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Lancia Pu+Ra HPE Concept 2023

A 100 percent electric vehicle, with a brand vision as far as reach with north of 700 km, minimal over 10 minutes of charging investment utilization under 10 kWh per 100 km.Lancia Pu+Ra HPE is the main vehicle propelled by the universe of furniture, because of the coordinated effort with Cassina, pioneer in the upscale furniture industry, for a normally Italian "home inclination" experience.Lancia Pu+Ra HPE is the principal vehicle outfitted with the S.A.L.A. virtual connection point that we will find on the new Ypsilon. Furthermore, because of S.A.L.A, Lancia will be the main Stellantis brand to embrace Chameleon and TAPE (Customized Prescient Experience) innovations, which unify the sound, environment control and lighting capabilities, empowering the climate inside the vehicle to be adjusted at the hint of a button or by your voice."Today Lancia presents Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, the brand vision for the following 10 years that brings the brand into the period of electric portability and summarizes our approach to imagining and encountering the vehicle.Beginning with the new Ypsilon, our vehicles representing things to come will be motivated by the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE," expressed Luca Napolitano, President of the Lancia brand.
Lancia Pu+Ra HPE is the regular development of Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, showing a significant number of the highlights of the three-layered mold revealed in November 2022.The new Lancia idea vehicle completely epitomizes the standards of the new plan language of the brand, an unadulterated and extremist plan language where the vehicles' volumes are made from the convergence of rudimentary and notorious structures like the circle and the triangle, joined with a couple of mixed subtleties.The new Lancia idea vehicle subsequently turns into a declaration of the Italian immortal plan, with a reasonable and creative methodology that goes past the ordinary auto language.

The idea vehicle is named Lancia Pu+Ra HPE: "Pu+Ra" alludes to the pristine's, unadulterated and extremist plan language, while HPE represents Elite Execution Electric, for a vehicle that is Eco-maintainable, Energizing and Developed, all simultaneously.The abbreviation HPE was utilized without precedent for the 1970s for Lancia Beta, and meant "Superior Execution Home", an image of energy and reasonableness.
Moderate Green is the name of the shade of Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, "moderate" by they way it looks forward to the fate of the brand and to its clients, while "green" for its worth regarding manageability.The somewhat blue green tone - with a warm plated tint, delivered utilizing fluid metal with the most recent age shades - honors the notable and immortal Lancia Flaminia Azzurro Vincennes.
The consistent exchange among past and future is communicated in the liquid parallel lines that drop towards the back of the vehicle, reviewing the Aurelia and Flaminia with a smoothed out plan, in view of its streamlined features, manageability and ease of volumes.The identifications on the sides incorporate the new Lancia logo, a statement of the spic and span's visual personality. It returns to every one of the memorable highlights of the identification (for example the guiding wheel, the pennant, the safeguard, the lance and the lettering), rethinking them with a cutting edge curve, to communicate development, its top notch, Italian nature and variance.
The exchange among past and future can likewise be viewed as in the back, where we can see the notable round lights, roused by the brand's bluntest and most extreme soul, while an unmistakable reference is additionally made to the unbelievable Lancia Stratos, with the notorious new Lancia lettering set between the lights.
The front rethinks the notable Lancia grille, presently taken forward into the future by three beams of light that make it famous, vital and noticeable from a far distance. Standing apart over the calice is the new Lancia script, created utilizing a unique text style that draws its motivation from the design world.
The imaginative round rooftop gives a wide, all encompassing perspective, with a reasonable reference to engineering components, so normal for the new Lancia plan language.The back window is likewise suggestive of the Lancia of the 70s, Beta HPE, with wrapping even lines that return to the famous sun blind construction, with a cutting edge turn. The huge windows underscore normal light, to review the idea of "home inclination".The association go on among Lancia and Cassina, two brands of the greatness of the Made in Italy in their separate fields, presently looking forward to the future with thoughtfulness regarding manageability and prosperity ready.
Utilizing its skill, as the aftereffect of just about 100 years of history, development and examination, Cassina is currently moving its insight to the auto area, zeroing in on the qualities imparted to Lancia, like Italian soul, advancement, custom, and regard for the climate.

Italian Plan is applied to the plan of the vehicle, bringing about a social defilement that expands on specific household items that set the vibe of a home, moving them to the Lancia idea vehicle and makes veritable homegrown spaces.The divided venture among Lancia and Cassina is roused by "The Cassina Viewpoint", for example the organization vision of joining the most imaginative items with symbols of innovation to establish inviting and varied conditions, as per a remarkable code of greatness in plan.Our beginning stage was sure goods that set the vibe of a home, which were then moved to the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE: the centrality of upholstered things in the parlor; the foot stool, a "multifunctional" focal component; at last, the glow of the rug quickly reviews a plain climate, with extraordinary significance given to the variety and consistency of the materials.The insides of Lancia Pu+Ra HPE express full intelligence with the pristine's, unadulterated and revolutionary plan language, because of the utilization of famous and basic shapes that shun the commonplace car language.Inside the idea vehicle, a diverse space roused by inside plan, the air of contemporary homes, by liquid engineering with extraordinary tender loving care in a general structure of unadulterated structures.
The motivation for the plan of Italian furniture is clear in the round cover and in the front seats, which are enlivened by the Maralunga easy chairs planned by Vico Magistretti for Cassina.The two unsupported single easy chairs have interesting extents and a one of a kind intense chromatic figure.
The unadulterated mathematical structures are additionally communicated in the new round tables, in the mid control area and, surprisingly, in the dashboard, which undermines the car approach and depends on a notable single piece of round glass, crossed by clear cuts.The huge windows help to flood the traveler compartment with regular light. The outcome is the formation of a friendly climate, a residing space, which conveys the regular sensation of a warm Italian home.
At long last, the blinds review the notorious Lancia Beta HPE and the universe of design, projecting regular lights and shade into the traveler compartment, while in the focal part they become a radiant component of innovation that connects with S.A.L.A. what's more, its functions.Sustainability by Lancia is manageability with style, Sustylenability, a word comprised of 'supportability' and 'style'.
Lancia Pu+Ra HPE is really the main full articulation of this "Manageability by Lancia", a 100 percent electric declaration that characterizes the brand vision for the following 10 years, where each and every component mirrors the possibility of an exquisite and at the same time economical "home inclination" in the inside, in wonderful Lancia style.On account of associations with exceptional Made in Italy brands, feasible materials have been utilized in the vehicle's refined inside, in accordance with the qualities expressed in Lancia's 10-year masterful course of action, with 70% of the accessible surfaces made with eco-maintainable materials.
Four qualities have directed the brand on this way of manageability: reevaluation of custom, Italian soul, diversity and "home inclination".
Returning to custom means tracking down feasible materials with the expectation of upgrading Lancia custom, utilizing creative, reused and recyclable materials, delivered by economical cycles.This idea is communicated in the reevaluation of the panno Lancia fleece material upholstery utilized for our seats in a joint effort with Cassina, which highlight the new and varied ocher velvet with GreenGuard® confirmation, in light of low outflows of synthetics and GWP ecological effect.
The Italian soul that structures some portion of Lancia roots implies utilizing materials that represent Italian greatness, and express a novel legacy concerning magnificence, credibility and craftsmanship.

The entryway boards in the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE are covered with MARM \ MORE, a material whose name is taken from marmor, the Latin word for 'marble', while "MORE" marks how marble enhances the material, in that its handling makes a new and different view of marble itself.From its significant and static state, it turns out to be light and wearable.An inventive material comprising of up to half waste from marble dust, reused texture, created utilizing normal tones, delicate to the touch and waterproof, and made by Limonta and the startup FILI PARI.
Variance implies the capacity to draw from a scope of fields not rigorously connected with car, in wonderful Italian style.This idea is viewed as in the notable table made of M49 BioAcetate Renew™ Mazzucchelli, a biobased cellulose acetic acid derivation. Cellulose acetic acid derivation is generally utilized in the design world, particularly in the development of eyewear, for its capacity to cover a great many styles, varieties, impacts and illustrations."Home inclination" signifies establishing a comfortable climate that takes motivation from the Italian homes to make our clients "feel at ease" each time they get into the vehicle.The vehicle's back rack wraps the seats in a mixed, warm and contemporary wood marquetry, made with an "upcycled natural substance" in association with Forbidden and their "Biodiversity" assortment of trimmed wood. A creative and round item that utilizations handling waste from a scope of excellent woods facade, recuperating and handily changing them in the possession of master cabinetmakers, to turn into a unique and varied new material.
The undisputed star of this "simple" environment is the regular fleece cover, a handcrafted thing made with no waste. Its roundabout shape goes with the styling of the dashboard and the famous table; the 3D forming process reviews components of the hat, wrapping the inside as though in a parlor at home.
The vehicle's whole back and lower part of the inside highlight a warm, agreeable smooth nubuck (by Poltrona Frau), created in Italy in a guaranteed store network that is liberated from chrome tanning.In accordance with Stellantis jolt methodology, Lancia will send off the New Ypsilon in 2024, in both half breed and electric forms, from 2026 just 100 percent electric vehicles will be sent off, and from 2028, simultaneously with the appearance of the new Delta, the brand will only sell electric models.Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, a useful, deft model with a smoothed out, effective and streamlined body, shapes the 100 percent electric pronouncement. It characterizes the brand's vision for the following 10 years, with regards to go, charging time and proficiency, for market-driving execution.Lancia has consistently delivered models that have reworked the historical backdrop of three significant auto classes: city vehicles, leaders and minimized cars. This will keep on being the situation later on, when Lancia's new vehicles will offer the best of each of the three sections, and will profit from the triumphant fortes of Stellantis stages. Conservative, deft and enjoyable to drive, the new Lancia models will adress an European client base, the "moderate exemplary powerhouses", who look for immortal style, Italian soul and development, along with an agreeable and charming experience ready.
Made with innovation modules (for example engine, battery, suspension, brakes, and so on) taken from the New Ypsilon, Lancia Pu+Ra HPE idea vehicle is the statement for the following 10 years of the brand, giving a dream of the vehicles representing things to come as far as:
a scope of north of 700 km
charging season of a little more than 10 minutes
energy utilization under 10 kWh per 100 km
a progression of streamlined highlights: low rooftop, thin computerized wing mirrors, streamlined wheels, three front insurance plates, and optimal design
Goodyear has fabricated the tires for Lancia Pu+Ra HPE, with a novel plan and custom sidewalls for an ideal fit on the wheel, which adds a top notch focus on the vehicle. The tires' sidewall configuration additionally gives the most noteworthy streamlined exhibition level, improving energy effectiveness.
"Easy Innovation by Lancia", simple to use, at individuals' disposal
The future vision of Lancia Pu+Ra HPE gives basic, easy and natural innovation that makes life on board more straightforward for its clients, inviting them in and making them "feel comfortable".
S.A.L.A. (Sound Air Light Expansion) frames the mainstay of Easy Innovation by Lancia.S.A.L.A. is a negligible and savvy virtual point of interaction, uniting the sound, environment control and lighting capabilities.The driver and travelers can subsequently change the vehicle's inside climate essentially by tapping a button, or even with their voices.S.A.L.A. will permit clients to pick among three locally available modes:Vivid, to intensify the driving experience thanks to Stellantis Chameleon innovation that will make a big appearance interestingly on a vehicle and can "adjust" the air of the traveler compartment, as per the outside climate, changing the sound, air and light in like manner.Prosperity, because of the help of Stellantis Computerized reasoning, TAPE (Custom-made Prescient Experience) expects the changing mind-sets of the driver and travelers, further developing their prosperity on account of a superior environment on board.Diversion, to exploit any holding up times, offering the likelihood to transfer a film, play a computer game or peruse informal communities.
The New Ypsilon will be the primary Lancia model to be outfitted with the S.A.L.A. interface.To make an inexorably complete and vivid experience, the advancement of S.A.L.A. will follow the advancement of the Stellantis innovation stages bit by bit, so each brand can tweak the elements of its different models.