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Lexus LF-ZL Concept 2023

The LF-ZL stands as the future flagship luxury model for Lexus, designed to provide a prestigious ownership experience that goes beyond the mere vehicle.It operates on the next-generation BEV architecture and incorporates software advancements from the cutting-edge Arene OS. Leveraging the flexibility of BEV-specific packaging and optimizing interior space, the LF-ZL boasts a spacious and tranquil cabin where traditional Omotenashi features are elevated through technology, promising an unprecedented mobility experience.

With the full capabilities of the Arene OS at its disposal, Lexus has implemented advanced information integration that learns and anticipates the driver's needs, resulting in a personalized mobility experience. Furthermore, it introduces a new layer of experiential value by facilitating interaction with various societal infrastructure and services. Through the concept of "Interactive Reality in Motion," the car's onboard sensors collaborate with digital data from the surroundings. As drivers point to objects or places of interest during their journey, the car's display promptly provides information accompanied by voice guidance, enhancing the connection between occupants and their environment.

The incorporation of big data enables the management of the charging process and power supply, allowing the vehicle to seamlessly connect to the network and become an integral part of societal infrastructure even when parked. This comprehensive approach ensures the smooth integration of mobility solutions with the customer's lifestyle.

Key Specifications for the LF-ZL:

  • Length: 5,300 mm
  • Width: 2,020 mm
  • Height: 1,700 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3,350 mm