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Audi V8 (1989)

A lead extravagance cantina was vital money for brands looking for passage into the exceptional fragment during the 1980s, and confirmation for Audi was conceded with the assistance of the V8.In light of the 200 cantina, which itself was a more upscale variant of the 100, this quietly up-to-date limousine was the principal current Audi to bring V8 ability to bear as an imaginative new all-composite 3.6-liter motor with four-valve-per-chamber innovation and twin above camshafts per bank. In certain business sectors this was connected to a five-speed manual gearbox, however UK particular models were furnished only with a high level electronically controlled four-speed programmed transmission.

The ancestor to the A8 additionally set the layout for all ensuing eight-chamber extravagance class Audi models where its drivetrain was concerned. An improvement of the quattro all-wheel-drive framework utilized by the quattro Car was entrusted with sending capacity to the street with the sort of propriety that drivers, and as a rule their charges in the back seats, expected at this level.
Like the A8, the Audi V8 likewise opened up in Lengthy Wheelbase structure bringing considerably more noteworthy degrees of extravagance, and embraced a bigger 4.2-liter V8 to enhance its unique unit. Curiously, not at all like the A8 it additionally made two fruitful introductions to motorsport in 1990 and 1991, getting two Drivers' Title triumphs in the German Passenger Vehicle series (DTM).
Specialized determinations
Chambers: V-8
Relocation: 3562cc
Power: 250PS @ 5800rpm
Force: 340Nm @ 4000rpm
Maximum velocity: 146mph
0-62mph: 9.2 secs
Transmission: four-speed programmed
quattro all-wheel drive
Weight: 1710kg