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Volvo EM90 (2024)

Living in today's fast-paced world, where demands and obligations abound, carving out time for life itself can be challenging.
Volvo introduces the fully electric EM90 premium MPV, designed to create a space for living amidst the hustle and bustle. This vehicle offers an oasis for connection, contemplation, and relaxation—a sanctuary to spend quality time with loved ones and enhance one's life.
Beyond the expected Volvo standards of iconic Scandinavian design, 96 years of safety heritage, ultimate comfort, and cutting-edge technology, the EM90 takes premium experience to the next level.
Volvo Cars CEO, Jim Rowan, emphasized the inspiration behind EM90: "It's an age-old cliché, but there really is no place like home—a place to connect, be yourself, and find solace. It's this sense of home that inspired our new EM90, a car with room for life."
The EM90 aims to redefine style in the MPV segment, offering a mobile living room with Scandinavian design details for a truly premium experience. The exterior boasts a confident appearance with the iconic Thor's Hammer headlights, and a unique touch is added with an illuminated front featuring the first-ever illuminated Volvo logo.
The rear of the EM90 stands out with a lit-up wordmark and stylish rear light design, evolving the iconic Volvo vertical tail lamps. Inspired by modern city skylines, the tail lamp signatures extend upward and downward, creating a visual representation of the core horizon line.

Available in four exterior colors inspired by the interplay between nature and light, the EM90 provides a visually stunning and warm aesthetic.
As a fully electric car, the EM90 boasts a competitive range of up to 738 kilometers, a 116 kWh battery, and quick charging, reaching 10-80% in under 30 minutes. With a powerful 200kW e-motor, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds.
Notably, the EM90 supports bi-directional charging, allowing its battery to function as a power bank for other electric cars and appliances. Equipped with advanced safety features and Volvo's 96 years of safety DNA, it prioritizes the well-being of everyone in and around the car.
Comfort is paramount inside the EM90, with top-notch sound isolation, road noise cancellation technology, dual chamber air suspension, and silent tires ensuring a smooth ride. A premium sound system from Bowers & Wilkins, featuring 21 speakers, transforms the car into a private concert hall on wheels.
The EM90's cutting-edge technology extends to the cockpit, powered by Snapdragon® Cockpit Platforms and 5G connectivity, delivering an outstanding digital experience. A voice assistant, showcased in a refreshed Volvo avatar on the 15.4-inch infotainment screen, makes interaction interactive and enjoyable.
An additional 15.6-inch roof-mounted screen offers entertainment options for passengers, supporting mobile screen projection and various third-party apps. This multi-functional set of screens and smart surfaces allows users to transform the interior into a theater, meeting room, or bedroom with a simple command.
With over-the-air software updates, a digital key, and remote functions via the Volvo Cars app, the EM90 ensures continuous improvement and user-friendly control. In Jim Rowan's words, "The Volvo EM90 gives you room to connect, room to create, room to relax—an electric car that enriches your life and the lives of those around you."