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Citroen e-Berlingo 2024

Citroën is unveiling the latest iteration of its beloved Berlingo model, pushing boundaries and elevating the driving experience to new heights.
Sporting a contemporary, expressive design highlighted by a fresh front end, the Berlingo now delivers a driving experience reminiscent of upscale sedans, boasting enhanced comfort, advanced technology, and driving pleasure. Catering perfectly to the needs of active individuals and families, the Berlingo is now more comfortable than ever, thanks to Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats, cutting-edge infotainment systems, and seamless connectivity. Despite these upgrades, the Berlingo retains its hallmark practicality and versatility, accommodating up to seven passengers effortlessly.
As the pioneer of the leisure van concept, Citroën has consistently provided its customers with robust vehicles that adapt to their diverse lifestyles. The Berlingo's success lies in its adaptability and user-friendly design, evolving over time to offer improved comfort, style, and functionality. Renowned for its spacious interior, innovative architecture, and practical features, the Berlingo remains a benchmark in its segment, empowering families, professionals, and adventurers alike to embrace life's myriad experiences with confidence and ease.
In Europe, the Berlingo is exclusively available in an electric variant, featuring an extended range of up to 320 km (WLTP combined cycle) enabled by a new 50 kWh LFP battery. Ideal for environmentally conscious customers, the electric Berlingo caters to those residing in suburban or provincial areas with convenient access to home charging, offering an economical and eco-friendly driving solution. The exterior design reflects Citroën's contemporary aesthetic, with a redesigned front end exuding power and modernity, highlighted by striking details such as the brand's signature light signature and distinctive grille.
Inside, the Berlingo welcomes passengers with a refined, ergonomic interior, showcasing a spacious dashboard, intuitive controls, and premium finishes. The introduction of Citroën Advanced Comfort Seats® enhances passenger comfort, complemented by three individual rear seats that offer exceptional modularity. The Berlingo's practicality is further accentuated by features like the Modutop® multifunction roof and opening rear window, ensuring effortless usability for everyday tasks and adventures.

Connectivity and driver assistance technologies take center stage in the new Berlingo, with intuitive infotainment systems and a plethora of advanced safety features enhancing the driving experience. From wireless smartphone charging to adaptive cruise control, the Berlingo offers a comprehensive suite of amenities designed to simplify and enrich every journey.
Powering the Berlingo is a range of versatile powertrains, including the extended-range ë-Berlingo variant equipped with a powerful electric motor and innovative regenerative braking system. With rapid recharge capabilities and efficient performance, the ë-Berlingo delivers peace of mind and reliability for both short trips and long journeys, further augmented by the e-ROUTES application for seamless navigation and charging management.
In addition to the electric version, the new Berlingo is available with a range of diesel and petrol engines, catering to diverse customer preferences worldwide. Whether navigating city streets or embarking on cross-country adventures, the Berlingo remains a steadfast companion, embodying Citroën's commitment to innovation, comfort, and practicality.