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Peugeot e-3008 (2024)

Peugeot has changed the E-3008, taking to an unheard of level the inventiveness of its plan and the driving delight and electric execution it offers to its clients:
Charm of a fastback SUV with a rethought and proficient plan.Feeling created by the cutting edge Peugeot All encompassing I-Cockpit® which takes driving joy to an unheard of level.
Greatness 100 percent electric reach (up to 700km) and execution, because of the new STLA Medium stage from Stellantis.
The ongoing Peugeot 3008 is a blockbuster that has enchanted in excess of 1,320,000 clients in 130 nations throughout recent years. Peugeot is resolved to offer a total EV line-up when 2025 and 100 percent of the brands' deals in Europe will be electric by 2030. Peugeot is entering another time with the disclosing of its new E-3008.
The Peugeot E-3008 is the principal model to utilize Stellantis' spic and span STLA Medium stage, which takes the brand to a higher level. This creative stage has been intended to offer top tier execution for the main rules for clients: range (up to 700km), re-energize time (30 minutes), driving joy, execution, effectiveness and associated administrations and capabilities (Excursion Organizer, Brilliant charging,Vehicle to stack and Over The Air refreshes).
The Powerful Peugeot E-3008 will be delivered solely at the Sochaux plant in France and will be on special from February 2024.
The reach will be founded on two trim levels, Charm and GT, with 3 choice packs to keep the decisions basic, and three every electric powertrains (210bhp, 230bhp Long Reach and 320bhp Double Engine (4-wheel drive). Cross breed powertrains will likewise be accessible, as per market.
LINDA JACKSON, Chief OF Peugeot: "The send off of the Powerful E-3008 is a significant stage in Peugeot's extreme change into a charming 100 percent electric brand that sets new benchmarks for configuration, driving delight and productivity. With its outside plan, staggering Peugeot All encompassing I-Cockpit®, driving delight and remarkable electric execution, the Powerful E-3008 attendants Peugeot into another period as the French brand offering the amplest scope of standard electric vehicles available. "
Charm: THE NEW E-3008 TAKES Innovative Plan TO A higher LEVEL
With the new E-3008, Peugeot configuration is entering another electric period, where Charm has style at the help of proficiency.
MATTHIAS HOSSANN, Peugeot Plan Chief: "The new E-3008 unites the imaginativeness and dauntlessness of Peugeot, it typifies all of our image values. Reevaluating the 3008 methods chipping away at its innovation, accommodating powerful plan with ideal productivity through a fastback outline and enhancing with another age of Peugeot All encompassing I-Cockpit®".
An (streamlined) fastback SUV with cat pose
The new Peugeot E-3008 is quickly unmistakable by its fastback SUV styling. With its dynamic and streamlined shape (Cx 0.28), the new E-3008 joins tastefulness, proficiency and openness.

The liveliness of the new E-3008's catlike lines likewise originates from the vehicle's even aspects (length: 4.54m, width: 1.89m, level: 1.64m), which stays one of the most minimized in the C-portion 100 percent electric SUV class, while as yet giving a lot of traveler and gear space.
An innovative front end
On the new E-3008, Peugeot presents another treatment for the front end. While the famous three-hook light mark remains solidly set up, the treatment of the headlamps and grille is drastically new.
The grille of the new E-3008 delineates the electric qualities of this model.
This front end is planned around the new Peugeot image, coordinating the new light signature and the grille without delimitation, because of a slope in the shade of the bodywork.
The super smaller headlamps are housed in a thin, rich strip that sits over the radiator grille and folds over the whole front end. It is an unmistakable plan include that gives the new E-3008 an especially penetrating look, stating its innovation and character.
The headlamps are Driven on all adaptations. The E-3008 GT comes as standard with Peugeot's new Pixel Drove innovation, which consequently adjusts the headlamp bar to traffic conditions, keeping up with ideal lighting without upsetting other street users.A idea that rethinks the fastback
Peugeot has modernized the customary incline of the fastback line at the back of the vehicle with a "drifting" spoiler. This inventive component improves the bend of the new E-3008's bodywork while upgrading streamlined features.
The liberal back segment of the new E-3008 offers dynamic styling, underlined by the significant three-paw light signature - in 3D on GT renditions - while keeping a lot of room in the subsequent column and a boot volume (520 liters, whatever the motor) indistinguishable from that of the past 3008.
A smoothed out outline
On the new E-3008, each styling subtlety has been thought out and intended to offer more prominent advancement and productivity.
The camouflage of the side window seals in the entryways adds to the smooth plan of the vehicle's sides. The quantity of improving supplements on the body has been diminished and all chrome parts have been eliminated.
Inventive, smoothed out wheels
Proceeding with the inventive work what began the 408, Peugeot has prepared the new E-3008 with wheels that add to both current styling and streamlined execution.
The 19-inch or 20-inch wheels, with their specialized and mathematical plan, include the new Peugeot image at their middle.
A complex and strong outside finish
With regards to outside get done, the E-3008 represents a new, more present day and more strong methodology. Chrome parts have been eliminated for lacquered parts: Meteor Dark on the front cover and back guard, Orbital Dark on the mirror covers and lower beltline.
The new E-3008 is accessible in a scope of six tones.
Because of inventive dichromatic shades, the Fixation Blue variety changes from blue to green contingent upon the light and the state of the bodywork, carefully communicating the E-3008's entrance into another time.
The all-new Ingaro Blue, with its unobtrusive reflections, impeccably features the advanced lines of the new E-3008.
Different varieties accessible are Okenite White, Pearl Dark, Artense Dim and Titanium Grey.The new E-3008 GT comes as standard in two-tone with a gleam dark rooftop.
On electric GT renditions, the lower segments of the front and back guards, the wheel curves and the entryway ledge defenders are additionally completed in gleam dark.
A great, innovative traveler compartment
Notwithstanding the stupendous 21-inch drifting all encompassing screen on the new Peugeot All encompassing I-Cockpit® (see underneath), the lodge's solid allure and mechanical person are upgraded by the surrounding Drove lighting, which can be altered in 8 distinct varieties.
This lighting is reflected by a rich authentic aluminum trim that reaches out across the dashboard and liberally stretches out over the entryways. The blend of aluminum, light and designed texture makes a remarkable, top notch concordance of premium materials.
Feeling: Another Peugeot All encompassing I-COCKPIT® FOR Fantastic DRIVING Joy
The commitment of advancement and polish outwardly of the E-3008 likewise stretches out to within. The new Peugeot All encompassing I-Cockpit® takes driving joy to a higher level.

A drifting, bended 21-inch HD all encompassing screen that consolidates the head-up show with the focal touchscreen.
The Peugeot groups chose to consolidate two of the three basic components of the I-Cockpit®, the head-up show and the huge focal touch screen. These are currently coordinated into a bended all encompassing screen comprised of a solitary 21-inch superior quality board, which stretches out from the left-hand finish of the dashboard to the mid control area.
This all encompassing screen floats over the dashboard. The 'drifting' impact is underlined by the encompassing Drove lighting, the wellspring of which is situated underneath the screen.
Situated for ideal ergonomics, this 21-inch all encompassing screen is somewhat bended towards the driver, while remaining entirely available to the traveler. This huge and excellent advanced screen accordingly consolidates two critical elements of the Peugeot I-Cockpit®:
On the left-hand side of the all encompassing screen, the instrument group joins all the data connecting with driving (speed, power, driving guides, energy stream) over the conservative directing wheel.
On the right-hand side of the all encompassing screen, in the focal point of the dashboard, the touch-screen area is open to both driver and traveler. It tends to be utilized to deal with the warming/cooling, route, media/network frameworks, and so on.
On the Charm form of the E-3008, the new Peugeot I-Cockpit® is made up as standard of two 10-inch computerized screens coordinated into a solitary board in the all encompassing presentation, giving a similar drifting impact as the 21-inch board. The GT is fitted as standard with a 21-inch screen.Reevaluated engineering and ergonomics
The new Peugeot All encompassing I-Cockpit® highlights a totally new design. It is imaginative in that the all encompassing screen is mounted on the dashboard with a connection framework that is imperceptible from the traveler compartment. This design further develops availability and perceivability of the data showed on the 21-inch all encompassing touchscreen.
The focal piece of the dashboard houses I-Switches, completely customisable touch-delicate buttons that can be customized to give speedy admittance to 10 of the client's number one capabilities: calling a most loved contact, beginning route to a regularly utilized objective, tuning the radio to a most loved station, setting the ideal cooling temperature, and so on.
The mid control area is extensive and cleaned up to expand the space accessible for stockpiling and for the front traveler, who benefits from an especially lovely, boundless expanse.
This extensive design was made conceivable by migrating the programmed gearbox control to the dashboard. This control is presently situated to one side of the directing wheel, close to the vehicle's stop/begin button. This is ergonomic and permits simple admittance to the gearbox control and to stop or turn over the motor in a solitary natural signal.
A smaller controlling wheel with new controls
The smaller controlling wheel has been a basic component of the Peugeot I-Cockpit® all along and has been broadly revamped to offer much more prominent driving sensations and solace. It has, obviously, held its minimization with a modernized plan: the upgraded focal pad is more modest and 'separated' from the controlling wheel spokes to give a suspending impact like the all encompassing screen on the dashboard.
The controls on the smaller controlling wheel are new, for ideal ergonomics. They naturally identify the driver's fingers, yet are possibly initiated when the driver squeezes them, to stay away from any misleading moves.
The new smaller directing wheel is warmed as standard on the E-3008 GT.
The new Peugeot All encompassing I-Cockpit® presents two new, thin and exquisite tail controls and two oar for the regenerative slowing down behind the reduced directing wheel.
Remarkable solace
The lodge of the new Peugeot E-3008 offers travelers a loosening up encounter, in a liberal and splendid space. The new front seats - a mix of calfskin impact and texture on Charm and cowhide impact and Alcantara on GT - give excellent solace. The seats include an intriguing formed plan and high-thickness froth.
The passenger seats of the new E-3008 have been granted the renowned AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken) mark, granted by a German relationship of specialists and specialists which advances investigation into the counteraction of back torment. On the GT form, they are additionally ventilated and rubbing, and furthermore warmed in the back.
Without precedent for the Peugeot range, the front seats can be fitted with versatile side reinforces which expand or flatten electrically to adjust impeccably to the traveler's body shape.
To guarantee a sound inside climate, the new Peugeot E-3008 is outfitted with the AQS (Air Quality Framework) which continually screens the nature of the air entering the lodge and, if fundamental, naturally initiates air reusing.
On the GT level, this is supplemented by the Spotless Lodge air treatment framework, which channels toxin gases and particles. Air quality is shown on the right-hand side of the all encompassing screen.
Especially cautious sound protection can be additionally improved by discretionary overlaid front windows, joined with an extremely top notch Focal® Premium Greetings Fi Framework which is the product of quite a long while's co-plan work among Peugeot and the groups at Focal®, the French brand having some expertise in top-of-the-range sound.
The Focal® Premium Hello Fi Framework includes 10 amplifiers with select licensed advancements:
4 TNF aluminum rearranged vault tweeters,
4 woofers/mediums With Polyglass cone and 165mm TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) suspension,
1 Polyglass cone focus channel with further developed execution,
1 Power Flower™ streamlined subwoofer.
They are joined with a 12-channel 690W speaker (supported class D innovation).
The melodic experience is improved by the presentation of the imaginative "Front-Streamlined" listening mode, which changes column 1 of the e-3008 into a genuinely live stage.
A lot of extra room and a liberal burden volume
The traveler compartment of the new E-3008 offers 17 unique extra rooms, with a complete volume of around 34 liters: effectively open remote telephone charging on the mid control area, a cooled extra room under the focal armrest, a glasses holder on the rooftop console, cup holders and glove compartment.
With a usable volume of 520 liters under the package rack, the boot of the new E-3008 is similarly just that roomy of its ancestor. The new STLA Medium stage currently offers a similar boot space, whatever the motor.
A unique body for proficiency and driving joy
The E-3008 satisfies Peugeot's standing for street holding and driving delight.
The new STLA Medium stage integrates new front and back axles intended to convey dynamic roadholding. The engineering of the actual stage adds to this dynamism by augmenting the utilization of light and unbending materials, and by bringing down the vehicle's focal point of gravity on account of the single-layer battery being obviously situated as low as conceivable between the wheels.
Four driving modes for ideal execution
The driver can pick between four driving modes through a control situated on the mid control area to empower the E-3008's presentation to be obviously adjusted to the driver's desires or potentially traffic conditions:
Ordinary mode. This is the default mode. Power and force are marginally diminished when the gas pedal is squeezed somewhere in the range of 0 and 70%, above 70% full power and force are accessible.
Eco mode. Gives a smoother ride and decreased energy utilization by utilizing a particular gas pedal setting, restricting power and force and lessening warming and cooling execution.
Sport mode. Offers more unique driving by involving explicit designs for the power controlling and gas pedal.
All wheel drive mode (where material). Accessible at paces of up to 135km/h, this mode conveys capacity to every one of the 4 wheels when the street surface becomes elusive (snow, mud, and so forth.).
A lithe SUV around
Smaller and with the best turning circle (10.6m) of any 100 percent electric SUV in its classification, the new E-3008 is especially calm in city traffic. To make moving simpler, it is fitted as standard with a back camera offering the driver two points: a back view or 10,000 foot perspective. This camera is outfitted with a cleaning spout to keep an ideal picture in all circumstances.
As a choice, the new E-3008 can be fitted with the Peugeot VisioPark 360° framework which, on account of 4 cameras situated as close as conceivable to the front and back tires and 12 sensors spread around the vehicle, offers 360° vision of the climate. This makes it conceivable to stay away from any hindrances near the vehicle.
Expanded semi-independent driving abilities
Peugeot makes a further stride towards semi-independent driving with the Drive Help In addition to framework accessible on the new E-3008. This framework helps the driver by utilizing every one of the vehicle's sensors (cameras, radar, and so forth) and data from the associated route framework.
These help frameworks are intended to ease up the driver's responsibility on multi-path streets like motorways or double carriageways:
Versatile journey control with Stop and Go capability and path keeping help. Deals with the controlling and speed of the new E-3008 to keep it in a path and at a speed preset by the driver.
Self-loader path change. Changes path for the driver when required. Just actuate the marker and press the "Alright" button on the directing wheel, and the framework will guide you towards the new path.

Early speed suggestion. Recognizes any adjustment of as far as possible by perusing street signs and assembling data from the associated route framework and proposes that the driver change the Versatile Voyage Control setting. Assuming it recognizes downpour, the framework promptly recommends lessening speed as per as far as possible, for instance from 130 to 110km/h on the motorway.This semi-independent driving capacity requires the driver's approval. Sensors guarantee that the driver keeps their hands on the wheel consistently.
A full scope of dynamic wellbeing frameworks
The E-3008 highlights the most recent Peugeot dynamic wellbeing advances, including:
Programmed crisis slowing down with impact advance notice: identifies vehicles, walkers and cyclists, day or night, from 7km/h and up to 140km/h.
Dynamic path takeoff cautioning with path flight remedy.
Driver Consideration Alert, which recognizes loss of readiness by investigating vehicle developments.
Expanded acknowledgment with computerized show of street signs: stop, one-way, no overwhelming, finish of no surpassing, notwithstanding the standard speed signs.
Long-range vulnerable side observing (up to 75 meters).
Slope Plummet Control: decreases the gamble of slipping or failing to keep a grip on the vehicle while driving downhill at speeds underneath 30km/h, whether in forward or switch gear, via naturally managing speed.
High level Footing Control: streamlines hold on elusive surfaces. It very well may be enacted in 3 positions: snow, mud and sand.
Greatness: Powerful ELECTRIC Execution AND Availability
The new STLA Medium electric stage from Stellantis initiated on the E-3008 empowers Peugeot to live up to the assumptions of 100 percent electric vehicle clients concerning execution, productivity, range and re-energizing limit.
JEROME MICHERON, Peugeot Item Chief: "Given the progress of the past 3008 and the clients who have set their confidence in us, we must be strong. With the new E-3008, Peugeot is entering another time, both concerning plan and charge. The E-3008 is intended for requesting, quick clients.
An electric stage that sets new norms.