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Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology 2025

Introducing the all-new Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology: the brand's first fully electric variant of its iconic off-road vehicle.This model perfectly blends tradition with progress, maintaining the G-Class’s distinctive angular silhouette and iconic features. Built on a reinforced ladder frame to integrate the electric drive, the electric G-Class retains its rugged character with independent front suspension and a newly developed rigid rear axle. Its high-voltage lithium-ion battery, with a usable capacity of 116 kWh, ensures a low center of gravity and provides a range of up to 473 kilometers according to WLTP.

"Throughout its more than 45-year history, the G-Class has always utilized the most modern drive technology available. It is entirely fitting that the innovative drive concept with four individually controlled electric motors raises the legendary performance of our off-road icon to a new level. It even retains that familiar angular silhouette and is true to the character of our beloved 'Geländewagen'," said Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Chief Technology Officer.
### The All-New Electric G-Class Sets Off-Road Standards
Equipped with four individually controlled electric motors near the wheels, the G580 develops a maximum total output of 432 kW. Combined with selectable LOW RANGE off-road gear reduction, it offers unique driving characteristics and functions, including G-TURN for tight on-the-spot turns and G-STEERING for a smaller turning circle off-road. The three-speed intelligent off-road crawl function maintains optimum propulsion, allowing the driver to focus on navigating difficult terrain.
The G580 offers a gradeability of up to 100% on suitable surfaces and remains stable on sideways slopes of up to 35 degrees. It boasts a maximum fording depth of 850 millimeters, outperforming its conventionally powered counterparts by 150 millimeters. Virtual differential locks using intelligent torque vectoring enhance its off-road prowess. The G-ROAR feature provides a unique sound experience, including a characteristic G-Class-specific driving sound and various event sounds.
### Iconic Design with a Modern Twist
The electric G-Class retains its recognizable design, with a new electric look including an optional black-panel radiator grille, a slightly raised bonnet, air curtains in the rear wheel-arch flares, and a design box on the rear. These features, along with new A-pillar cladding and a spoiler lip on the roof, improve aerodynamics.
### Premium Features and Digital Enhancements
Standard equipment includes the MBUX infotainment system, a multifunction steering wheel in nappa leather, and ambient lighting. Optional extras include KEYLESS-GO, temperature-controlled cup holders, the Burmester® 3D surround sound system, and a "transparent bonnet." The redesigned off-road control unit and new OFFROAD COCKPIT enhance the digital off-road experience. The limited-edition EDITION ONE model offers additional standard features and exclusive design elements.
### Availability and Pricing
The all-new Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology starts at 142,621.50 euros, with the EDITION ONE priced at 192,524.15 euros.
### Advanced Electric Drive

With four individually controlled electric motors close to the wheels, the G580 offers exceptional driving characteristics. Each motor delivers a peak output of 108 kW, for a total of 432 kW and a maximum torque of 1,164 Nm. The innovative drive system allows the G580 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds, with a top speed electronically limited to 180 km/h. Torque vectoring technology provides precise torque distribution, enhancing traction and maneuverability on challenging terrain.
### High-Performance Battery
The high-voltage lithium-ion battery, housed in a steel ladder frame, ensures a low center of gravity and increased vehicle rigidity. With a usable capacity of 116 kWh, it offers a range of up to 473 kilometers. The battery's robust casing protects it from water and dirt, making the G580 suitable for demanding off-road conditions.
### Efficient Charging and Recuperation
The G580 supports both AC and DC charging, with a maximum AC charging capacity of 11 kW and a DC fast-charging capacity of up to 200 kW, allowing a 10-80% charge in approximately 32 minutes. It features three charging programs—Standard, Work, and Home—with customizable parameters. The recuperative drive system converts kinetic energy into electrical energy when coasting and braking, with adjustable recuperation levels for optimal energy recovery.
### Comprehensive Safety
Mercedes-Benz's multi-stage high-voltage protection concept ensures the safety of the battery and high-voltage components, including a self-monitoring system that automatically switches off in the event of a serious collision.
The all-new Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology marks a significant advancement in electric off-road vehicles, combining the legendary performance and ruggedness of the G-Class with cutting-edge electric drive technology.### Special Underbody Protection
Underbody protection is crucial for any off-road vehicle, and the all-new electric G-Class is no exception. This protection ensures the battery remains unharmed during ground strikes and shields vital components from damage caused by stones, dust, and sand. The development of the skid plate prioritized high levels of protection, crash behavior, aerodynamics, and aeroacoustics.
The underbody protection for the electric G-Class features an intelligent material mix, including carbon, which enhances rigidity compared to steel or aluminum alternatives. This mix also provides long-lasting corrosion protection and weight savings. The 26-millimeter-thick underbody panel weighs 57.6 kilograms and is secured to the ladder frame with over 50 steel screws. A similar steel component would be approximately three times heavier. Additionally, a one-millimeter layer of stone-chip protection is applied to the underside.
### ECO Assistant for Electric Driving
The ECO Assistant utilizes navigation data to optimize driving efficiency. It helps adapt the driving style to minimize energy consumption and maximize recuperation by recognizing upcoming events like roundabouts, sharp turns, speed limits, and other vehicles. As the electric G-Class approaches these events, the ECO Assistant calculates the optimal speed and prompts the driver to adjust the accelerator pedal. The system automatically selects the ideal recuperation level to recover energy according to the situation.
### Navigation with Electric Intelligence
Navigation with Electric Intelligence plans the fastest and most convenient routes, including charging stops, by calculating energy requirements based on factors like topography, route, ambient temperature, speed, and climate control needs. It dynamically adjusts for traffic jams or changes in driving style and allows customization of the planned route.
The system considers available charging stations, their capacities, payment functions, and estimated costs. It optimizes charging stops to minimize overall journey time and automatically adjusts the vehicle's charging settings for fast charging. Drivers can add favorite charging stations or exclude suggested ones. MBUX indicates whether the battery capacity is sufficient to return to the starting point without charging.
If there is a risk of not reaching the destination or a charging station, active range monitoring recommends activating ECO driving functions and calculates the exact speed required to reach the next charging station or destination. The "Range" menu allows drivers to extend the range by switching off various energy consumers and activating ECO driving functions for more efficient driving.
### Suspension and Transmission
The electric G-Class retains the off-road capabilities of the G-Class while advancing into electric mobility. It features a modified and reinforced ladder frame, double-wishbone independent front suspension, and a rigid rear axle with a completely redeveloped De Dion design. The electric motors are attached to the ladder frame and connected to the wheels via dual-joint shafts, ensuring consistent camber during compression. Double-universal-joint driveshafts transmit propulsion and incorporate sliding joints to equalize length.
Key off-road qualities include:- Up to 100% gradeability on suitable surfaces- Ground clearance of at least 250 mm between the axles- Maximum fording depth of 850 mm for water and mud- Stable driving on side slopes up to 35°- Approach angle of 32° and departure angle of 30.7°- Breakover angle of 20.3°
The electric G-Class comes standard with adaptive adjustable damping, enhancing off-road confidence by compensating for uneven ground. The system continuously regulates damper characteristics based on the driving situation, reducing body movements. The components are designed to withstand extreme conditions like surging water, stone chipping, and dirt.
### ELECTRIC DYNAMIC SELECT: Additional Driving Programme for Efficiency
The all-new electric G-Class features ELECTRIC DYNAMIC SELECT, allowing drivers to adjust vehicle characteristics at the touch of a button. This system changes the parameters of the motors, transmission, suspension, ESP®, and steering. Drivers can choose between "Comfort," "Sport," and "Individual" on-road driving programs. "Comfort" is the default setting, optimizing energy consumption by directing propulsion primarily to one axle. "Trail" and "Rock" off-road driving programs are also available via the ELECTRIC DYNAMIC SELECT switch.
### LOW RANGE: Off-Road Gear Reduction
The electric G-Class includes a switchable LOW RANGE off-road gear reduction. Each motor near the wheel has its own transmission, centrally shifted, ensuring motor independence. This setup features an off-road reduction ratio suitable for difficult terrain, maximizing torque and managing temperature smoothly. The HIGH RANGE on-road setting is also available for maximum range.
In the "Rock" driving program, the LOW RANGE off-road gear reduction can be activated via a switch in the off-road control unit. This activates a 2:1 reduction ratio, increasing drive torque for powerful performance on rough terrain. Top speed is restricted to 85 km/h, and the intelligent off-road crawl function is automatically active.
### Exclusive Off-Road Functions and Unique Sound Experience
The all-new electric G-Class features exclusive functions for off-road driving, thanks to its innovative drive concept.
- **G-TURN**: Enables the vehicle to turn almost on the spot by rotating the wheels in opposite directions, useful for maneuvering around obstacles.- **G-STEERING**: Reduces the turning circle by controlling the drive torque at individual wheels, helpful in tight spaces.- **Intelligent Off-Road Crawl Function**: Maintains a pre-set speed on loose surfaces, acting like cruise control for off-road driving. It can be overridden with the brake or accelerator pedal if needed.
The electric G-Class also offers a unique sound experience called G-ROAR, inspired by the model family's V8 sounds. The sound varies with the driving program, from restrained in "Comfort" to powerful and emotional in "Sport." G-ROAR includes "aura" sounds when approaching or leaving the vehicle and "event" sounds for actions like closing the doors or starting the motors.
### New OFFROAD COCKPIT and "Transparent Bonnet"
The new OFFROAD COCKPIT provides an overview of essential data for off-road driving on the driver and media displays. It includes functions like an artificial horizon, compass, altitude, steering angle, torque, tire pressure, and temperature.
The "transparent bonnet" feature, activated via the 360° camera, offers a virtual view under the front of the vehicle, combining images from the front and exterior mirror cameras. This helps drivers navigate obstacles and assess difficult terrain that might be obscured by the vehicle's angle.
### Design and Equipment
The all-new electric G-Class maintains the iconic angular silhouette of the model series, with familiar details like distinctive door handles and wing-mounted indicators. The front view features classic round headlights and a radiator grille with four horizontal louvres. Optional features include a black-panel radiator grille and animated LED light bands.
Adaptive MULTIBEAM LED headlights and aerodynamically optimized 18-inch alloy wheels are standard. The electric G-Class also features unique design elements for improved aerodynamics and acoustic comfort.
The interior combines high-quality materials with classic G-Class design elements, such as square-edged air vents and a passenger grab handle. Standard features include open-pore natural walnut wood trim, a multifunction steering wheel in nappa leather, ambient lighting, and leather upholstery. The MBUX infotainment system with a 12.3-inch driver and media display is also standard, offering intuitive operation, adaptive software, and a dialogue-capable voice assistant.
### Optional Features and Personalization
Optional features enhance comfort and convenience, including temperature-controlled cupholders, wireless charging, and MBUX high-end rear-seat entertainment. The KEYLESS-GO system allows for easy locking, unlocking, and starting of the vehicle. A dashcam and the Burmester® 3D surround-sound system are also available.
The AMG Line and Night Package add sporty and expressive design elements, while the EXCLUSIVE Line Interior and SUPERIOR Line Interior offer luxurious features like nappa leather upholstery, ambient lighting, and advanced seating options.
The MANUFAKTUR range allows for extensive personalization, with over a million possible combinations of colors, materials, and design elements. The EDITION ONE special model, available at launch, includes exclusive features and design elements, such as unique paint finishes, blue trim details, and comprehensive standard equipment.### Exclusive Vehicle Handover at the Birthplace of the G-Class
Since 2023, G-Class customers have been able to enjoy an unforgettable day at the G-Class Experience Centre in Graz when collecting their vehicles from the factory. The experience takes place on a 100,000-square-metre site at a former airbase, where customers can test the versatility of the G-Class on both on- and off-road courses using specially provided vehicles. The day also includes a tour of the MAGNA Steyr production facility, offering fascinating insights into the manufacturing process. The highlight is the vehicle handover: the new G-Class is presented in a glass cube, followed by a detailed vehicle briefing. The package for two includes an exclusive dinner, an overnight stay in a central Graz hotel with breakfast, and a personal shuttle service. To book a G-Class factory delivery, customers should contact their authorized Mercedes-Benz sales partner.
### Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in the All-New Electric G-Class
The all-new electric G-Class is equipped with numerous advanced assistance and safety systems as standard, leveraging sensors, cameras, and radar to monitor traffic and surroundings, thus significantly relieving the driver in many everyday situations.
**Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC:** This system helps maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front, automatically adjusting speed to slower traffic. It also handles stationary vehicles, automatic restarts, and speed adjustments, particularly useful in flowing and slow-moving traffic. It can reduce speed before bends, junctions, roundabouts, toll stations, and exits, and then accelerate again.
**Active Steering Assist:** This system provides moderate steering interventions to help drivers stay in their lane at speeds up to 160 km/h, reducing stress on monotonous routes.
**Active Brake Assist:** Using sensors to detect potential collisions with vehicles ahead or crossing, this system can warn the driver visually and acoustically. It can increase braking force if the driver's braking is insufficient and initiate emergency braking if necessary.
**Active Emergency Stop Assist:** If the driver is inactive for a prolonged period, this system brakes the vehicle to a standstill in its lane. Final warnings include brief seatbelt tensioning and a brake jolt before applying the brakes.
**Active Lane Keeping Assist:** Using a camera to detect lane markings, this system helps prevent unintentional lane departure. It can also intervene with steering and warnings if there's a risk of collision with adjacent vehicles.
**Active Blind Spot Assist:** This system provides visual warnings of potential side collisions at speeds around 10 km/h and audible warnings when the indicator is activated. The exit warning function alerts to passing vehicles or bicycles when stationary.

**ATTENTION ASSIST:** Recognizing signs of driver fatigue and inattention, this system enhances road safety, particularly during night and long journeys. It alerts the driver visually and acoustically to take breaks when necessary.
**Parking Package with 360° Camera:** This package supports parking and maneuvering with a virtual overhead view showing the vehicle's position on the media display. Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC provides visual and acoustic cues, assisting with reverse parking and recognizing suitable spaces at speeds up to 35 km/h.
**PRE-SAFE® System:** This system detects critical driving situations early and initiates protective measures like reversible belt tensioning and automatic closing of open windows or the sliding roof. The front passenger seat can also adjust to a safer position in a crash.

**PRE-SAFE® Sound:** In dangerous situations, this system emits a noise through the speakers to trigger a natural protective reflex in the ear, dampening the connection between the eardrum and inner ear.
**Traffic Sign Assist:** This system monitors speed regulations and reminds the driver of them, recognizing both conventional speed limit signs and those on gantries and in roadworks.