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BMW 320d Touring - 2005

The E90 automobile platform is the fifth and latest generation of BMW's 3 Series entry-level luxury car / compact executive car. It replaced the E46 sedan and touring models in 2005. The E90's dimensions are larger than its predecessor's in every aspect, and for the first time since the E21, the volume model 320i uses an Inline-4 engine. However, despite the change for the sedan and touring models, the current 3 series coupé, M3, and cabriolet variants are still based upon the E46.

First offered to the market in March 2005, it had quickly become BMW Group's best selling automobile worldwide by the end of the year with 229,900 vehicles delivered.
E46 comparison
The E90 sedan is 49 mm longer than the E46 equivalent, 78 mm wider, 9 mm taller and the wheelbase has been increased by 35 mm. As a result, the current 3 Series is only slightly smaller than a 5 Series from the 1980s.
Despite the increased dimensions, the E90 is actually lighter than the E46, which can be attributed to a number of factors. Large amounts of aluminum were used to construct the front-end, evident on parts such as the axle being created entirely of the substance, and the engine which uses that and magnesium where possible rather than traditional materials. The current 320i is powered by further development of the old E46 318i (143 hp) engine. Comparing these two vehicles, the E90 is approximately 35 kg lighter (1435 vs. 1470). The differences are even greater when comparing the E90 325i (European version) and the E46 325i. The E90 is weighs 1505 kg and uses a 218 hp (160 kW) engine, while the E46 weighs 1570 kg and is propelled by 192 hp (141 kW). The new engine, however, needs to rev higher in order to achieve maximum output (6500 rpm instead of 6000).
Other novelties includes the six-speed manual transmission, intended to reduce fuel consumption, and the run-flat tires, which, according to BMW, allows the vehicle to maintain control and continue in case of punctuation (for a limited stretch with moderate speed). Consequently, the car is not equipped with a spare wheel.

In April 2006, the E90 received the World Car of the Year award 2006 from a jury of 46 international automotive journalists. The car was praised for its excellent balance between performance and practicality, as well as between style and seriousness. The jury were also impressed by the new diesel engines and the all wheel drive variants.