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2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible

The new 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 offers the maximum strength and refinement ever for a Ford SVT-tuned overall performance Mustang - and some surprises, too.

"The 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 demonstrates Ford's persevering with dedication to high-overall performance vehicles," stated Derrick Kuzak, Ford organization vice president, Global Product Development. "In addition to the severa overall performance and refinement enhancements internal and out, the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is an anticipated 2 miles in line with gallon extra gasoline green at the motorway."

"We're pleased with the various improvements that have been advanced mutually via way of means of the Ford and Shelby Automobiles group remaining yr that we have got now included into the brand new 2010 Shelby GT500," stated Carroll Shelby, founding father of Shelby Automobiles. "Building on what we found out to create the Shelby GT500KR, this new automobile gives a notable mixture of strength, managing and braking. It is virtually a unique automobile that could be a notable deal of amusing to force."

Ford's Special Vehicle Team used the profits made at the fortieth anniversary edition Shelby GT500KR "King of the Road" Mustangs because the overall performance place to begin and constructed from there. The layout group, with a nod to the unique Shelby Cobras from the 1960s, takes the ones layout cues even in addition with nuanced enhancements in each the coupe and convertible, every of which boasts a extra-subtle indoors.

"Working collectively at the KR, the Ford and Shelby groups advanced new structures to constantly enhance the enduring Mustang," said Amy Boylan, president of Shelby Automobiles. "Those training found out are included into the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. This method will assist hold Mustang's management role on the the front of the percent and make the possession enjoy even extra enjoyable.""The muscle automobile section is turning into even extra competitive," stated Jamal Hameedi, leader nameplate engineer for SVT. "We want to uphold the Mustang badge with honor, the Shelby badge with honor and most significantly the Ford badge with honor. The 2010 GT500 is the automobile so as to do all of that."

More horsepower, extra refinement, extra capability

The mixture of introduced horsepower, refinement and capability makes the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 a completely unique high-overall performance automobile. The 2010 Shelby GT500 offers extra horsepower and extra torque than the outgoing version, thank you in component to improvements pioneered at the GT500KR.

The 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is powered via way of means of a supercharged and intercooled 5.four-liter twin overhead cam V-eight engine predicted to supply 540 horsepower and 510 foot-kilos of torque. The redline is 6,250 rpm. The automobile's aluminum strength dome hood now no longer most effective provides to the Shelby's appearance, it facilitates cool the engine via a hood extractor.

The Shelby's open-detail air induction gadget functions a conical air clear out out as opposed to a flat-panel closed gadget to lessen air restriction. This method permits extra air to be pumped via the engine, generating extra strength and growing the engine's performance.

A cold-air consumption feeds the best air feasible at once into the air box, supporting in addition growth horsepower. The consumption necessitated shifting the Cobra snake badge to the alternative facet of the grille to permit most airflow.

The twin-disc seize at the six-pace guide transmission has been considerably upgraded, enhancing drivability and NVH. The discs at the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 are larger - 250 mm in diameter in comparison with 215 mm in diameter at the outgoing version - and fabricated from copper and fiberglass to cause them to extra sturdy.

A precise thing of the twin-disc gadget is the manage of the intermediate disc. Rather than floating, it alternatively has six straps that manage the engagement of the seize, enhancing drivability.

The 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 gives clients stepped forward straight-line acceleration, plus gasoline financial savings while cruising at the motorway withinside the pinnacle gears. Gears 1-four continue to be the equal, however 5th tools adjustments from .eighty to .seventy four even as 6th tools is going from .sixty three to .50, that means that the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will flip decrease engine RPMs in the ones gears and supply stepped forward gasoline performance. The new very last force ratio, from 3.31 to 3.55, permits the stepped forward acceleration in decrease gears even as complementing the revised 5th and 6th tools ratios.

The Shelby's awesome sounds could be obvious as always, aleven though with new refinements, way to the paintings of the Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) group. A patented resonator positioned among the air clear out out and engine throttle frame facilitates maintain undesirable noise in check.

"You nevertheless listen the supercharger however now no longer in order that it is intrusive," stated Kerry Baldori, leader practical engineer for SVT. "It's the equal with the exhaust. You need human beings to understand you are using some thing unique, however you do not need an exhaust notice that overpowers the complete indoors.

"We spent a variety of time getting the proper sound great out of the exhaust so that you get that nice, crisp Shelby sound outdoor and a nice sound in the cabin. It's a pleasant balance; one is not overpowering the alternative."

Driving dynamics are also stepped forward, way to SVT's signature chassis tuning in addition to new 19-inch Goodyear F1 Supercar tires and solid aluminum wheels at the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 coupe and 18s at the convertible.

Spring and dampers were optimized for higher roll manage, giving clients extra self assurance while braking, accelerating or turning. The new chassis tuning takes its philosophy from the KR program, with a extra emphasis positioned on number one frame manage.

The group additionally stiffened the steerage shaft.

"All our adjustments have been approximately making the automobile to reply as speedy and as predictable as feasible," Hameedi stated. "The 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 conveys an athletic, assured experience. The shifter, seize pedal, brake-pedal efforts and typical steerage efforts are less difficult now. We desired to make certain we had a pleasant, crisp short-throw shifter that turned into clean to head from tools to tools."

The Goodyear F1 Supercar 19-inch tires were upgraded, too. SVT participants advanced a "recipe" for the attributes and traits they desired withinside the tire, which Goodyear's group of engineers, designers and producers added to life. The end result is higher grip, higher managing and higher NVH properties, main to a higher consumer enjoy.

The wheels themselves supplement the high-overall performance nature of the 2010 Shelby GT500. The 19-inch wheels are solid aluminum wheels milled on each sides. The more machining technique creates "blade" spokes with very thin, but strong, cross-sections. The spokes have a selected curve from the rim to the hub, now no longer most effective for strength, however additionally to intensify the offset and width of the tires.

The 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 functions AdvanceTrac, Ford's balance manage gadget with numerous alternatives for overall performance. The default "on" mode comprises every-day using, and a Sport mode offers for the ones trying to position the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 via its paces at the track. The gadget additionally may be grew to become absolutely off, despite the fact that the anti-lock brake gadget and different energetic protection structures continue to be in place. Standard protection system consists of: twin level the front air luggage, facet-effect air luggage and Ford's Personal Safety System.

Numerous aerodynamic upgrades, along with a redesigned splitter, have been made to the the front quit of the 2010 Shelby GT500.

"We labored tough to get as tons downforce with as little drag as feasible," Baldori stated. "We labored to seal off the air that comes withinside the the front so it cannot cross under the automobile. We spent lots time sealing additives consisting of the radiator and intercoolor to eliminate all of the leak paths.

"The end result of this evolution of aerodynamics is we have got accelerated downforce, decreased drag and stepped forward the general performance of the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500."

Directing the air so it is used maximum correctly turned into a painstaking technique that in the end could be profitable to clients. The layout of the the front fascia and the automobile's "flush" hood facilitates consciousness air flow. The pinnacle grille focuses air into the radiator, with a rubber flap in the engine compartment supporting to seal the gadget. The decrease grille facilitates cool the intercooler. SVT engineers additionally went as a ways to dam off precise diamonds withinside the the front of the 2010 Shelby GT500's unique grille to assist hold an appropriate cooling and aerodynamic balance.

A meaner, reskinned snake equipped to take to the streets

The 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is the maximum-sturdy layout and maximum-unique version of the brand new 2010 Ford Mustang lineup. "The layout we selected turned into a 'flush' hood wherein the fascia defines the whole the front of the automobile," Hameedi stated. "That's very tough to execute from an engineering standpoint, however it without a doubt units the Shelby off as very, very one-of-a-kind from the bottom Mustang."

"This epitomizes the final Mustang," introduced George Saridakis, Exterior Design supervisor of the Mustang and Shelby GT500. "It's all approximately strength and expressing strength."

Saridakis stated his group took a cue from the Shelby AC Cobra 427 with appreciate to the the front grilles, which can be gaping and seem equipped to swallow the road.

Another apparent distinction for the Shelby is the addition of racing stripes, which will also now be to be had at the convertible. "Racing stripes made their mark on 1960s-technology Ford overall performance vehicles," Hameedi notes. "That's some thing we experience is a key a part of the Shelby overall performance DNA - perhaps extra so than a number of our competition."

Rounding out the Shelby's outside changes are the precise signature coiled Cobra badges at the the front grille and the front fenders, a extra competitive the front splitter and decrease-drag rear spoiler, which introduced to stepped forward aerodynamic functions, spherical out the outside changes. "We desired the spoiler raked again aggressively to decrease drag, however we additionally have an incorporated Gurney Flap that offers the downforce," Saridakis stated.

What's internal counts with the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The base 2010 Mustang obtained a effective new indoors layout. For the GT500, the indoors layout group participants challenged themselves to elevate the bar even better to create the final Shelby Mustang indoors.

Using true substances consisting of actual leather-based in all seats, actual aluminum at the device panel and Alcantara inserts at the seats and steerage wheel gave the arrival a exactly crafted, jewel-like but practical experience. "You'll absolutely understand you are in a Shelby," stated Douglas Gaffka, Chief Designer, Shelby GT500.

The true aluminum end panels have a completely unique-to-GT500 3-dimensional dimpled texture sample stimulated via way of means of racing seize plates, braided hoses and cross-drilled racing brake rotors. The sample has been painstakingly tuned to atone for the compound curvature of the device panels. In addition, the "GT500" brand has been discretely engraved into the aluminum in the front of the passenger as a nod to traditional Shelby Mustangs of the 1960s.

This precise aluminum end panel is absolutely encapsulated via way of means of an splendid gentle seamless TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) device panel with a form that resonates with Mustang's effective heritage. The middle stack flows into the console and functions a sub-flush shifter trim ring, flush cup holder door and lockable console stowage proposing the word "SHELBY" engraved in its Satin Liquid Chrome launch button.

All 2010 Mustangs and Shelbys characteristic vivid 360-diploma jewelry surrounding the gauge cluster, uninterrupted via way of means of the steerage column. These jewelry will are available in chrome for the Mustang and a Satin Liquid Chrome end for the GT500. This end is featured in the course of the indoors. An complicated cobra is etched into the middle of the aluminum steerage wheel badge. The Shelby Cobra seems at startup at the navigation screen, and the acquainted red "SVT" brand makes use of new ambient lights to light up the door scuffplate.

"When clients force this automobile, they may be now no longer most effective going to be inspired via way of means of the overall performance and the Shelby heritage, however they may be going to peer these kind of cautiously designed information and understand they have got sold a well-crafted automobile," Saridakis stated.

Even the traditional white shift knob - an icon of Shelby Mustang DNA from years past - obtained unique attention. First, it needed to be the conventional white. It additionally needed to be precise to the Shelby. The solution turned into to mix the racing-stripes topic with the conventional "H" sample discovered on shifters to create a one-of-a-type knob. Like the outside, the racing stripes wrap from quit to quit, encircling the knob.

Wide suite of general functions at the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The 2010 Shelby GT500 consists of numerous Ford improvements and industry-different general functions, along with:

  • SYNC: The voice-activated hands-unfastened in-automobile conversation and leisure gadget advanced via way of means of Ford and Microsoft. The gadget absolutely integrates maximum Bluetooth-enabled cell telephones and virtual media players, presenting clients hands-unfastened mobileular telecellsmartphone and track choice capabilities - plus new 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report furnished with out a month-to-month fees.
  • 911 Assist: When a telecellsmartphone is well paired, grew to become on and linked to SYNC, the gadget is prepared to help in setting a name at once to a nearby 911 emergency operator withinside the occasion of an air bag-deploying coincidence. The key benefit of SYNC 911 Assist is pace, as calls are positioned at once to nearby 911 operators.
  • Vehicle Health Report (VHR): SYNC gathers applicable facts from the main automobile manage modules and programs diagnostic records right into a usable layout in a be counted of minutes. That records packet is despatched to Ford through an 800-range routinely dialed the usage of the consumer's paired and operable cell telecellsmartphone.
  • Ambient Lighting System with MyColor™ permits drivers to personalize the indoors lights of the automobile to fit their mood. The more desirable MyColor gadget functions seven base hues - ice blue, purple, blue, orange, red, white and green. Customers can also create one hundred twenty five custom hues via way of means of blending the red-green-blue palette.

Available alternatives:

  • Voice-Activated Navigation with SIRIUS Travel Link™ is an industry-main generation so as to offer customers with a completely unique, facts-wealthy in-automobile enjoy. The suite of records offerings consists of up to the moment actual-time visitors records with coincidence and incident facts for seventy eight markets, coast-to-coast climate records along with modern-day situations and five-day forecasts and gasoline rate facts for extra than 120,000 fueloline stations. SIRIUS Travel Link additionally gives sports activities rankings and schedules and a list of extra than four,500 film theaters with film times, theater addresses, film synopses and extra.

This mixture of top notch overall performance coupled with a fresh, exciting, well-crafted indoors intensely centered on enhancing the whole enjoy will make the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 even extra sought after, and a becoming addition to a protracted and proud history.