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Lancia Ypsilon 2023

The new Ypsilon Reach offers a few standard mechanical highlights which work on day to day existence, working on essentially the driving joy and on-board solace, and make the vehicle considerably more contemporary and exceptional.The network of this design city vehicle improved with a 7" touchscreen radio which presently accompanies Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in remote mode. Besides, it is furnished with the new remote charger situated under the gearshift which permits to securely and helpfully re-energize a cell phone. What's more, making its presentation on the model, there is a back camera which works with stopping and gives a really tranquil driving experience.
The new Lancia Ypsilon Reach is outfitted solely with the Gentle Half breed motor which coordinates a 1.0, 3-chamber, 70 HP (51 kW) petroleum motor from the Firefly family with a 12-volt BSG electric motor and a lithium battery. Effective, minimized, and open, the new Ypsilon benefits from every one of the upsides of a mixture vehicle, remembering free access and flow for confined traffic regions, diminished leaving costs in downtown areas, and tax reductions (contingent upon nearby regulations).The new LPG Ecochic variant is the best vehicle for the individuals who travel significant distances, however don't have any desire to abandon the style of a Lancia vehicle.

The LPG motor permits to set aside to 45% on fuel, contrasted and a comparative petroleum motor, totalling to nearly €700 every year, in light of a typical travel distance of 15,000 km. Notwithstanding its better efficiency, it accompanies similar standard mechanical elements referenced above.Updates were additionally applied to the variety range, including the new Dew Green uniform which reviews nature and advancement. The insides have another blue completion on the dashboard and entryway boards, refined multichrome green accents on the stuff shift handle jewel, the guiding wheel calice, the casings of the air vents, and the graphically redone instrument bunch. Essentially, the new seats arrive in a SEAQUAL® YARN upholstery, a creative and practical material that are gotten from reused plastic from the Mediterranean Ocean.
The Silver rendition has likewise been refreshed with another dark search for the grille, logo casings, and lower guard. The front has been made more "energetic" with DRL halogen headlights and a dark spoiler (with the last option coming norm on the whole reach).
Finally, the Alberta Ferretti extraordinary series stays accessible and more mechanical than any other time in recent memory.
The Lancia Ypsilon progress in 2022
With very nearly 41,000 enrolled vehicles (40,991), the Lancia Ypsilon kept on overwhelming the B portion in Italy. For the fourth back to back year straight, it was the blockbuster vehicle in its classification and the second smash hit in the Italian market generally speaking and with a 15.3% piece of the pie, recorded the best portion of the overall industry at any point in its set of experiences, up by 1.2 rate focuses contrasted and 2021. Lancia Brand accomplished a portion of the overall industry of 3.1%, up 0.1 rate focuses contrasted and 2021. These huge accomplishments are a proof of the immortality of the Lancia Ypsilon, ready to develop throughout the long term, actually safeguarding its elements with regards to minimization, regard for subtleties, and Italian style.
"Tech à watchman. Remote innovation. Inflexible style."
The slogan of the new Lancia Ypsilon Reach correspondence crusade includes the blend of innovation and class of the model, in amazing Lancia style.
The mission stars the brand's tribute, Cristiana Capotondi, who faces regular day to day existence on board of a Lancia Ypsilon to be more associated, more proficient, and more in vogue, thanks too to her "wonderful" sidekick: a red "E. Marinella by Lancia" sack.The business and four video cuts feature a few snapshots of a "ordinary" day in the city traffic, in a melodic peak, featuring the vehicle's novel selling recommendations, even in the most flighty conditions.
Sent in television, print, and advanced media, the correspondence crusade was made by the publicizing office Armando Testa. The business was coordinated by Prior Panini, created by Film Enchantment studios, and the soundtrack acknowledged by the maestro Flavio Ibba.The media arranging was overseen by Starcom and the virtual entertainment crusade by Publicis Insightful.
Lancia and E. Marinella, two images of Italian style all through the world
Lancia Ypsilon, the "design city vehicle" by definition, has its own unmistakable and particular positionining: the style world is its indigenous habitat and its style is the primary explanation individuals get it.

Through the correspondence crusade "Tech à doorman. Remote innovation. Tastefulness without settling.", Lancia has declared a cooperation with the E. Marinella maison, an image of Italian style all through the world. These two brands, instances of the greatness of the "Made in Italy", share normal qualities: they have both been around for over a long period, both utilize the name of their organizers as their image names, and both have placed consistent consideration into making superior grade, rich, manageable, and creative items.
The "E. Marinella by Lancia" pack was brought into the world from this coordinated effort. This select adornment made its presentation in the new Lancia Ypsilon Reach business and will be delivered by E. Marinella. The Neapolitan style house was established in 1914 by Wear Eugenio Marinella and today is driven by Maurizio and Alessandro Marinella. They separately address the third and fourth ages of the family and have proceeded with the organization custom in wording regard for quality and craftsmanship.Notwithstanding the unbelievable ties which put the brand world on the map, the E. Marinella maison likewise offers a large number of frill, including baggage, watches, scents, foulards, and obviously sacks. Their items are all made to fulfill the necessities of a bigger and not rigorously male client base.
E. Marinella items are solely appropriated in mono-brand deals focuses. Notwithstanding its noteworthy Neapolitan Riviera di Chiaia store, different shops have been opened all through the years in Milan, Rome, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona, New York, and Tokyo.On account of FCA Bank supporting, the new Lancia Ypsilon range begins from €13,450 in addition to premium (rather than €17,100). With the public authority ecobonus, costs start at €11,450. With funding, the legislative ecobonus, and an exchange vehicle, the deal is as per the following: 36 portions of €129, €1,802 down, and a last portion of €7,602. 6.95% APR and 10.31% EAR.