.five hours to completely rate the battery whilst the 7.four kW onboard charger is in use. Equipped with a Q4 all-wheel power device-the the front-wheel power is powered via way of means of the inner combustion engine and the rear-wheel power powered via way of means of the electrical motor-the Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 offers Alfa Romeo's trademark riding pride, making sure excellent-in-magnificence agility, lightness, and riding dynamics. Lastly, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 combines performance and sustainability with advanced sportiness. Its 280 HP of general strength locations it on the pinnacle of the segment, because it is going from zero to a hundred km/h acceleration in only 6.2 seconds and tops out at a hundred thirty five km/h in complete-electric powered mode and 206 km/h in hybrid mode. The effective feeling one reports in acceleration is more suitable via way of means of the e-AWD device: the immediate deployment of a hundred% of to be had torque from the electrical motor makes the rear axle reply as quickly as one steps at the throttle. NEW FUNCTIONALITIES DEVELOPED TO ENHANCE THE TONALE PLUG-IN'S EFFICIENCY On the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4, the Alfa D.N.A. power selector has come to be a image of green sportiness because it contains all of the emblem's conventional sporty factors into a very sustainable car.

The D.N.A. functionalities had been redesigned with the automobile's specs in thoughts, improving its performance and overall performance. In fact, it's far feasible to control the Q4 traction and the digital controls, coordinate the motion of the engine and transmission, and adjust the sensitivity of the instructions all on a unmarried selector dial. This subtle calibration device permits the motive force to live centered on the street with out the distraction of getting to control diverse instructions. In particular, "Dynamic" mode has been designed to get the maximum out of the automobile's overall performance with a particular calibration of the throttle, control of the transmission, and balance controls that have been blended with greater direct guidance wheel response. "Natural" mode units hybrid riding to all-wheel power to optimize overall performance. Internal combustion engine and electric powered motor use is robotically controlled and permits for power and gasoline financial savings with out giving up on overall performance. Finally, "Advance Efficiency" has been calibrated to reap most power performance in complete-electric powered riding mode. It is the right riding mode for journeys to metropolis facilities because it makes it feasible to completely admire visitors and emission limitations. In particular, whilst one takes a foot off the throttle, the auto keeps riding in Sailing. Meanwhile, whilst one goes downhill, the brand new eCoasting Descent Control is activated to preserve a steady pace of fifty km/h (adjustable with a mild contact of the throttle or brake). The severa "EV Features" at the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 assure a fair greater green and enjoyable riding enjoy. Specifically, E-Save permits one to recharge or preserve the battery degree whilst the inner combustion engine is on; the regenerative braking device permits one to get better power for the duration of the levels of deceleration and braking, storing it withinside the battery pack; and finally, via way of means of activating E-Coasting, power recuperation takes region even if slowing down with one's foot off the brake pedal. The EV Features may be managed via way of means of the motive force thru unique displays at the device panel. ALFA ROMEO'S TRADEMARK DRIVING DYNAMICS The Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 gives secure, comfortable, and fun avenue conduct with excellent-in-magnificence agility, lightness, and riding dynamics. Its distinctive technical answers beautify the automobile's sportiness and assure the purchaser an immersive and singular riding enjoy in complete admire of Alfa Romeo tradition. In particular, the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 gives all of the protection of all-wheel power, with the rear axle powered via way of means of an 90kW electric powered motor and the the front axle powered via way of means of a one hundred eighty HP fueloline engine, making certain most balance off-avenue and on roads with little grip. Moreover, the superior 4x4 hybrid device, which does now no longer bodily join the 2 propulsion structures however as an alternative coordinates them in a purely "virtual" manner through the electronics, makes the Tonale Plug-In even lighter and unrivaled in its handling. SUPERIOR QUALITY AND COMFORT GUARANTEE A PREMIUM DRIVING EXPERIENCE Thanks to advanced on-board consolation, excellent-in-magnificence roominess, and decreased emissions, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 is the correct SUV for each metropolis use and weekend journeys. Its excellent-in-magnificence interiors encompass severa garage compartments, a rationally prepared space, and a rectangular trunk with an optimum load restrict and "palms-free" opening. Its roominess is likewise on the pinnacle of its magnificence: 4 humans may be with ease seated (2 up the front and a pair of behind) and it's far 1.nine m tall. Finally, the automobile's advanced structural pleasant offers vibrational and sound insulation withinside the cabin.

This consists of the "sound of silence" of electrical riding, which ends up in a very pleasurable and quiet riding enjoy. The automobile's consolation is more suitable via way of means of the extraordinarily great aesthetic pleasant of its substances and finishes, in addition to its complete supplying of modern and easy-to-use technologies. Moreover, on-board consolation is likewise ensured via way of means of dual-area weather manipulate, desirable ambient mild, an advanced Infotainment device, ventilated and heated the front seats, and a 14-speaker Harman Kardon sound device. Additionally, the brand new version gives an electric powered tailgate and a wi-fi recharging pad in the front of the gearshift in which you'll be able to appropriately and with ease rate a smartphone. All of those answers had been designed to provide the Tonale's clients a advanced degree of all-Italian consolation, refinement, and conviviality. As a long way as protection is concerned, the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid gives contemporary answers for secure journey-whilst on my own or with own circle of relatives and buddies-with out giving up at the pride of riding. In fact, it consists of ADAS structures for degree 2 automated riding, a hi-res digital digicam which offers a 360° view of the automobile, a Blind-Spot Detector and Rear Cross-Path Detector, in addition to advanced structural and commercial pleasant which earned it a five-famous person NCAP rating. Lastly, the opportunity of 0-emissions riding in limited visitors regions and a complete variety of six hundred km make the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid the right SUV for metropolis use, lengthy journeys, and corporation fleets. SOFTWARE AND CONNECTIVITY FOR A SUPERIOR ON-BOARD EXPERIENCE Superior software program and connectivity had been furnished to provide the emblem's trademark riding pride, at the same time as making certain a cushty and continuously related enjoy. The integration with the Amazon Alexa vocal assistant stands proud a few of the automobile's modern technological answers because it gives the handy opportunity of interacting with the device with out the usage of one's palms and begins offevolved up with the usage of one's voice. This makes it less complicated to preserve one's palms at the guidance wheel and one's eyes on the street. Furthermore, Amazon Alexa permits one to stay continuously up to date at the nation of the automobile from the consolation of one's domestic, because it offers beneficial facts just like the rate Tonale Plug-In's battery. The emblem-new, integrated Infotainment device comes fashionable and gives contents, functionalities, and offerings that are continuously being up to date through its customizable Android running device and 4G connectivity with "Over The Air" (OTA) updates. Thanks to a hi-res display whose ordinary dimensions are 22.five"-a 12.3" absolutely virtual display and a 10.25" essential touchscreen unit-and the excellent human-gadget interface in its magnificence, the Tonale Plug-In guarantees easy-to-use, intuitive, and immersive connection. For a smartphone-like enjoy, the state-of-the-art multitasking interface permits drivers to preserve all of the essential facts inside eye variety while not having to take their eyes off the street. The Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4's dial consists of ad-hoc improvements just like the electro-biscione withinside the decrease a part of the proper dial which adjustments shadeation primarily based totally on the electrical motor's status (off, on, on and charging) and offers all of the facts associated with strength and charging. Four new functionalities make their debuts at the Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 and similarly extend upon the Alfa Connect Services: E-manipulate: it permits the purchaser to govern diverse functionalities primarily based totally at the EV capabilities-like charging and the weather manipulate device-at a distance at once from the My Alfa Connect App. Dynamic Range Mapping: it permits drivers to journey with peace of thoughts because it suggests them the vacation spot they are able to attain primarily based totally at the battery rate each at the navigation device map and the My Alpha Connect app. Charging Station Finder: it permits the purchaser to look the closest public charging stations each at the navigation device map and the My Alfa Connect app. My eCharge: it permits for the usage of the My Alfa Connect app to at once get entry to Free2Move eSolutions offerings to control public and personal charging. In fact, it's far feasible to discover the general public charging stations, take a look at the charging methods, make payments, visualize the rate history, control one's very own Wallbox to determine how a lot strength to apply or even increase, decrease, suspend, and reactivate the rate. The Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 has similarly constructed upon an atmosphere of Alfa Romeo offerings to provide a very modern purchaser journey: from on line buying to an NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) certificates at the blockchain. Introduced at the Tonale, NFT era is a emblem-new function withinside the car world, and Alfa Romeo is the primary producer to attach an NFT virtual certificates to a automobile.

This special off-board, ready-to-use, and sustainable function highlights the emblem's propension for innovation. Specifically, primarily based totally at the purchaser's selection, the NFT generates a certificates which ensures the identification and suitable upkeep of the automobile, and as a result helps its residual value. The NFT certificates offers a similarly supply of credibility at the used marketplace and is even greater dependable at the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 because it carries even greater facts. THE LINEUP STRATEGY AND THE "SPECIALE" LAUNCH VERSION The Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 is the pinnacle-of-the-variety version and is in step with the simplification and clarification of Alfa Romeo's lineup strategy. In fact, it may already be ordered withinside the distinctive EDIZIONE SPECIALE release version, with a big range of technological capabilities and Alfa Romeo's trademark sportiness, and withinside the VELOCE trim which has been made to attain the maximum in phrases of overall performance and sportiness. The EDIZIONE SPECIALE gives inserts at the titanium body, a unique badge at the fenders, and a "Tonale" black badge, 20" alloy wheels, metal pedals, purple Brembo brake calipers and aluminum shift paddles that are incorporated into the guidance column. Later on, clients can be capable of order the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 withinside the Ti trim for a greater fashionable and special character. FREE2MOVE eSOLUTIONS The reputable charger of the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Q4 is Free2move eSolutions, the joint challenge of Stellantis with NHOA which has been created to assist the emblem's metamorphosis, choose the transition to electric powered mobility, and play an energetic function in contributing to reachable and easy mobility with tailored modern merchandise and offerings. For example, there's the eSolutions Charging app which changed into designed each for folks who are taking their first steps in eMobility and people who often use public charging. With eSolutions Charging, rate your automobile on-the-pass even on every occasion you're farfar from domestic way to a community of greater than 360 000 charging factors at some stage in Europe. They may be positioned and used with only a few easy clicks. One of the maximum splendid Free2move eSolutions answer is the eProWallbox-to be had on the Tonale's release-which gives more flexibility in phrases of capability and cost. From 7.four kW and 22kW, the eProWallbox adapts on your power and charging pace desires and is right each for home and corporation use. Furthermore, the eProWallbox is sensible and related. It permits drivers to control charging at once from their smartphones and, way to the get entry to manipulate, handiest enabled customers can rate. ALFA ROMEO AUTHENTIC ACCESSORIES The accent variety complements the sporty soul of the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 with greater than a hundred Authentic Accessories which encompass practical aspects, consolation, protection and free-time sports to beautify the fashion and persona of the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4. Among the Tonale's add-ons, there are the ones in titanium finish, just like the special shadeation that stands proud at the the front grille central "V" bezel and at the decrease skid plate. On the sides, the huge 20-inch alloy wheels and rearview reflect covers capture the eye. Additionally, different titanium-coloured add-ons upload a further contact of sportiness, which includes the longitudinal roof rails and the fashionable rear skid plate. The Alfa Romeo Authentic Accessories are finished via way of means of a few info that clearly do now no longer pass unnoticed: the fascia with a carbon-appearance design, the Alfa Romeo emblem for the illuminated dashboard, the door sill guards with the Tonale emblem, the all-climate mats with the Tonale emblem, the tire valve caps with the Alfa Romeo emblem, the move bars, the beneficial ski carrier, the cable reel, and the cable bag for well storing the charging cable withinside the trunk. The Authentic Accessories had been made in near collaboration with Alfa Romeo emblem engineers and architects to make certain the very best pleasant.