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BMW 120d - 2005

The BMW 1 Series (code name E87) is a compact car / small family car produced by the German automaker BMW. Designed to compete against the Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf, the 1 Series is the only vehicle in its class featuring rear-wheel drive and a longitudinally-mounted engine.
The 1 Series was first offered to the market in 2004 as a 5-door hatchback. It replaced the BMW Compact range and is currently the smallest and most affordable vehicle in the BMW range. Unlike its predecessor, the new vehicle is built on its own platform (E87), however, it shares many components with the E90 3 Series. These include MacPherson struts in the front of the car, and a trapezoidal-link rear axle.

The 1 Series is built in Regensburg, Germany, with some of the engines coming from the Hams Hall plant in Birmingham, England.
During its first full year on the market in 2005, it became one of BMW's most successful products. 149,493 units were sold, coming in third place: only the 3- and 5 Series sold better.
The engines available for E87 are basically the same as found in the E90/E91, with exception for the 3.0 L inline-6, which is slightly modified to produce more power. The engines below are preceded by their model year introduction.
In early 2006 the 5-speed manual transmission in the 116i and 118i, were phased out. Consequently, all models are equipped with the 6-speed by default.
Petrol engines:
2004- 116i: N45B16 1596 cc I4, 16 valves, 115 hp/85 kW, 150 Nm
2005- 118i: N46B20 1995 cc I4, 16 valves, 129 hp/95 kW, 180 Nm
2004- 120i: N46B20 1995 cc I4, 16 valves, 150 hp/110 kW, 200 Nm
2006- 130i: N52B30 2996 cc I6, 24 valves, 265 hp/195 kW, 315 Nm
Diesel engines:
2004- 118d: M47TU2D20 1995 cc I4, 16 valves, 122 hp/90 kW, 280 Nm
2004- 120d: M47TU2D20 1995 cc I4, 16 valves, 163 hp/120 kW, 340 Nm
Sales statistics according to BMW.
2004: 39,247 (Launched in September)
2005: 149,493