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Skoda Kodiaq 2024

Škoda Auto introduced the second era of the Kodiaq. It takes manageability and proficiency to a higher level and accompanies another inside idea.The all-new Kodiaq highlights a 13-inch infotainment show, creative Škoda Brilliant Dials with haptic controls and another reach structure with Plan Determinations. Its five powertrains offering yields from 110 kW (150 hp) to 150 kW (204 hp) presently likewise remember a fitting for half and half rendition - a first for the Kodiaq - with an electric scope of in excess of 100 kilometers. The two top motors are mated to all-wheel drive as standard. Likewise making their introductions are the most recent ages of the Drove Lattice headlights and the Powerful Suspension Control framework. Until this point in time, 841,900 Kodiaqs have been created and have found clients in 60 business sectors around the world. The series has likewise won in excess of 40 worldwide honors beginning around 2016.

Outside: Strong appearance and first components of the new Current Strong plan language
With the second-age Kodiaq, Škoda has additionally refined the SUV's personal and sculptural plan, giving it an all the more remarkable and strong appearance. Aside from made right wheel curves, the new lettering adjusting to the new Škoda CI quickly gets the attention. The TOP Drove Network headlights and front grille with even light strip are making their introduction on the all-new Kodiaq. With an expansion long of in excess of six centimeters, the Kodiaq currently offers considerably more inside space for up to seven travelers or a lot of gear. What's more, Škoda Auto has worked on the model's optimal design, accomplishing a cd worth of 0.282. Major streamlined headways were accomplished by presenting dynamic cooling screens and upgrading the front and back bumper.The second-age Kodiaq has an etched cap donning a reconsidered Škoda logo with a matt Remarkable Dim Chrome finish. It matches the casing of the hexagonal Škoda grille, which can be alternatively enlightened with 14 light components framing a light strip between the headlamps. Beneath the grille is a wide air consumption, outlined by two Air Drapes. The prolonged rooftop line has been efficiently advanced and slants tenderly towards the back.The drag coefficient of the all-new Kodiaq has been diminished to album = 0.282. Huge streamlined upgrades were acknowledged with the joining of improved air the executives for motor and brake cooling, efficiently molded outside mirrors, overhauled front and back guards, streamlined wheels, a drawn out rooftop spoiler, and coordinated longitudinal rooftop rails. The back segment is described by an enormous and wide rear end. Alongside the low stacking ledge, this makes for extraordinary convenience. The lettering adjusting to the new Škoda CI is put midway on the back end and completed in One of a kind Dim Chrome matt. Underneath the back end is an enormous, upgraded back cover with a wide, incorporated diffuser. Another choice is the finished D-support point trim in Extraordinary Dim Chrome.

Debut for second-age TOP Drove Grid headlights and front grille with level light strip
Another feature comes looking like the discretionary second-age TOP Drove Lattice headlights. The new headlights contain 50% all the more light portions and proposition 15% more light result than the original, improving wellbeing for the clients. Fitted as standard on the Sportline variation, with the choice of an even light strip on the front grille, they are a first for the Kodiaq. The upper Bi-Drove module and the Framework module underneath contain a sum of 36 individual light fragments. They make the regular four-peered toward look of a Škoda SUV around evening time. Between the two in an upward direction organized "eyes", a fine, L-formed Drove strip fills in as the daytime running light, stopping light and pointer. A static corner light close to within edge of the headlamp unit tightens towards the Škoda grille. The appearance of the TOP Drove Grid headlights is additionally characterized by Crystallinium. This glasslike component complements the shapes of the front lamp unit, loaning it an extra hint of class. The fundamental rendition of the front headlights likewise utilizes Drove innovation only, as do the standard back lights. The discretionary top adaptation of the tail lights (standard for Sportline) accompanies a vivified welcome capability and dynamic markers. They are parted into three segments, with a sharp plan including enlightened glasslike components. The new, wide C-formed light mark stretches out far towards the focal point of the rear end. Beneath, a red light bar with a glasslike structure interfaces the two back lights.
Moderate however successful expansion in aspects
The second-age Škoda Kodiaq has become respectably contrasted with its ancestor, yet to extraordinary impact. The new form is 61 millimeters longer at 4,758 millimeters, with a wheelbase of 2,791 millimeters. The width of 1,864 millimeters and a practically unaltered level of 1,659 millimeters make for an exceptionally roomy inside. In the seven-seater variant, travelers in the third column of seats presently have 920 millimeters of headroom, 15 millimeters more than in the ancestor. Gear limit has likewise expanded: in the five-seater adaptation, it has developed by 75 liters to 910 liters without collapsing the back seats down. With the back seats collapsed down, greatest limit has expanded by 40 liters to 2,105 liters. The seven-seater now holds 340 liters behind the third column of seats, 70 a larger number of than previously, and 845 liters with the third-line seats collapsed down. This is an increment of 80 liters. The seven-seater's greatest freight limit is presently 2,035 liters, 30 liters more than in the original.
Enormous composite wheels from 17 to 20 inches and nine outside tones
The all-new Kodiaq comes in Determination and Sportline renditions, as well similarly as with different Plan Choices, and rolls on enormous combination wheels with breadths going from 17 to 20 inches. The essential adaptation accompanies 17-inch amalgams in silver. Škoda offers nine tones for its enormous SUV: two strong varieties and a sum of seven metallic paint wraps up, including the new Bronx Gold Metallic.
Inside: Consolidating an extensive plan and creative controls with feasible materials
The new Škoda Kodiaq accompanies a totally updated inside and another arrangement of controls. Its detached infotainment screen compares 13 inches. Situated beneath the infotainment screen are the new Škoda Savvy Dials, giving speedy admittance to various vehicle capabilities. In a first for Škoda's huge SUV, a head-up show is accessible to supplement the 10-inch Virtual Cockpit. The new mid control area has a spotless, clean look, as the selector switch is currently mounted on the directing segment. Four USB-C ports with a result of 45 W guarantee quick charging of cell phones, tablets or PCs. Likewise making its Škoda debut is a Telephone Box that empowers inductive charging of two cell phones at 15 W and incorporates a cooling capability. Thus situates with a pneumatic back rub capability are accessible as a choice. Plan Choices highlighting various reasonable materials are presently likewise making their presentation in the Kodiaq. Also, the new SUV is consistently web based, offering various portable internet based administrations and infotainment applications.
Savvy Dials joining haptic and advanced components in addition to more space in the mid control area
The Škoda Shrewd Dials in the second-age Kodiaq are three natural new multifunctional controls underneath the infotainment show. They can be worked by turning and squeezing, and each conveys a computerized variety show with a 32-millimeter width. This astute blend of haptic and computerized components permits fast admittance to various vehicle capabilities. The controls have a Remarkable Dim Chrome finish and an extremely material surface made out of small pyramids. The two external Savvy Dials for the driver and front traveler control the inside temperature, seat warming and seat ventilation. Each Shrewd Dial's ongoing capability is displayed in the showcase and can be changed by squeezing it. Drivers can modify the middle Savvy Dial to control up to four of the accompanying capabilities: the volume of the infotainment framework, fan speed, air heading, shrewd cooling, driving modes and guide zoom. Designing the middle Brilliant Dial is done through the important infotainment framework menu, and a long press is utilized to change between capabilities. Four extra equipment buttons between the dials give direct admittance to windscreen ventilation, back window warming, air distribution and programmed cooling capabilities. In a first for Škoda, the Kodiaq's selector switch is mounted on the guiding segment for simple access. Subsequently, the mid control area has a perfect and clean look, and the stockpiling compartment's ability has expanded by 2.1 liters.
13-inch infotainment show with discretionary route capability
The infotainment framework in the second-age Kodiaq highlights a 10-inch focal multi-contact show and DAB+ radio gathering as standard, alongside signal and voice control. The route capability including on the web radio and a 13-inch screen are accessible as a discretionary bundle. A head-up show supplementing the standard 10-inch Virtual Cockpit is making its presentation in this model series. The all-new Kodiaq is likewise outfitted with four USB-C ports as standard (two at the front and two at the back). Giving a result of 45 W, they could be utilized to drive PCs, as well as charging cell phones and tablets. A 15 W USB-C port on the rear of the inside reflect is likewise standard. Eight speakers in the entryway boards and a focal speaker in the instrument board are standard for heavenly sound. A Canton Sound Framework with 14 speakers, including four encompass speakers, is accessible as a choice.Another new component is the environment control menu, which gives speedy admittance to all warming capabilities for the seats, directing wheel, windscreen and back window through a solitary, client configurable Radiators button. It will be accessible for the second-age Kodiaq soon. Consequently situates with a pneumatic back rub capability are alternatively accessible. They each have ten air pads that can be customized through the infotainment menu or controls on the seat, with a decision of force levels and time settings. The Kodiaq likewise offers a discretionary Telephone Box for synchronous inductive quick charging of two cell phones at 15 W, complete with a cooling capability.
Four Plan Determinations to browse
The Škoda Kodiaq embraces the Plan Choices definitely known from the Enyaq family, highlighting facilitated varieties and materials. The decisions incorporate Space with dark texture seat upholstery, Parlor with dim Suedia microfibre upholstery and X-molded enlivening sewing in Mustard Yellow, and ecoSuite highlighting reasonably treated cowhide in dark with dim X-formed embellishing sewing or in Cognac with tone-on-tone sewing. All chrome itemizing in the inside has been supplanted with the new One of a kind Dim Chrome finish. Notwithstanding the Savvy Dials, this likewise remembers the trim for the entryway boards and on the upgraded guiding wheel, the casing of the infotainment screen, and other beautiful strips complementing the instrument board's air vents, the top piece of the dashboard and the cover for the capacity compartment in the mid control area.
Various maintainable materials and new Basically Cunning highlights
The inside of the Kodiaq is centered around supportability. All materials utilized for the seat upholstery, the floor coverings in the lodge and the gear compartment as well as the main event are made of 100% reused polyester or, on account of the Plan Determination Parlor, a blend of reused yarns with 40% regular fleece. The cowhide highlighted in the ecoSuite Plan Choice is tanned in a harmless to the ecosystem way utilizing deposits from espresso bean handling. Two notorious Essentially Smart subtleties, the umbrella and the ice scrubber, are likewise produced using economical materials. Yet again new to the rundown of Essentially Cunning subtleties are a presentation cleaner put away in the mid control area and a stockpiling compartment on the focal passage before the sliding back seat, which empowers in reverse and forward change. Likewise ready in the second Kodiaq age is the entryway edge assurance.
Super durable web association empowers various internet based highlights
The Kodiaq's long-lasting web association considers helpful "over the air" refreshes, online-based course arranging and various portable web-based administrations from Škoda Interface. Unique elements for the all-new Kodiaq iV module half and half incorporate Remote Charging as well as Remote Cooling, Takeoff Organizer and Fitting and Charge. Škoda Interface offers capabilities like Proactive Help and Remote Access as a component of Infotainment On the web and Care Interface. The infotainment additionally incorporates Climate, News, Traffication, Schedule, Offers and Pay to Stop infotainment applications. Route, ACC, extra tones and works for the surrounding lighting and High Shaft Control can be advantageously included online as Capabilities Request.
Kodiaq Sportline: Thorough gear, regular dark accents and a metal-look trim in the inside
The Škoda Kodiaq Sportline is the ongoing top model in the second era of the huge Škoda SUV. Its complete standard gear incorporates TOP Drove Network headlights and electric rear end activity. The outside is set apart by various reflexive dark accents, which presently likewise reach out to the D-point of support. The front and back covers as well as the side skirts are in body tone, while the 19-inch compound wheels, elite to the Sportline, have a cleaned anthracite finish. The inside of the Sportline Plan Determination is overwhelmed by lively dark joined with metal-look trim components. The Kodiaq Sportline can be requested with all powertrains presented for the model series, remembering the Kodiaq iV fitting for cross breed drive.
Many dark subtleties, including interestingly the whole D-support point
Škoda's Sportline models ordinarily accompany various dark subtleties as a distinctive element. The second-age Kodiaq is the same: notwithstanding the Škoda grille outline, outside reflect covers, window outlines, rooftop rails and back diffuser, the whole D-point of support is painted in shiny dark interestingly. This gives a visual connection between the obscured back side windows and the obscured back window (Dusk). The Škoda lettering and model assignment on the back end and the Škoda logo on the hood likewise come in dark, while the front and back covers and side ledges are painted in body tone. The front wings bear Sportline identifications. The 19-inch combination wheels have a cleaned anthracite finish and are selective to the Sportline; 20-inch compound wheels with matt dark Air covers are accessible as a choice.
TOP Drove Network headlights and electric back end activity as standard
The far reaching standard gear of the Kodiaq Sportline incorporates the TOP Drove Grid headlights highlighting an enlivened welcome impact and a cornering capability as well as TOP Drove tail lights. Notwithstanding the welcome impact, these proposition dynamic markers and accompany a red beautifying strip between the back lights. Electric rear end activity is additionally included as standard. The superior DCC In addition to Dynamic Case Control with a significantly more extensive change range than before is accessible as a choice. The Sportline variation can be requested with all powertrains presented for the second Kodiaq age, remembering the Kodiaq iV fitting for half and half.
Explicit Plan Choice: Sportline
In the inside, the ongoing top model of the enormous Škoda SUV's subsequent age includes the particular Sportline Plan Determination. This incorporates sports seats with coordinated headrests and dark Suedia microfibre upholstery with dim differentiation sewing. The driver's seat is electrically movable as standard and accompanies a memory capability. Like a large portion of the inside, the main event is done in lively dark. The cushion on the instrument board, the entryway embeds and the middle armrest are shrouded in dark Suedia, which is restrictive to Sportline Plan Choice. Visual differentiations are given by dim X-molded sewing as well as metal-look beautiful trim strips on the dashboard and in the entryway embeds, where they are supplemented by an Exceptional Dull Chrome outline. The Škoda Kodiaq Sportline accompanies a 3-talked multifunction sports controlling wheel with dark sewing and furthermore bears a Sportline identification. The front entryway ledges include Kodiaq lettering. Like different models in the series, the Kodiaq Sportline supplements the 10-inch Virtual Cockpit with a standard unsupported 10-inch infotainment screen. This shows a Sportline invite logo when the driver enters the vehicle. The bigger, unattached 13-inch infotainment show is alternatively accessible as a feature of the Innovation 13" bundle.

Powertrains: More manageable than any time in recent memory with module and gentle cross breed innovation, a first for the Kodiaq
The second-age Kodiaq grandstands a flexible scope of present day and exceptionally productive motors that incorporates both petroleum and diesel choices. Interestingly, the Kodiaq is additionally accessible with half breed innovation. The module cross breed powertrain for the Kodiaq iV offers a framework result of 150 kW (204 hp) and an all-electric scope of in excess of 100 kilometers on the WLTP cycle. Gentle mixture innovation comes in the passage level 1.5 TSI with 110 kW (150 hp). A 2.0 TSI petroleum unit with 150 kW (204 hp) and two 2.0 TDI diesels with 110 kW (150 hp) and 142 kW (193 hp) individually complete the reach. The top petroleum motor and top diesel accompany all-wheel drive as standard, and all motors are mated to a DSG transmission.
Kodiaq iV purposes the most recent module half and half powertrain
Škoda is involving the most recent cycle of its module crossover powertrain to energize the second Kodiaq age. It includes a 110 kW (150 hp) 1.5 TSI which, along with an electric engine, conveys a framework result of 150 kW (204 hp), sent to the front wheels through a 6-speed DSG. The new high-voltage battery empowers a simply electric scope of in excess of 100 kilometers on the WLTP cycle. Energizing at to 11 kW on wallboxes and AC charging focuses as well as 50 kW at DC quick charging focuses guarantees fast renewal of the battery at home or out and about. Energy is likewise recovered during slowing down. Notwithstanding the enormous battery, the Kodiaq iV offers a liberal baggage limit of 745 liters. The infotainment framework remembers various capabilities intended for the fitting for half breed adaptation - to make looks for charging stations especially simple, for instance.
Gentle half breed innovation for the 1.5 TSI, top petroleum and top diesel with all-wheel drive
Notwithstanding the Škoda Kodiaq iV, the SUV's subsequent age is accessible with two petroleum motors and two diesels, all mated to a 7-speed DSG. The passage level 1.5 TSI petroleum model with 110 kW (150 hp) is the main in the reach to highlight gentle half breed innovation utilizing a 48-volt belt-driven starter-generator and a 48-volt lithium-particle battery. Energy recuperated during slowing down can uphold the gas powered motor with an electric power help or permit the SUV to drift with the motor totally turned off. Both half breed motors have a place with the most recent EA 211 evo2 motor series. Working on the eco-friendly Mill operator cycle, they are outfitted with a turbocharger that utilizes variable turbine math. The 1.5 TSI motor, with incorporated gentle crossover innovation, likewise includes most recent age dynamic chamber innovation (ACT+). The two 2.0 TDI diesel variations convey results of 110 kW (150 hp) and 142 kW (193 hp).