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Mercedes-Benz GLE 53 AMG Hybrid Coupe 2024

With the new Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Cross breed 4MATIC+ as a SUV and as Car the exhibition and sports vehicle brand from Affalterbach is enhancing the model portfolio with a module half and half with an elevated degree of ordinary use and long electric reach."With the GLE 53 Cross breed as a SUV and roadster, we offer a one of a kind blend of deftness, driving delight and simply electric reach. Notwithstanding our superior execution arranged E Execution half and half vehicles, these two GLE developments structure an extra support point in our future-situated portfolio. This implies we are extending our expansive model reach to incorporate another alluring drive train variation and are tending to new objective gatherings." Michael Schiebe, Executive of the Administration Leading body of Mercedes-AMG GmbH and Head of Specialty Units Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Mercedes-Maybach
The reason for the lively driving experience is the 3.0-liter inline six-chamber super motor. For use in the half and half, the motor known from the traditional GLE was widely adjusted once more. At 330 kW (449 hp), it presently delivers 10 kW (14 hp) more than previously. The update measures incorporate reconstructed programming and an extra nose cooler. The electric extra blower could be excluded in the half and half variation in light of the fact that the electric engine assumes control over its errands like electrical supporting. The outcome: The 3.0-liter motor responds very precipitously and offers profoundly powerful reaction.
The in-line six-chamber is joined with a 100-kW electric engine, a foothold battery with 31.2 kWh limit and the completely factor AMG Execution 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive. The powerful thickness of the half breed power unit is accomplished by the forever energized inside rotor coordinated innovation. The electric engine's greatest force of 480 Nm is accessible from the principal insurgency and guarantees high dexterity in any event, while beginning off.The framework result of 400 kW (544 hp) and the most extreme framework force of 750 Nm empower noteworthy driving execution: speed increase from stop to 100 km/h requires 4.7 seconds. The drive just finishes at an electronically restricted speed of 250 km/h. Up to 140 km/h are conceivable simply electrically. With an electric scope of 80-86 kilometers (SUV) and 82-87 kilometers (Car) as indicated by WLTP, most regular distances can be covered simply electrically. A charger with 11 kW charging power is ready for accusing of rotating current. What's more, a 60 kW DC quick charger for direct current is accessible upon demand. This permits the battery to be charged from 10% to 80% charge in 20 minutes or less.
Upgraded look and crossover explicit plan components
The new Mercedes-AMG 53 Half breed 4MATIC+ takes on the various plan and gear changes to the expectedly fueled GLE models that have been accessible since Spring 2023. Also, the module half breed can be perceived by exceptional plan components all around. The cooling air inflow coordinated into the focal point of the front gatekeeper is open, as an extra nose cooler is situated here. Half breed explicit identifications on the front bumpers and back show the electric drive. The GLE 53 Crossover 4MATIC+ comes standard with 21-inch light amalgam wheels. The AMG elite execution slowing mechanism has inside ventilated brake plates estimating 400x38 millimeters on the front pivot with six-cylinder fixed calipers and 370x32 millimeters on the back hub with single-cylinder drifting calipers.
Inside, the MBUX infotainment framework incorporates half breed explicit shows and works. These remember the charging menu and showcases for the instrument group and on the mixed media screen, which give data about, in addition to other things, the charging status and temperature of the great voltage battery as well as the electric reach.
Broadly overhauled standard hardware
The new Mercedes-AMG 53 Mixture 4MATIC+ takes on the contribution rationale of the AMG GLE 53 series, which unequivocally answers habitually communicated client demands. The SUV's standard hardware as of now incorporates, in addition to other things, the electric all encompassing sunroof, warmed front seats, the versatile high bar partner and cell phone mix. Moreover, the switchable AMG execution exhaust framework, the Burmester® sound framework, the memory bundle, the 360-degree stopping pilot, the KEYLESS GO bundle and the vulnerable side aide are ready as standard. There is additionally the most recent age of the AMG execution directing wheel. The round AMG controlling wheel fastens additionally dazzle with their splendid showcases and natural working rationale. This permits you to control significant driving capabilities and all driving projects without taking your hands off the directing wheel. The guiding wheel edge can be alternatively warmed and can likewise be requested in a carbon look. The standard gear on the roadster is much greater: cooling for the front seats, the MBUX expanded reality capability and MULTIBEAM Drove headlights are likewise standard.
The AMG RIDE CONTROL air suspension with versatile damping was uniquely evolved and custom fitted to the prerequisites of the GLE 53 Half breed 4MATIC+ with new equipment and programming. It offers a decent blend of satisfactory acoustic protection for simply electric driving in mix with an exceptionally lively person ordinary of AMG.

Notwithstanding new uninvolved stabilizers on the front and back axles, the half breed has new stop cradles in the front swaggers and totally new dampers on the back pivot. The product has likewise been totally reinvented. The tuning of the undercarriage, ESP®, the completely factor AMG Execution 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive and the directing, which is adjusted precisely to the mixture drive, empowers a decent and safe, yet in addition dynamic and sure driving experience.
AMG driving projects offer a far reaching driving experience
From proficient to dynamic: The AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving projects are customized exactly to the drive innovation of the module half breed. They change significant boundaries, for example, the reaction of the drive and transmission, the directing trademark, the skeleton damping or the sound. Of course, the electric 53 model beginnings quietly in the "Electric" driving project when the electric engine is turned on. The "Prepared" symbol in the instrument group flags that the vehicle is prepared to drive.
Notwithstanding the notable driving projects "Solace", "Game", Sport+", "Perfection" and "Person" there are two crossover explicit driving projects in the new Mercedes-AMG 53 Half breed 4MATIC+. With "Electric", simply electric driving happens from a stop up to 140 km/h. On the off chance that the battery is unfilled or the driver out of nowhere demands more power (for example for a speedy surpassing move), the canny working procedure switches consequently: the burning motor begins and momentarily takes once again the drive power.
In the "Battery Hold" driving project, the ignition motor and electric engine run at a greatest increase in around 25%, as in the "Solace" driving system. The greatest contrast: the working methodology keeps the battery charge level steady. For instance, in the event that the battery is at 75% charge, it will stay here if the "Battery Hold" it is chosen to drive program. The utilization of the electric engine is then restricted and upgraded for low energy utilization, which is repaid by recovery. By basically changing the driving system, drivers can choose when they need to completely utilize the battery charge once more, for instance for ghetto traffic.
While driving simply electrically, the legitimately required Acoustic Vehicle Adjusting Framework cautions the environmental factors of the presentation crossover's methodology. A uniquely created, low-recurrence and speed-tweaked AMG sound is heard. This is communicated to the outside by means of a speaker at the front and a soundbar with two speakers at the back. A piece of the sound can likewise be heard cautiously in the inside as acoustic criticism for travelers. In the European Association, the framework is dynamic up to 20 km/h. The electric driving sign then, at that point, becomes dim amicably.