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Citroen e-C3 (2024)

Citroen challenges the rulebook for European-planned and assembled B-portion vehicles with the uncover of the characterful fourth era C3. All-electric e-C3 conveys top tier solace, simple electric experience, extraordinary degree of gear and amazing incentive for cash while being made in Europe.The all-electric e-C3 gladly heads up the fourth-age line-up of Citroën's most famous vehicle, which has sold more than 5.6 million units since the send off of the original in 2002. The C3 is being the brand's generally famous model and addressing 29% of Citroën's European deals volume. In 2022, the C3 caught 11% by and large of the European B-fragment market.
Fundamentally, the all-new e-C3 signals another section for Citroën. The well known and considering marking is reexamining itself to forcefully figure out the difficulties of making all-electric portability open to all with the principal European-planned and Europe-constructed all-electric B-hatchback for clients needing the advantages of zero-emanation versatility at a net, fair and reasonable cost.
Citroën President Thierry Koskas makes sense of: "Offering reasonable vehicles has forever been a significant piece of Citroën's DNA. However, client assumptions for vehicles in the B-section have changed, strikingly with the ascent in fame of SUVs and the rising longing to drive electric in and around our urban areas, and it has become more moving for European vehicle producers to measure up to those assumptions. Exceptionally, Citroën is thinking for even a moment to do precisely that with the all-new, all-electric ë-C3 for European purchasers: a new, sharp and agreeable B-hatch that is completely prepared, explicitly intended for and made in Europe, and very reasonable with out and about costs beginning at 23,300 Euros."For the initial time throughout the entire existence of the C3 hatchback, Citroën is accommodating its imaginative and restrictive Citroen Progressed Comfort® Suspension as standard gear to all renditions of the all-new, all-electric e-C3.
Undetectable to the driver and inhabitants, Moderate Water powered Cushions® guarantee vehicle tenants partake in an exceptional 'enchantment cover ride' feeling of solace out and about because of the utilization of moderate Water powered knock quits, permitting engineers more prominent opportunity to tune the all-new ë-C3's suspension to give the feeling that the vehicle is coasting while rolling over lopsided ground. Two stops are involved on each side of the vehicle related to the safeguard and spring rather than mechanical stops - one for pressure the other for decompression (or bounce back).

The acclaimed framework works in two phases. For lighter pressure and decompression, the spring and safeguard control vertical developments together, with no help expected from the water driven stops. For significant effects, the spring and safeguard cooperate with the pressure driven stops, to slow the development bit by bit, and iron out shocks toward the finish of the reach. Dissimilar to a mechanical stop that ingests energy and afterward returns part of it as a shock, the water driven stop retains and disseminates this energy.
"Solace is a vital piece of Citroën's DNA. It's vital to us since it's vital to our clients. That is the reason we have taken exceptional measures to make the all-new ë-C3 the most agreeable vehicle in the B-hatch section with Citroën developments like new variants of our Citroën Progressed Comfort® Seats and - interestingly on C3 - our Citroën Progressed Comfort® Suspension" said Laurence Hansen, Citroën Item and Technique Chief.
HOMELIKE Inside FOR CLASS-Driving Solace
The open inside has been created around straightforward yet refined surfaces to furnish tenants with an atmosphere like that of their home front room or parlor. All-new ë-C3's new example Citroën Progressed Comfort® seats are custom-made for the vehicle and utilize extra froth to give an inviting and delicate feel from first contact and a strong ride whatever the distance.
It go on with the all-new plan which, at 1.57m high, furnishes front seat tenants with 30mm more headroom for a higher, really ordering driving situation with an improved sensation of control and security. Everybody benefits from more noteworthy outward perceivability, assisting with helping the sensation of prosperity when ready. Truth be told, all-new Citroën ë-C3 is roomier inside in pretty much every aspect than its ancestor, in spite of being just 19mm longer and 6mm more extensive. Back traveler space to breathe is unrivaled by 19mm, and front by 21mm to the typical market, while back seat knee leeway is top tier, no less than 20mm more prominent than normal.
Conveying things and gear is simple in the all-new e-C3. Its taller inside is loaded up with valuable and savvy stowage regions on entryway boards, the mid control area and under the focal armrest, while a remote charging mat is accessible for the mid control area (standard on 'Max' variant). Agreeable 60-40 back seatback measured quality (standard on Max rendition) and a width between back wheelarches of 1015mm guarantees that proprietors can move bigger items as needs be, and the liberal 310 liters of baggage volume behind the back seats ought to be adequate for most shopping trips.
At 1.57m high (barring rooftop bars), the all-new e-C3 is taller than its ancestor, and advantages from SUV-style ground freedom to make entrance and departure simpler and give a more guaranteed ride over the hindrances, kerbs, and potholes frequently experienced in metropolitan and rural driving. Ground leeway is a noteworthy 163mm for the all-electric ë-C3 contrasted with a ground freedom of 135mm in the earlier model.EASY ELECTRIC LIFE
First in Stellantis, the expense productive, BEV-local stage utilizes a 44kWh LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) battery pack to convey up to 320km (199 miles) WLTP driving reach, and 100kW DC quick charging ability permits re-energizing from 20 to 80 percent limit in a short time.
Standard AC re-energizing, from 20% to 80%, takes around 4h10 utilizing 7kW power, or 2h50 assuming 11kW is accessible. Getting to both home and public AC charging offices is simple utilizing the standard provided Mode 3 link which is great for ordinary re-energizing at home utilizing a wall box, as well as making the rounds at public charging stations. The link can accuse of either a solitary stage 7.4kW or three-stage 11kW wall box.+
With its 83kW (113hp) engine and completely programmed transmission speeding up the vehicle from 0-100 km/h (62mph) in something like 11 seconds, and a temporary maximum velocity of 135km/h (84mph), the all-new e-C3 conveys a sizable amount of force and execution to manage ordinary driving and traffic, especially in metropolitan and rural conditions.
Proprietors can likewise design ventures, as well as screen their charging status and battery level progressively and partake in a total route experience thanks to the new e-Courses Application. This is explicitly intended for Citroën electric vehicles as a component of the organization's 'Interface In addition to's associated administrations membership. Utilizing the MyCitroën Application, ë-C3 drivers can likewise oversee charging plans, as well as pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle and check its battery level and area.
Drivers of the all-new, all-electric Citroën e-C3 picking the 'Interface In addition to's choice will profit from a set-up of committed new devices to make their possession experience calm. These include:
The Citroën e-Courses application has been uncommonly created for Citroën electric vehicles and is a driver's visa to the most productive course arranging, simple battery level observing and live charging network information. With this incorporated Application, drivers can be guaranteed that excursion times will be diminished, awesome and most dependable 'live' charging network information is available, they will constantly understand which level of battery power will stay on appearance, and yet again directing will happen naturally if vital.
E-Remote permits proprietors to involve their MyCitroën Application as a controller for their ë-C3 to pre-heat or pre-cool the vehicle before flight, oversee charging plans, screen charge status, and show vehicle area.
The vehicle is naturally matched with e-Courses when proprietors enter its subtleties into their MyCitroën account.

Completely Prepared
Guaranteeing class-driving solace and a tranquil climate for everybody on board have been clear needs for the plan and designing groups of the all-electric e-C3. Nonetheless, this is only the beginning of the story, as similarly significant was giving this European-planned and constructed B-hatchback a shockingly far reaching exhibit of gear and shrewd answers for suit all client needs.Setting new guidelines for inside plan was a top of brain objective. All-new e-C3 highlights C-Harmony relax, an inventive, roomy, and exceptional inside, which - as can be anticipated from Citroën - reexamines the conventional dashboard and gives incredibly elevated degrees of solace.
With the presentation of the C-Harmony Parlor, the driver and front traveler are blessed to receive a perfect and cleaned up view advances as though glancing through a wide curve, because of the huge windscreen and level sash that graphically extends across the whole vehicle and is flanked by Citroën's unique vertical air vents. The sash is parted into two particular levels, with the specialized components above, and a comfortable texture wrapped 'Couch Configuration style' segment beneath.
A genuine flight for the upper level of the belt is the absence of a customary instrument bunch. All-new all-electric ë-C3 sees the primary utilization of another Citroën Head Up Show that reflects vehicle data onto a gleaming dark segment between the highest point of the scramble board and the lower part of the windscreen. This brilliant arrangement guarantees there is no duplication of data as there would customarily be between a Head Up Show framework and instrument bunch, and guarantees drivers can undoubtedly get to all the key data they need without taking their eyes off the street.
The minimized new multi-capability controlling wheel is more modest and simpler to deal with, and is reach and rake-movable which assists with guaranteeing that the Citroën Head Up Show is unhindered when functional.
At the focal point of the belt drifts a 10.25-inch, variety infotainment screen, calculated somewhat towards the driver, while 'My Citroen Play with Cell phone Station' with a devoted Application is presented as standard hardware for proprietors of the 'You' model to get to music, radio, calls and route through their own gadget.
The texture wrapped and delicately bended flat "Couch Configuration style" segment beneath is intended to add warmth and visual person to the cockpit, while enhancing the sensations of solace and quietness.
"We are extremely glad for the open inside, specifically our new sash treatment with its juxtaposition between the cleaner, specialized upper segment and the hotter 'Couch Configuration style' lower segment. It is uncommon in this fragment for the upper piece of the sash to have such a cleaned up feel to the left and right sides, and we have accomplished this with the presentation of our new C-Harmony Parlor with Citroën Head Up Show. Drifting the focal infotainment screen or cell phone station in the middle likewise implied that we didn't need to coordinate these in a massive or gawky manner", said Boris Reinmöller, Task Planner Chief.
Consistent Network
In spite of being a moderately conservative vehicle, the all-electric ë-C3 puts tremendous significance on associated infotainment decisions, which are all centered around convenience by tenants and quick admittance to savvy, helpful highlights clients need to consistently travel effectively and carry on with their associated lives.
Intuitive directing wheel controls in addition to a 'Home' button on all variants guarantee a calm encounter for the driver when in the driver's seat. Two degrees of infotainment framework are accessible:
MY CITROËN PLAY WITH Cell phone STATION is standard on 'You' displays and elements an underlying cell phone holder that permits drivers to 'dock' their gadget and auto send off a committed new Application utilizing NFC (Close to Handle Correspondence) remote innovation. Through this application, proprietors utilize their gadget to get to easy routes to Telephone, Radio, Route and Music Application administrations. The ë-C3's directing wheel controls guarantee drivers keep their hands on the wheel, and the 'Home' button makes it simple to explore back to the landing page of the App.+
MY CITROËN DRIVE WITH 10" TOUCHSCREEN is standard on 'Max'. The focal, ergonomically planned 10.25-inch variety screen utilizes cell phone roused gadget engineering to give access through virtual easy routes to key route, telephone, radio, Applications and media capabilities. Remote WiFi ability permits cell phone reflecting and similarity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
Clients can join to one or the two degrees of Associated Administrations memberships to take advantage of their framework through their MyCitroën account while utilizing the web or the MyCitroën Application.
'Interface One' offers prompt admittance to e-Call and Citroën Help, tele-support administrations and a computerized booklet.
For a humble month to month charge following a one-year preliminary, 'Interface In addition to's offers continuous traffic data to guarantee drivers can pick the ideal course for ventures, as choices are determined and recommended in view of expected traffic streams and progressing jams or clog.
Each of the two adaptations of the new ë-C3 and their individual standard infotainment framework levels (My Citroen Play with Cell phone Station, My Citroën Drive with 10" touchscreen) are viable with the Citroën e-Courses application.
DRIVER Help Highlights THAT Consideration
The all-new ë-C3's thorough assortment of the most recent Citroën driver help advances is designed to really focus on the personalities and assemblages of each and every inhabitant, over all the driver, and incorporates:
Dynamic Security Brake is a crisis slowing mechanism working from 5 to 135km/h, constantly, to assist with diminishing wounds to vehicle tenants as well as people on foot and cyclists.
Dynamic Path Takeoff Cautioning Framework assists the driver with keeping up with right situating between street path markings by either delicately adjusting the guiding as the vehicle floats out of its path or by making the driver aware of floating at lower speeds. It works somewhere in the range of 60 and 180km/h, and is deactivated when blinkers are being used.
Driver Consideration Alert illuminates the driver on the off chance that the direction of the vehicle is improper inside its path. This two-step ready initially identifies vehicle influencing and makes the driver with a sound and message aware of 'Drive Cautiously', then, at that point, sounds an extra ready and message prompting 'Risky Driving' once four influences are recognized. Short breather Alert encourages the driver to enjoy some time off following 2 hours of persistent driving at more than 65km/h and is rehashed consistently after that assuming no break is taken.
Speed Cutoff Acknowledgment peruses speed limit signs and shows these on the Citroën Head Up Show to illuminate the driver. This shrewd framework use speed limit information held in the route framework and can likewise peruse transitory speed limit signs. The Journey Control with Speed Limiter permits the driver to confine their most extreme speed to guarantee consistence.
The Electric Stopping Brake (EPB) is applied naturally when the motor stops, and deliveries consequently when the gas pedal is squeezed. The driver can work the EPB physically by means of a control switch in the mid control area. Also, Slope Start Help holds the vehicle for a few seconds on slants more prominent than 3% to assist the driver with forestalling undesirable development.
Clever Pillar Headlights utilize the windscreen-mounted camera to consequently switch among plunged and primary bars when approaching vehicles are distinguished and pass securely.
Back Stopping Sensors discernibly caution the driver of the nearness of deterrents including kids during switching moves. A Back Camera is initiated when converse stuff is locked in to give a view behind the vehicle and caution the driver of potential deterrents through the 10.25-inch variety screen (where fitted).
Without precedent for Europe, Citroën has designed the all-new Citroën ë-C3 around a stage planned from the very beginning to oblige an all-electric powertrain. Supporting the vehicle is a variant of the exceptionally adaptable worldwide Stellantis 'Savvy Vehicle' stage, and this has empowered Citroën to make the all-new ë-C3 open to clients at costs beginning from 23,300 Euros.
"Our worldwide Brilliant Vehicle stage is very proficient and we are now utilizing its abilities outside Europe through new locale explicit Citroën models in business sectors like India and South America. It was the ideal beginning stage for the all-new European ë-C3 line-up and despite the fact that it was designed with all-electric capacity all along, it is adequately adaptable to house ICE powertrains as well as support bigger and more modest vehicles, including SUVs," said Laurence Hansen, Citroën Item and Methodology Chief.
NET Value AND Improved on Decision
Making the buying experience more straightforward for clients was a key need. In numerous European business sectors, the all-new Citroën ë-C3 will be proposed at fair and net cost with the passage level rendition 'You' beginning at 23,300 Euros.
"Purchasing another vehicle can demonstrate testing with regards to understanding the frequently enormous exhibit of renditions and choices clients can browse and need to pay for. At Citroën, we need to simplify the entire cycle and more attractive for clients with a 'brilliant reach' way to deal with series levels as well as more straightforwardness in valuing," said Nicolas Monnot, Citroën VP worldwide Estimating and Execution.
The all-new, all-electric ë-C3 will be accessible for its European clients in a smoothed out line-up of only two exceptional variants - 'You' and 'Max'.
The lead-in 'You' series accompanies an elevated degree of standard gear, including front Drove headlamps, Citroën Progressed Comfort® Suspension, Dynamic Security Brake (crisis stopping mechanism), new Citroën Head Up show framework, 'My Citroen Play with Cell phone Station' for infotainment, electric entryway mirrors, auto lighting, back stopping radar, back spoiler, voyage control, manual cooling and 6 airbags.