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Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe (2024)

Mercedes-Benz is proceeding with its long practice of lively, rich dream vehicles with a new, free series. The new CLE Roadster utilizes the reasonable and specialized developments of the C-Class and E-Class.
With its expressive plan, elite solace hardware for greatest distinction and certain, energetic driving presentation, the new two-entryway vehicle heads out in a different direction. The market send off of the Mercedes-Benz CLE Car will begin in Europe in November 2023. The CLE Cabriolet will follow one year from now for outdoors experts. With the new dream vehicle series, Mercedes-Benz is satisfying the desires of numerous clients in the C-and E-Class sections.
Notable plan
Long wheelbase, a strategically set up and unequivocally slanted A-point of support, a short front and a somewhat longer back body overhang, as well as articulated shoulders and enormous wheels. There has forever been an extraordinary wizardry innate in these extents - and they are inseparably connected to the Mercedes-Benz brand. The new CLE Car consolidates these energetic, exquisite extents with the advanced plan language of Mercedes-Benz. Consistent with the Mercedes-Benz plan reasoning of Sexy Virtue, the outcome is a figure loaded with power and dynamism that exemplifies a profound assertion according to each viewpoint.
Athletic appearance
The continuously forward-inclining front segment ("shark nose") with a low-thrown hood, level Drove headlights with a special plan and the recently planned, three-layered radiator grille guarantee an athletic yet very rich appearance. The emphatically molded power vaults on the long hood allude to the strong motors with up to six chambers. In the side view, an unmistakable molded edge structures the strong volume. This character line runs from the front lamp to the outside reflect and from the back light to the entryway handle. The strong back is described by streaming surfaces, smooth changes and two-section Drove lights with new shapes and three-layered light bodies.
At 4,850 millimeters in length, 1,860 millimeters wide and 1,428 millimeters high, the new two-entryway is the biggest roadster in the fair size section. With its layered idea - specifically the 25 millimeter longer wheelbase - the CLE Roadster offers altogether more space than the C-Class Car. The back travelers specifically benefit from 10 millimeters more headroom, 19 millimeters more shoulder and space to breathe and 72 millimeters more knee room. The storage compartment volume offers 60 liters more volume and can without much of a stretch hold three golf packs.
Energetic extravagance
Eye-catchers in the inside are the unattached 12.3-inch, completely advanced instrument show, the 11.9-inch, driver-arranged focal presentation in easy to use representation design and the powerful encompassing lighting highlighting 64 varieties. Whenever wanted, it can stretch out from the mid control area to underneath the external air vents. In every one of the entryways, a segment of light runs along the forms of the armrest and beltline to the back. Another feature is the front seats in vital game plan, grew only for the CLE. Related to the discretionary Burmester® 3D encompass sound framework, they each have two amplifiers at the level of the headrests and in this manner make an especially individual and vivid music experience with Dolby Atmos and Spatial Sound near the ears.
Explicit Simple Section capability
Interestingly at Mercedes-Benz, the front seats are not opened utilizing a switch, but rather with a rich circle made of Nappa calfskin. It is strategically placed at the upper edge of the backrest.

Most recent MBUX ageThe Mercedes-Benz CLE Car takes on various advanced developments from the new E-Class. With the new hardware design and the third era of the MBUX infotainment framework, it is the most smart car with the star. It offers a particularly intelligent diversion experience with outsider applications and another degree of personalisation with computerized accommodation capabilities (schedules).
Zapped driving experience
The new CLE Roadster sets guidelines in effectiveness because of deliberate charge and canny scaling back. All motors are gentle half and halves with an incorporated starter generator and 48-volt electrical framework. There is a decision of four-chamber units and - as the most remarkable motor - a 3.0-liter straight-six petroleum motor.
Lively and happy with driving delight
The suspension is brought down by 15 millimeters as standard. The discretionary Unique BODY CONTROL, with consistently movable damping on the front and back axles in blend with back hub directing, both presented in the Innovation bundle, guarantees especially nimble and simultaneously open to driving joy. The directing point really depends on 2.5 degrees. This diminishes the turning circle by 50 centimeters. In spite of its bigger aspects, the CLE Car with back tire drive has a more modest turning circle than the C-Class Roadster (10.7 rather than 11.2 metres).Numerous driver help frameworks, some of which have been additionally evolved, offer circumstance explicit help for more security. The broad standard hardware incorporates Consideration Help, Dynamic Brake Help, Dynamic Path Keeping Help, Speed Cutoff Help, and the stopping bundle with turning around camera. In Western Europe, Dynamic Distance Help DISTRONIC is likewise standard hardware.
The outside plan
The new Mercedes-Benz CLE Roadster encapsulates a close to home articulation according to each viewpoint. The energetic, exquisite two-entryway joins extents ordinary of a roadster with the cutting edge plan language of Mercedes-Benz, whose stylish soul is formed by the plan reasoning of Exotic Immaculateness. This makes a sculptural appearance for the CLE Roadster, which is described by streaming surfaces with consistent changes. The ever-evolving elements and style make their mark when seen from the side: because of the blend of a low outline (1,428 mm) with a long wheelbase (2,865 mm), short shades (888 mm at the front/1,097 mm at the back) and an especially strong shoulder the two-entryway fills the street. Other run of the mill roadster highlights are the long cap implanted in the front end with two strong power vaults, the steeply slanting windscreen and the long, slanting rooftop towards the back. The traveler cell, which is set far back, prompts the energetic, short back by means of the back window, which is likewise set level.
A particular formed edge structures the strong volume in the side wall. This character line runs from the front lamp to the outside reflect and from the back light to the entryway handle. It accentuates the energetic extents and the strong wheel curves. Likewise, the formed edge, along with the chrome-rimmed side windows, underlines the harmony among tastefulness and elements. The fundamental variation Cutting edge Line rolls on 18-inch light-compound wheels as standard. With the AMG Line, 19-inch edges are standard. A huge determination of other light-compound wheels in 18 to 20 inches and ten distinct outside colors empower a serious level of customisation.
Expressive front: recently planned three-layered radiator grille
The dynamically forward-inclining front segment ("shark nose") with a low-thrown hood, level Drove headlights with a one of a kind plan and a particular radiator grille guarantee a firmly athletic yet very exquisite appearance. The emphatically shaped power arches on the long hood reference the strong motors with up to six chambers. As is run of the mill for roadsters, the radiator grille has a solitary louver in reflexive dark with chrome trim and a focal star. Behind it sparkles a grille in a recently planned, three-layered chrome look with a Mercedes-Benz design. The descending opening outline of the radiator grille (A-shape configuration) likewise underlines the strong forward drive of the Mercedes-Benz CLE Roadster. Along with the chrome outline around the gleaming dark focal air consumption in the front cover, it makes the two-entryway look lower and settle nearer to the street.
The CLE Roadster has Driven Superior Execution headlights with a recently planned trifunctional light for daytime running lights, position lights and bearing markers as standard. Advanced LIGHT headlights with and without projection capability are accessible as exceptional hardware. They have two daytime running light circles and blue enlightenment of the front lamp base for an undeniable look that further builds up the powerful appearance.
Strong back: Particular Drove lights with three-layered light bodies
The strong back is portrayed by streaming surfaces and smooth advances. Another feature is the two-section Drove lights with new shapes and three-layered light bodies. Alternatively, a light show to welcome and express farewell to the travelers is accessible. The back lights are associated with a dim red plan component. Like the exemplary chrome trim strip on the guard, it stresses the width of the back. In the Vanguard Line, C-formed trim parts encase the chrome trim strip like a tasteful fasten.
The layered idea: the biggest roadster in its section
With its layered idea, the Mercedes-Benz CLE Car is truly amazing. At 4,850 millimeters in length, 1,860 millimeters wide and 1,428 millimeters high, the new two-entryway is fundamentally bigger than the C-Class Roadster, however two millimeters compliment and 15 millimeters longer than the E-Class Car.Lively extravagance on a totally different level, zeroed in completely on the driver: this is the idea for the inside plan of the new CLE Car. Eye-catchers in the cockpit are the unattached 12.3-inch (21.3 cm) completely computerized instrument show and the 11.9-inch (30.2 cm) focal presentation in easy to understand picture design. It develops consistently out of the front, polished pure black region of the mid control area and has a six-degree slant towards the driver's seat. Along with the upward design, this makes a visual dynamic and gentility that underlines the lively case and the articulated driver direction of the CLE Roadster.
Extra energy is made by the powerful encompassing lighting in 64 tones. Surrounding lighting with backhanded light on the trim piece of the instrument board, the cup holders on the mid control area, the above control unit, the entryway handles, the seat change unit and in the front footwell is standard hardware. With the discretionary Encompassing Lighting Furthermore, a light band clears from the mid control area along the lower edge of the instrument board to underneath the external air vents on each side. A piece of light runs in every one of the entryways as per the armrest and beltline to the back column of seats, which supports the liberal sensation of room.
Individual music experience with coordinated speakers in the seat
Different features incorporate the standard multi-capability sports directing wheel in cowhide and new front seats grew solely for the CLE. They highlight a vanguard sports seat plan with coordinated headrests. Related to the discretionary Burmester® 3D encompass sound framework, they each have two speakers at the level of the headrests, making an especially individual and vivid music experience with Dolby Atmos near the ears. The top notch sound framework has a sum of 17 speakers.
The energetic vital seat look of the new multi-form seats supports the decreased plan with three-layered, consistent shapes on the instrument board and in the entryways - giving the inside an extra visual gentility. The front seats are warmed and have an electro-pneumatic four-way lumbar help as standard. Seat environment control and a seven-zone rub are likewise accessible related to the discretionary Stimulating In addition to bundle. Seat level, backrest and pad tendency, too as seat pad profundity, can be boundlessly changed electrically. The memory capability can be utilized to save individual driver seat settings for up to three individuals - as could the place of the directing at any point wheel, the discretionary head-up show and the outside mirrors. In the event that the driver changes, the ideal driving position can be helpfully set at the hint of a button.
UI: pixel amazing in the best working engineering
The showcase illustrations and their plan are taken from the C-Class. The styles "Exemplary", "Game" and "Ambiente" can thusly likewise be chosen in the Mercedes-Benz CLE Car and are alternatively enhanced by a full-screen map in the instrument group. All significant settings for media, vehicle, phone, solace, and so on can be capable straightforwardly and naturally on the focal showcase. The new primary symbols in the focal presentation are promptly unmistakable as modernisation. They were as of late presented in the new E-Class.
Simple Passage with exquisite calfskin tie
A new, explicit Simple Passage capability guarantees simple admittance to the back. The front seats are not opened with a switch, yet with a rich circle made of Nappa cowhide. It is strategically placed at the upper edge of the backrest. Any individual who has not clasped their safety belt following boarding can reactivate the safety belt feeder through a button on the focal showcase or basically by opening and shutting the entryway once more. Also, the CLE Car is one of the primary Mercedes-Benz vehicles with an improved advance notice on the off chance that the safety belt isn't affixed. The framework just responds to seats on which somebody who has not clasped their safety belt is really sitting.
The KEYLESS-GO solace bundle is accessible to additional increment comfort. As well as turning over the motor at the press of a button, it empowers all vehicle ways to be opened and locked by essentially contacting the individual entryway handle. The recessed holds are enlightened for better direction in obscurity. With Sans hands ACCESS, the storage compartment can likewise be opened and shut without contact and completely consequently - with a basic kick of the foot in the back guard's sensor region.
Selective materials and tones
One of the most client accommodating highlights of the new CLE Car is the extensive variety of customisation choices. This incorporates the restrictive choice of varieties and top notch materials. In the Vanguard Line standard gear, the seats are upholstered in dark ARTICO man-made cowhide. The AMG Line comes standard with ARTICO/MICROCUT dark, which is made of 65% reused materials in the seat region and 85 percent in the inward covering. On the other hand, the varieties macchiato beige/dark and tonka brown/dark are accessible. Seats in calfskin with intricate longitudinal channeling and in Nappa cowhide with knitted, punctured jewel shapes are alternatively accessible. The variety determination goes from dark to macchiato beige/dark, tonka brown/dark and power red/dark to white/dark. The cowhide covers come from supportable handling, made with plant-based tanning specialists.
In the AMG Line, the instrument board and beltlines are canvassed as standard in dark ARTICO man-made calfskin with a Nappa look (discretionary extra for Cutting edge Line). A great many trim parts with inventive, technoid or regular surfaces grows the tactile experience among customary and computerized extravagance. The feature is another trim part with a silver-hued blended metal texture. Because of its serious shine finish, it looks extremely modern. A comparatively inventive component is an open-pored, dark wood facade that is sprinkled with fine genuine aluminum trims. The other trim components incorporate open-pore earthy colored pecan wood, open-pore anthracite linestructure lime wood and AMG carbon fiber. In the essential design, the Mercedes-Benz CLE Car accompanies silver-dim jewel design trim (Vanguard Line) or metal construction (AMG Line).
Liberal space
With its layered idea - specifically the 25-millimeter longer wheelbase - the CLE Roadster offers essentially more space than the C-Class Car. The back travelers specifically benefit from 10 millimeters more headroom, 19 millimeters more shoulder and space to breathe and 72 millimeters more knee room. The storage compartment offers 60 liters more volume and can without much of a stretch hold three golf sacks.
The infotainment and solace insight
The CLE Car takes on various computerized developments from the new E-Class. After the business car, it is the second vehicle with the new electronic design and the third era of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz Client Experience) infotainment framework. This makes the energetic two-entryway the most shrewd car with the star. It arrives at another element of personalisation and collaboration. The MBUX infotainment framework, the MBUX language partner, the instrument bunch, the focal showcase and the discretionary head-up show share an exceptionally strong focal vehicle PC. This kind of systems administration increments execution. Information streams can be sent quicker. Contingent upon the market, a correspondence module with 5G is utilized as the transmission innovation. Essentially higher information rates are conceivable with the 5G versatile correspondences standard than with LTE/UMTS.
The diversion program in the Mercedes-Benz CLE Car is exceptionally intuitive - for an individual computerized insight. Another Android similarity layer permits the establishment of outsider applications. The accompanying applications will be accessible at market send off: the diversion stage "TikTok", the digital broadcast stage "Pocket Projects", the sound and video real time stage "Audials", the game "Furious Birds", the cloud-based joint effort application " Webex", the video conferencing framework "Zoom" and the web program "Vivaldi". Furthermore, the amusement gateway ZYNC is ready as a choice. It offers video web based, on-request happy, intuitive encounters, nearby video programming, sports, news and substantially more. In excess of 30 web-based features from eminent worldwide, territorial and neighborhood accomplices are now accessible. Different accomplices and channels are continually being coordinated. The Mercedes me Store has another Application Store. The proposition will be progressively extended. Along these lines, the fantasy vehicle is generally exceptional and can be broadly customized.
Online Music: music gushing with a huge number of melodies to look over
The MBUX amusement bundle is alternatively accessible from the Mercedes me Store. It incorporates Web radio, music streaming and an information bundle from a chose outsider supplier. With the "Online Music" administration, Mercedes-Benz has completely incorporated the biggest music streaming suppliers - Flowing, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music - into the MBUX infotainment framework. MBUX empowers admittance to the individual client profile of the connected music suppliers. This is the way the client gets their main tunes and playlists and finds a great many melodies and organized playlists.
Hello Mercedes: strong and learning language colleague
By enacting on the web administrations in the Mercedes me Application, the Hello Mercedes language right hand is exceptionally equipped for discourse and learning. With the "Simply Talk" capability, the smart voice control can now additionally be actuated without the catchphrase "Hello Mercedes". The client should be distant from everyone else in the vehicle for this. At the point when the capability is enacted, a red mouthpiece image shows up in the showcase. Then, at that point, the CLE Car is all set for voice orders.Mercedes-Benz will likewise offer the CLE Car as a module cross breed sometime in the future. In simply electric driving mode, the vehicle will offer a down to earth range. The driving system will give the electric driving mode to the most reasonable segments of the course. For instance, electric driving will be given need on courses in metropolitan regions.
Fuel: Creative four and six-chamber motors
The most remarkable motor is the 3.0-liter straight-six (M 256 M). The mix of twin-scroll turbocharger and ISG guarantees brilliant power conveyance without super slack. The exhaust conduits of three chambers each are joined in the double stream ventilation system and just rejoin straightforwardly before the turbine wheel. This prompts an unconstrained development of lift tension and force as well as fast motor reaction and firing up at low motor paces. The CLE 450 4MATIC creates 280 kW (381 hp) and 500 Nm of force and hence accomplishes the sportiest driving exhibition.
The four-chamber petroleum motor (M 254) is accessible in two result levels at market send off: with 150 kW as the CLE 200 and CLE 200 4MATIC and with 190 kW as the CLE 300 4MATIC. The section dislodging is 2.0 liters. In this motor, Mercedes-Benz has consolidated every one of the advancements of the measured motor family Notoriety in one unit. These incorporate the NANOSLIDE® chamber covering, the CONICSHAPE® chamber sharpening (trumpet sharpening), the section turbocharger with variable stream association and the fumes gas aftertreatment put straightforwardly on the motor. The M 254 with 150 kW works with the Mill operator ignition cycle to additional increment effectiveness. The admission valve as of now closes during the admission stroke. This diminishes the gas temperature after pressure. This prompts a higher warm productivity and consequently to a more effective utilization of the fuel. Furthermore, less toxins are delivered, specifically the extent of nitrogen oxides is lower. The 190 kW power variation additionally has CAMTRONIC with two-stage valve lift exchanging.
Diesel: four-chamber motor with variable turbine calculation
In the engine of the CLE 220 d Roadster is the four-chamber OM 654 M diesel motor. It is controlled by a solitary stage fumes gas turbocharger with variable turbine calculation and contact improved roller bearing. The turbocharger is tuned with the goal that the motor answers rapidly and fosters its power amicably. The jolt additionally incorporates the utilization of an electric refrigerant blower for the cooling framework. Fumes aftertreatment incorporates a nearby coupled NOx stockpiling exhaust system, a diesel particulate channel with an exceptional covering (DPF), a SCR exhaust system and an extra SCR exhaust system in the vehicle's underbody.
Transmission: High level nine-speed programmed
The 9G-TRONIC transmission was additionally produced for the transformation of the ISG and is utilized in all CLE models. The electric engine, the power gadgets and the transmission cooler have been moved into or onto the transmission. The lines that were recently required are not generally needed, which offers benefits as far as establishment space and weight. Also, the productivity of the transmission has been expanded. In addition to other things, the improved collaboration with the electric assistant oil siphon has made it conceivable to diminish the conveyance volume of the mechanical siphon by 30% contrasted with its ancestor - great for effectiveness. Furthermore, another age of completely incorporated transmission control with a multi-center processor and new get together and association innovation is utilized. Notwithstanding the expanded processing power, the quantity of electrical connection points has been definitely diminished and the heaviness of the transmission control has been decreased by 30% contrasted with its ancestor.
The 4MATIC all-wheel drive has likewise been additionally evolved. With the front-pivot drive, higher forces can be sent and hub load disseminations that are ideal as far as driving elements can be accomplished. What's more, there is a critical weight advantage contrasted with the comparing part of the past series. Less weight adds to CO2 decrease.
The suspension
The suspension of the new Mercedes-Benz CLE Car empowers coordinated driving tomfoolery on winding streets. Simultaneously, it offers uncommon driving solace over significant distances. The exact direction of the front wheels on four connections each has a huge impact in the unique dealing with. On the back hub, a multi-connect development with a five-interface idea guarantees great wheel control characteristics and straight-line security. There are three frame variations to browse. Contrasted with the car series, they are brought down by 15 millimeters as standard - for a more unique appearance.
The standard gear is the solace suspension with bringing down. It consolidates preeminent driving solace and energetic straightforwardness. Moving way of behaving, damping impact and adjustment are ceaselessly and consequently adjusted to the surface. A games suspension with a plentifulness specific damping framework is accessible as a choice. It offers a stiffer suspension and damping configuration as well as sports direct controlling for more straightforward taking care of and readiness. While cornering rapidly or while making fast hesitant moves, this energetic frame tuning is recognizable as less body roll.
DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL with constantly customizable damping exclusively for each wheel
The innovation bundle is accessible as a possibility for the CLE Roadster. It incorporates the Unique BODY CONTROL suspension with persistently movable damping on the front and back axles as well as back hub directing. The dynamic suspension controls the damping attributes related to the motor, transmission and directing properties for each wheel exclusively - to suit what is happening, speed and street surface circumstances. The driver can utilize the Unique SELECT change to pick between an agreeable or a lively, tight setting. Related to DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL, the CLE Car is furnished with sports direct guiding. It consolidates a variable proportion that relies upon the directing plot for exactly nimble responses with speed-subordinate electromechanical power help for enjoyably smooth taking care of.

Back pivot guiding for much greater deftnessWith back pivot guiding and the related more straightforward directing proportion on the front hub, the Mercedes-Benz CLE Car is especially deft and stable simultaneously. The controlling point on the back hub depends on 2.5 degrees. This lessens the turning circle by 50 centimeters. In the models with 4MATIC it is 11.2 rather than 11.7 meters. In the back tire drive forms, the diverting circle is diminished from 11.2 to 10.7 meters. In spite of its bigger aspects, the CLE Roadster with back tire drive has a more modest turning circle than the C-Class Car (11.2 meters). Also, on account of the more straightforward controlling proportion, the driver needs less turns of the directing wheel to completely turn it.
At speeds under 60 km/h, the back tires steer the other way to the front wheels. The wheelbase is in this manner essentially abbreviated relying upon the circumstance, making the vehicle more flexibility, quick and deft. From a speed of 60 km/h, the back tires steer in similar bearing as the front wheels. The subsequent virtual longer wheelbase offers recognizable benefits: expanded driving security and driving wellbeing at high velocities, fast track changes or abrupt sly moves. Also, fundamentally less directing points must be applied during dynamic moves. The CLE Roadster responds more energetically to guiding orders. This is upheld by the coordinated driving elements control of the ESP®.
The driver help frameworks
The standard gear of the CLE Car incorporates Consideration Help, Dynamic Brake Help, Dynamic Path Keeping Help, Speed Cutoff Help and the leaving bundle with turning around camera. In Western Europe, Dynamic Distance Help DISTRONIC is additionally standard gear. It helps the driver by adjusting the speed to more slow vehicles ahead. The ideal objective distance can be set in a few phases. The status and movement of all driving help frameworks are shown full screen in the help show of the driver's presentation.
Other driver help frameworks are essential for gear bundles. The High level In addition to bundle likewise incorporates Vulnerable side Help and Traffic Sign Help. The exceptional bundle incorporates the stopping bundle with 360-degree camera and Computerized LIGHT.
The Driving Help Bundle In addition to with expanded usefulness
The Driving Help Bundle In addition to is accessible as unique gear. It incorporates in excess of ten most recent age help and wellbeing frameworks.
The Dynamic Distance Help DISTRONIC offers a greater number of capabilities than the standard framework. These incorporate the response to fixed vehicles, programmed restart and programmed speed move up to 210 km/h.
The convergence approach capability can furnish extra security while moving toward convergences with cross traffic. The framework utilizes natural bolts on the instrument show to demonstrate from which course cross traffic is drawing closer. Assuming that the driver by and by attempts to pull away, a general media impact cautioning is set off. The vehicle is kept from moving off via consequently applying the brakes. The driver can drop this whenever by completely discouraging the gas pedal.
Dynamic Guiding Help offers help while following the path. The CLE Car can naturally restart after it has ground to a halt on motorways, back roads and in city traffic.