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Ram 1500 REV 2025

The all-new, all-electric 2025 Slam 1500 Fire up - the principal battery-electric light-obligation pickup truck from Smash Truck - made its reality debut at the 2023 New York Global Car exhibition. The whole Slam setup will furnish clients with charged arrangements that convey troublesome, driving edge trend setting innovation in the years to come."The all-electric Slam 1500 Fire up is a great achievement on our proceeded with excursion to offer the business' best electric arrangements and further braces our honor winning setup," said Mike Koval Jr., Smash brand President - Stellantis. "We have faith in bringing the right scope of powertrain answers for our clients and will keep on rethinking the pickup truck section. Our all-new Smash 1500 Fire up pushes past the opposition in regions clients care about most, including range, towing, payload and charge time."The 2025 Slam 1500 Fire up will offer clients two every single electric choice, including a standard 168-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery load with a designated scope of up to 350 miles and a discretionary 229-kWh huge battery load with a designated scope of up to an unparalleled 500 miles. Both can amount to 110 miles of reach in roughly 10 minutes with 800-volt DC quick energizing at to 350 kW, offering clients fast and helpful charging arrangements.Vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-lattice bi-directional charging bears the cost of the Slam 1500 Fire up the adaptability to charge another Stellantis battery-electric vehicle or give power back to the network. With Smash's main goal to make lives simpler, the truck can likewise send capacity to a home during a tempest, run the back end party or give power at the camp or place of work. An installed power board in the bed can give up to 7.2 kW while an accessible installed power board in the front trunk (frunk) gives up to 3.6 kW.Other designated execution figures incorporate a 0-60 mph season of 4.4 seconds, 654 pull and 620 lb.- ft. of force, up to 24 crawls of water fording, as much as 14,000 pounds towing and a most extreme payload limit of 2,700 pounds.

Smash is focused on development and powertrain initiative with a setup that comprises of everything under the sun truck purchasers need and need, satisfying certifiable needs. Today, Smash offers the most eco-friendly 4x4s and the speediest, quickest and most remarkable pickup truck directly from the plant.
The 2025 Smash 1500 Fire up is accessible in five trims, including Dealer, Huge Horn/Solitary Star, Laramie, Restricted and, presenting an all-new trim, Tungsten.
Slam 1500 Fire up is important for Smash's critical commitment to Stellantis' Challenge Forward 2030 smart course of action to lead the manner in which the world moves by conveying creative, perfect, protected and reasonable portability arrangements. As a component of Try to Advance 2030, Stellantis is effective money management more than €30 billion through 2025 in zap and programming to convey battery-electric vehicles that satisfy client needs.
The all-new Slam 1500 Fire up XR with class-breaking reach will follow the presentation of the all-electric Smash 1500 Fire up.
No-compromise energized benchmark with fragment driving ability, power, execution and proficiency.The Smash 1500 Fire up conveys buyers another degree of execution with double 250-kilowatt (kW) electric drive modules (EDMs) that consolidate the engine, gearbox and inverter alongside all-wheel-drive capacity. The 2025 Smash 1500 Fire up highlights one EDM on the front hub with a programmed wheel-end separate that permit the front wheels to turn unreservedly in specific circumstances, augmenting effectiveness. A 250-kW EDM is situated on the back pivot accessible with an electronic-locking back differential.The standard 168-kWh battery pack has a designated scope of up to 350 miles and the discretionary 229-kWh enormous battery pack has a designated scope of up to a superb 500 miles. Both can amount to 110 miles of reach in roughly 10 minutes with 800-volt DC quick energizing at to 350 kW, offering clients a fast and helpful re-energizing arrangement. Lives will be made simpler politeness of vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-home and vehicle-framework bi-directional charging that can send capacity to a home during a tempest, run the back end party or give power at the camp or place of work. A locally available power board in the bed can give up to 7.2 kW while the accessible locally available power board in the frunk gives up to 3.6 kW.The 2025 Slam 1500 Fire up is based on the all-new STLA Edge planned explicitly for standard size electric vehicles including a body-on-outline plan.The everything new high-strength steel outline is included high level materials to be lightweight yet firm and solid. The STLA Edge is more extensive in the center to effectively consolidate the battery pack while as yet utilizing security managed the cost of by the casing rails. A full-length air midsection container further improves the fragment's most dangerous truck with an expected .340 coefficient of drag.Drivers will appreciate class-driving ride and taking care of, a multi-interface free back suspension with standard, portion restrictive, dynamic level, four-corner air suspension with versatile damping. The flexible air suspension empowers five distinct modes: section/exit, air, typical, rough terrain 1 and rough terrain 2. All-new 22-by-9-inch aluminum wheels enclosed by 275/50R22 Pirelli Scorpion the entire season tires accomplish an unparalleled mix of wear obstruction and diminished outside sound.
Independent vehicle capacities incorporate without hands Dynamic Driving Help and ParkSense Robotized Leaving Framework. Dynamic Driving Help is accessible for involved wheel/eyes-on-street and sans hands/eyes-on-street robotized driving utilizing path focusing with versatile voyage control.The framework utilizes different sensors, including radars and cameras, to direct proper streets for the technology.The 2025 Slam 1500 Fire up flaunts a cutting edge, contemporary plan stylish that broadcasts the strong, brave presence Smash is known for while developing its DNA to connote an electric future.

The all-new face is immediately unmistakable while being provocative in its realistic presence and visual design.The all-electric Slam 1500 Fire up incorporates signature lit "tuning fork" premium Drove headlamps, a lit R-A-M identification reconsidered in a cutting edge, contemporary content and a one-contact power worked frunk with a top tier 15 cu.- ft. of space accessible.The Slam 1500 Fire up embraces a cutting edge, body-variety front belt to separate it from the remainder of the light-obligation setup while keeping up with Smash's DNA.
Slam's most memorable completely jolted light-obligation truck remains consistent with its foundations with strong body lines and bumper openings that have been extended to cover 20-or 22-inch off-road tires. The all-charged Slam 1500 Fire up highlights a particular, recently planned hood that is both smooth yet solid, expanding inward frunk volume by scrupulous chiseling of the outside surface. A rigid, arcing body-side person line extends from front to raise, while refined design guarantees a firm, present day side profile that is as one with the front and back.
The charge port has been nicely put on the driver's side front quarter board and, when connected, is enlightened by squinting premium Drove lighting. A perceptible sound signals the Smash 1500 Fire up is connected and charging has started. The charge port highlights Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging on the top half and DC quick charging on the base portion of the charger.
Changing to the back of the Smash 1500 Fire up, Tungsten models highlight an all-new power back end and a new, current and contemporary R-A-M identification. Like the front, the back of the Slam 1500 Fire up highlights an all-new, EV-explicit, premium Drove taillight plan that ranges onto the rear end, demonstrating it is Smash's all-electric light-obligation offering.
The new 2025 Slam 1500 Fire up offers the best lockable bed stockpiling in the portion with the novel and helpful RamBox highlighting a 115-volt outlet. RamBox is enlightened, exceptionally adaptable, weatherproof, lockable and incorporates channel plugs on the lower part of the stockpiling canisters.
True, premium materials praise the most innovatively progressed Smash 1500 ever
Once more the new 2025 Slam 1500 Fire up raises the benchmark for pickup truck insides with different real, premium materials that are both agreeable and tough. The inside plan group zeroed in on premium surfaces, varieties, materials and proceeding to upgrade usefulness for surprising extravagance all through. Legitimate and premium materials incorporate carbon-fiber, metal and cowhide components that join to convey a degree of extravagance just found in a Smash truck.
The most innovatively progressed Slam 1500 at any point offers a large group of driving edge highlights integrated into the section's driving inside, including the high level Uconnect 5 framework with another 14.5-inch touchscreen, 12.3-inch computerized instrument bunch, a portion first 10.25-inch traveler screen, advanced rearview reflect, Head-up Show (HUD) and a Klipsch Reference Debut sound framework.
Other upgraded highlights incorporate an e-shifter (P/R/N/D usefulness with new fastens for eco mode, hub lock, slope drop control and to open and close the frunk), new regen buttons (typical or one pedal driving with max regen), an overhauled starter button that currently includes an enlightened power image, press button trailer guiding handle and a frill switch bank that, when furnished with the 14.5-inch touchscreen, utilizes buttons both on the lower part of the touchscreen and straightforwardly off screen underneath.
The new Slam 1500 Fire up Tungsten trim gives clients a super top notch insight while remaining consistent with the diligent idea of the Smash 1500. Tungsten's Indigo/Ocean Salt inside incorporates new platinum patina/semi-splendid double finished metal accents highlighting jewel knurling, calfskin wrapped main event, A-and B-support points and visors, and warmed and ventilated premium sewed cowhide driver and front seats with 24-way power, including memory settings and a back rub capability, power lumbar help and four-way controlled headrests. Different elements that give Tungsten a very much created, great feel an