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2010 Land Rover Range Rover

Powerful new engines, superior indoors technology and stronger riding dynamics strengthen the placement of the 2010 Land Rover Range Rover as Land Rover's maximum whole luxurious all-terrain automobile. Land Rover's flagship has been comprehensively up to date to supply greater delicate and green overall performance, in conjunction with the last in indoors consolation and craftsmanship.

"The 2010 Land Rover Range Rover is a sizable leap forward for what's already seemed because the one of the international's maximum whole luxurious automobiles. New engines supply ambitious electricity, performance and standard Land Rover Range Rover refinement, and new technology, which include the 12" TFT device cluster. The 2010 Range Rover stays the benchmark and maintains to set the tempo in its segment," says Phil Popham, Land Rover Managing Director.

The 2010 Land Rover Range Rover has state-of-the-art 5.0-liter LR-V8 engines - the pinnacle of the variety 510 bhp supercharged unit, and the 375 bhp evidently aspirated model. Both engines had been advanced in-residence via way of means of the Jaguar Land Rover powertrain team, with the necessities of the Land Rover Range Rover in thoughts from day one.

The LR-V8 engines had been advanced to supply greater electricity and refinement however with out a corresponding boom in intake and emissions. The end result is a couple of light-weight direct gasoline injection engines with magnificence-main performance, which offer extensively greater usable low cease torque and advanced dynamic responses with out compromising electricity at better RPM. Both engines are compliant with stringent U.S. ULEV2 emissions regulations.

The overall performance of the all-new evidently aspirated LR-V8 is now a virtual-healthy for the outgoing 4.2L supercharged engine. The new evidently aspirated automobile completes the 0-60 mph dash in 7.2 seconds (simply 0.1 seconds off the tempo of the outgoing supercharged unit). For folks who need the last overall performance Land Rover Range Rover, there may be now the all-new LR-V8 5.0L Supercharged, that's propelled from relaxation to 60 mph in an outstanding 5.nine seconds.

The 2010 enhancements encompass diffused outside revisions, providing discrete adjustments to the headlights, grille and bumper which decorate the traditional Land Rover Range Rover layout with greater cutting-edge detailing. The indoors advantages from greater highly-priced substances and finishes which upload in addition refinements to the top class cabin ambiance.

More extensively, the 2010 Land Rover Range Rover makes use of a few modern new indoors technology which decorate the revel in for each motive force and passengers alike.

A dramatic innovation is observed withinside the device cluster. Here, conventional bodily gadgets are changed via way of means of a 12" Thin Film Transistor display screen which gives all critical motive force facts thru cleverly designed 'virtual' dials and graphical presentations.

"The new show era utilized by the 2010 Range Rover is a first-rate advance. It offers us notable flexibility in offering facts, in order that the motive force receives exactly the information they require, in all riding situations," explains Nick Rogers, Chief Engineer, New Vehicle Architecture.

The automobile includes today's Adaptive Dynamics era (elective on LR-V8 evidently aspirated) to in addition enhance the Land Rover Range Rover's peerless experience excellent. All-terrain overall performance is likewise stronger via way of means of updates to the Terrain Response™ and Stability Control structures.

To whole the package, the 2010 Land Rover Range Rover advantages from a sequence of stronger energetic protection aids along with Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Brake Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, to be had Automatic High Beam Assist (AHBA) and an to be had surround digital digicam device.

"The Land Rover Range Rover stays the consummate luxurious SUV . Its mixture of unrivalled all-terrain overall performance with the last in consolation and refinement, stays a clean enterprise benchmark," says Phil Popham.

"Both variations of the V8 go back mind-blowing tiers of electricity and torque blended with optimized gasoline intake and emissions - the supercharged 5.0-liter engine is one of the maximum gasoline green in its magnificence. As nicely as beautiful pinnacle-cease overall performance, additionally they supply the low-cease flexibility critical for real-international riding." Malcolm Sandford, Engine Group Chief Engineer, Land Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover receives an all-new engine line up with a preference of 5.0-liter LR-V8 devices in supercharged and evidently aspirated guise. The engines had been advanced along with Jaguar, that's the primary time engines had been designed from the onset with the necessities of each manufacturers in thoughts. Shared number one targets blanketed the best feasible torque and rapid reaction from low revs.

Although the fundamental engine structure of each engines is the equal for every brand, Land Rover engine necessities fluctuate to meet annoying all-terrain needs. For instance, the engines characteristic a deeper sump to deal with the intense tilting angles skilled while riding the Land Rover Range Rover off-street, and to deal with the the front differential which attaches to it. In addition, belt drives are waterproofed, as are the alternator, air con compressor, electricity guidance pump and starter motor.

The supremely effective supercharged LR-V8 provides 510 bhp and 461 lb/feet of torque, whilst the evidently aspirated model produces 375 bhp and 375 lb/feet of torque. Two of the maximum superior engines ever constructed, they're full of revolutionary functions to make sure that they're additionally of the maximum green of their magnificence.

Both derivatives had been advanced with an emphasis on handing over a clean, delicate and responsive motive force revel in, with outstanding electricity traits. Compared to the contemporary 4.2-liter V8 the supercharged engine will increase electricity and torque outputs via way of means of 29 percentage and 12 percentage respectively.

Yet in relation to regulated emissions each engines are tremendously smooth, assembly the stringent American ULEV2 (extremely low emissions automobile) regulations.

Direct injection - multiplied electricity and torque, decrease emissions

One of the important thing functions of the brand new LR-V8 is an enterprise first, centrally-established, multi-hole, spray-guided gasoline injection device, handing over gasoline at a stress of as much as 150bar (2,one hundred seventy five psi) immediately to the cylinder. The positioning of the injectors guarantees gasoline is exactly added to the middle of the combustion chamber, maximizing air-gasoline mixing, and enhancing combustion manage.

Fuel is added via way of means of dual, excessive stress gasoline pumps pushed thru an auxiliary shaft withinside the all new engine block. Delivery of gasoline direct to the cylinder has considerably contributed to advanced low pace, dynamic reaction that's specially beneficial off-street whilst including to riding satisfaction on-street. The rate cooling outcomes of the direct injection gasoline device have allowed the compression ratio of the evidently aspirated engine to be raised to 11.5:1, in addition enhancing the engine performance.

During the engine heat-up phase, the combustion device employs a couple of injection mode techniques to supply 50 percentage greater warmth for immediate catalyst heat-up and decreased emissions.

sixth era Eaton™ supercharger - quieter and greater green.

A 6th era, Eaton™ dual vortex device (TVS) supercharger is suited to the 510 bhp engine. A compact Roots-kind unit, it feeds air via dual intercoolers which in flip are water-cooled via way of means of their personal cooling circuit. The excessive helix rotor layout each improves the supercharger thermodynamic performance and improves noise excellent to the factor wherein the unit is absolutely inaudible. The intercoolers lessen the temperature of the pressurized consumption-air and so optimize electricity.

The air consumption has been considerably redesigned in comparison to the preceding V8. The consumption air course is a right away feed to the supercharger inlet from the centrally established the front throttle frame. Air is added via dual air bins which lessen waft loss and in addition boom performance. Mechanically, the brand new supercharger and its intercoolers are effectively packaged withinside the V of the engine to supply a low universal engine height.

New variable camshaft timing device boosts engine torque, saves strength

A new form of variable camshaft timing device (VCT) at the V8 engine introduces any other enterprise first. The 4 VCT devices are activated via way of means of the fantastic and terrible torques generated via way of means of starting and final the consumption and exhaust valves, in preference to via way of means of oil stress. This has allowed the engine oil pump to be decreased in size, saving strength and lowering gasoline intake.

VCT devices paintings independently on all 4 camshafts with sixty two ranges of authority at the inlet cams and 50 ranges of authority at the exhaust cams. Timing is optimized via way of means of the engine manage unit for torque, electricity and performance at each factor withinside the engine's pace variety.

The reaction charge of the brand new VCT devices is 25 percentage faster than earlier than with actuation prices in extra of 250 ranges in keeping with 2nd. This provides a greater instantaneously engine reaction to the motive force's demand.

Camshaft profile switching - flexibility with overall performance

In addition to VCT, the evidently aspirated LR-V8 is likewise prepared with camshaft profile switching (CPS) at the inlet camshaft. Depending at the engine's jogging situations and the necessities of the motive force, the CPS will transfer among a profile that is good for low pace riding, and any other which offers multiplied valve carry for excessive overall performance. This characteristic allows endow the Land Rover Range Rover with sufficient low cease torque in annoying terrain, but completely exploits the capacity of the 5.0-liter V8 while situations allow.

An hydraulically-actuated -piece tappet switches among profiles at the tri-lobe camshaft changing each the carry and length. The cam lobe profile decided on for engine speeds under 3000 rpm has a length of 214 ranges and lifts the valves 5.5mm. This optimizes fueloline pace for advanced low-pace torque and decreases valve educate friction for advanced gasoline performance. For excessive-pace riding, CPS switches to a cam lobe with a length of 250 ranges and valve-carry of 10.5mm, permitting extra air circulate the engine for excessive electricity.

Variable Inlet Manifold (VIM) optimizes electricity and torque

Complementing VCT and CPS at the evidently aspirated LR-V8 is a brand new variable inlet manifold (VIM) that can range the period of its 8 inlet tracts to optimize electricity and torque during the rev variety. As a consequence, the engine can broaden the most feasible low-cease torque but breathe nicely sufficient to broaden the most feasible electricity at excessive rpm. Vacuum operated actuators open valves to pick a longer, 680mm, inlet tract at low revs, growing the charge of each the airflow and the engine torque. As the revs climb past 4,700rpm, the actuators pick a shorter, 350mm, course permitting a extra quantity of air into the engine for better electricity. The actuator role is usually optimized via way of means of the engine manage unit for torque and performance during the engine pace variety.

Warm up speedy with opposite waft cooling

The look for extra performance has in a few regions caused a whole reconsider of essential engine layout concepts. An instance is the revolutionary opposite waft cooling device which provides thermodynamic and friction enhancements. The new layout approach coolant is pumped via the cylinder heads earlier than flowing via the block and returning to the radiator. Since the cylinder heads continue to be cooler, the knock threshold is driven again permitting extra optimization of ignition timing for advanced performance.

In addition, the 22 kW oil to water warmth exchanger, packaged on the middle of the engine, transfers warmth from the coolant to the lubricating oil at some stage in heat up, bringing the oil as much as running temperature 14 percentage quicker than the preceding cooling device. This 'opposite waft' technique considerably improves gasoline intake withinside the important engine heat-up length and allows heat the cabin greater speedy.

Strong and compact

The new LR-V8 engines are constructed round a stiff, all new, aluminum block with solid-in iron liners and cross-bolted most important bearing caps, to lessen noise, vibration and harshness. For the primary time at Land Rover, the blocks are excessive stress die-solid in preference to sand-solid, supplying a advanced end and dimensional extra accuracy. The engines additionally have aluminum heads, with 4-valves in keeping with cylinder and strong, spheroidal-graphite solid iron crankshafts and metallic connecting rods. The cylinder heads and blocks are synthetic the usage of recycled aluminum alloy for the primary time, therefore lowering the environmental effect of producing the brand new engine.

The new direct injection engines are greater compact than their predecessors. Overall engine period has been decreased via way of means of relocation of the oil pump in the engine structure. Overall engine weight (completely dressed with all ancillaries) is 210kg for the evidently aspirated unit and 236kg for the supercharged unit.

Reduced inner friction combats CO2

Internal friction, a first-rate contributor to multiplied gasoline intake and CO2 emissions, has been focused via way of means of cautious layout of the engines' additives. As a end result, the Land Rover Range Rover's new LR-V8s obtain any other nice in magnificence for crank educate friction.

All engine bearings had been the challenge of an in depth optimization, lowering friction with out compromising reliability. Diamond-Like Carbon Coating (DLC) has been used to lessen friction at the gasoline pump tappets and a strong movie lubricant has been used to coat the piston skirts.

Land Rover has advanced a precise, clever oil-pump stress comfort valve (PRV) which senses oil stress deep withinside the engine's oil galleries to greater correctly manage oil pump delivery. As a end result, oil pump frictional losses are decreased at some stage in the heat-up length.

The engines have additionally been designed round a 5W-20 artificial oil. The new oil has a decrease viscosity, generally at low temperatures, lowering parasitic losses withinside the engines and contributing to an extension in carrier durations from 7,500 miles to 15,000 miles or 12 months. The new LR-V8 engines also are outfitted with an digital dipstick for brought peace of thoughts.

Responsive new transmission

The 2010 Land Rover Range Rover's new engines are mated to the revised and super-clean ZF HP28 6-pace automated transmission. Its traits had been optimized via way of means of Land Rover engineers to offer fast and delicate shifts. The dramatic enhancement of each electricity and torque low down the rev variety on the brand new engines have made it feasible to actuate the transmission's lock-up take hold of a whole lot in advance in every gear, lowering slip via the hydraulic torque converter, so supporting with the enhancements in each gasoline intake and CO2 emissions.

The transmission functions an clever game mode, that can experience and adapt transmission traits to specific riding styles.

Enhanced automobile dynamics - each on- and off-street

The 2010 Range Rover advantages from a complete software of refinements to its automobile dynamics. The upgrades encompass functions as a way to enhance experience and dealing with at some stage in on-street riding, plus a sequence of measures that supply extra abilities while riding off-street or while towing.

Unique adaptive dynamics device improves experience and manage

The 2010 Land Rover Range Rover has a sophisticated new Adaptive Dynamics device which in addition improves the Range Rover's peerless experience excellent with extra refinement and advanced frame manage.

It is the international's first manufacturing device to hire version-primarily based totally predictive era that usually optimizes damper settings for the widest feasible variety of situations. Conventional dampers are changed via way of means of precision DampTronic Valve Technology™ damper devices, which contain usually adjustable damper valves.

The predictive era allows damper settings on every wheel to be constantly delicate among 'smooth', consolation orientated settings and 'hard', corporation frame manage settings; damper stress on every wheel is monitored 500 instances in keeping with 2nd. The device optimizes the automobile's frame and experience manage, immediately responding to each the needs of the triumphing riding fashion and of the terrain encountered, in each on- and off-street situations.

Braking device receives greater electricity and experience

The Land Rover Range Rover is prepared with a brand new braking device which has been comprehensively up to date to offer stronger preventing electricity and advanced motive force experience.

The brakes for the evidently aspirated automobile are primarily based totally at the 4-piston adverse caliper overall performance device from the outgoing Supercharged version. The up to date device employs 14.2-inch (360mm) ventilated the front discs with new dual piston solid iron sliding calipers for stronger pedal experience.

The rear functions 13.eight-inch (350mm) ventilated discs with light-weight aluminum unmarried piston sliding calipers.

The braking device for the Supercharged version has been advanced with overall performance brake professionals Brembo™. This device employs 15-inch (380mm) ventilated the front discs with precise light-weight aluminum six-piston adverse motion monoblock calipers. 14.3-inch (365mm) ventilated discs with unmarried-piston sliding calipers are outfitted on the rear.

Greater manage and protection round corners

A refinement to the steadiness manage device allows robotically gradual the automobile if taking a nook too rapid, therefore improving motive force manage.

Enhanced Dynamic Stability Control interfaces with the brake modulator and powertrain manage module. If the velocity is just too extremely good for engine torque discount to manipulate the automobile, automated braking intervenes to lessen the automobile pace, with braking stress carried out in step with the severity of the state of affairs. At decelerations in extra of 0.7g the brake lighting fixtures are robotically carried out to warn following visitors.

This characteristic is complemented via way of means of the brand new Roll Stability Control device, that's designed to interfere withinside the not likely case of an excessive state of affairs wherein the feasible onset of a rollover is detected. In such situations, the device is designed to take over and carry out very fast, wheel unique braking, to assist lessen pace and marginally widen the cornering radius.

Improved overall performance and balance off-street

The award prevailing Terrain Response™ device is challenge to an entire collection of enhancements, along with stronger abilities while tackling difficult terrain like sand or huge rocks.

For smooth sand - one of the maximum electricity-hungry surfaces - 'sand release manage' has now been added, which makes for enormously simpler power-away. New, pace-established wheel-slip goals for the traction manage device allow most effective very constrained preliminary wheel-slip, supporting to save you the wheels digging down into the sand.

New for Land Rover Range Rover, revisions to the rock move slowly software enhance brake and traction manage reaction instances, supporting to lessen the wheels rolling in an unintentional route while traversing boulders, and giving a greater composed power via rocky terrain.

Land Rover's a whole lot-acclaimed Hill Descent Control device is stronger at the present day Range Rover with the addition of Gradient Release Control. This inhibits the preliminary charge of acceleration for descending very steep inclines, to boom manage while braking is launched at excessive angles.

More solid towing

For more secure and greater solid towing, the 2010 Range Rover includes Trailer Stability Assist. This device detects trailer oscillations via way of means of tracking key automobile behaviors, which include uninvited guidance actions and moderate automobile swing in reaction to trailer behavior. In those instances, the device can provoke engine torque discount and braking interventions to assist convey the towing again below manage.

Classic Land Rover Range Rover fashion with cutting-edge information

"We have added some of greater cutting-edge layout factors at the 2010 Land Rover Range Rover, however had been cautious now no longer to disturb the automobile's traditional proportions and precise silhouette. The delicate detailing and cleanser surfaces of the 2010 version preserve the undying and noble features which can be conventional hallmarks of Land Rover Range Rover layout." Design Director, Gerry McGovern

The 2010 Land Rover Range Rover functions diffused revisions to the outside layout, introducing a few appealing new layout factors which decorate the traditional Land Rover Range Rover fashion with greater cutting-edge detailing.

New headlights characteristic the Land Rover Range Rover's trademark inter-locking circle layout, however are greater honestly visible, day or night, with LED lamp era. The headlights are marginally shallower, and 'bookend' a deeper, greater upright mesh grille.

A new bumper completes the smoother, greater sculpted the front cease, reflecting the smooth floor integration that's now feature of Land Rover Range Rover layout. The fog lamps are relocated from the bumper pores and skin to the decrease the front air-consumption.

The aspect of the automobile functions new 'three-stripe' LED signs and redesigned three-phase fender vents. The equal layout subject matter is followed via way of means of the rear LED mild clusters, which contain 'three-stripe' directional signs.

Interior showcases highly-priced substances and modern technology

Superbly crafted new substances and a few modern show technology assist to enhance a cabin this is already extensively seemed as one of the car international's finest.

To in addition decorate the top class indoors ambience, the 2010 Range Rover introduces new luxurious grade European leather-based trim for the headlining, pillar and door casings. Fascia buttons now characteristic a satin chrome-plated end, which can be fantastically highlighted via way of means of the Land Rover Range Rover's upgraded waterfall indoors lighting. High excellent satin black and herbal timber finishes whole the luxurious experience of the indoors structure.

'Virtual' dials and picture presentations update conventional gadgets

One of the main improvements withinside the 2010 Land Rover Range Rover is observed withinside the device cluster. Here, conventional bodily gadgets are changed via way of means of a 12" Thin Film Transistor display screen which gives all critical motive force facts thru cleverly designed 'virtual' dials and graphical presentations.

The device's message middle (the region among rev counter and speedometer) may be custom designed via way of means of the motive force to show non-public prioritized facts, from device warnings, outdoor temperature and automobile facts to much less important information which include audio and cellphone presentations.

The message middle additionally relays off-street facts, which include guidance angle, wheel articulation, suspension settings and Terrain Response™ settings.

Fingertip manage of settings and menus at the TFT display screen is supplied via way of means of an up to date guidance wheel which includes a 5-manner controller.

Update Touch-display screen Technology

The contact-display screen keeps all of the capability of the preceding show, however the pix and menus had been redesigned for simpler and greater intuitive operation, permitting the quantity of 'hard' buttons across the display screen to be decreased via way of means of a third. As earlier than, capabilities which include satellite tv for pc navigation, DVD video, and audio structures may be managed thru the show.

An up to date voice manage device with stronger voice popularity software program enhances the contact display screen, and may be used to manipulate a number leisure and luxury functions which include the audio device and weather manage.

Advanced automobile technology decorate comfort and protection

"The technology constructed into the 2010 Land Rover Range Rover are designed to enhance comfort and protection, lowering the pressure of riding in cutting-edge motoring situations, on all terrains. With era sharing the workload, the end result is a greater relaxed, alert motive force." Paul Walker, Chief Program Engineer

The 2010 Land Rover Range Rover includes a complete choice of superior automobile technology which decorate comfort and enhance energetic protection for the motive force.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The 2010 Range Rover functions Land Rover's Adaptive Cruise Control device (ACC) for the primary time. The device employs a 76GHz scanning radar to discover automobiles transferring withinside the equal route, and is designed to hold most appropriate automobile pace via way of means of the usage of acceleration, deceleration and braking to hold a particular distance from the visitors in advance.

ACC comes with 4 motive force-selectable settings, designed to fit character riding fashion and visitors / street situations. The motive force can pick a 'headway' of among 1 to 2.2 seconds, with a default placing of 1.eight seconds; this equates to a 50 meter distance from the automobile in advance while touring at sixty two mph (100km/h). The device is designed to perform at speeds of as much as 112 mph (180km/h).

Vehicles outfitted with the ACC device additionally advantage from a brand new Advanced Emergency Brake Assist device. Working along with the Forward Alert System's radar, this primes the automobile's braking device, or even initiates braking in excessive instances if a collision is judged feasible. Valuable enhancements in braking distances had been recorded withinside the checking out of this device.

Updated infotainment structures

A new hard-power navigation device offers quicker course calculation, large region map insurance and advanced reliability. The navigation device adopts an advanced navigation shape which now additionally functions 'toward guidance'. This dietary supplements the junction map and icon-primarily based totally facts with information of the real street signage considered via way of means of the motive force alongside the course.

The to be had new Portable Audio Interface lets in connectivity to an array of private audio garage devices, USB sticks and MP3 players, allowing the numerous devices' capabilities to be accessed and managed thru the fascia-established contact-display screen device. One of the connectivity ports is a committed iPodTM factor made solely via way of means of Land Rover, for endured capability in excessive riding situations, via way of means of supporting to save you the tool coming free from the socket.

And a purer, crisper radio sound is now to be had way to the creation of an elective HD Radio withinside the U.S. Along with the high-quality listening revel in, come extra functions which include track identify and artist facts.

Enhanced protection and visibility

The 2010 Land Rover Range Rover has a blind spot tracking device to be had which makes use of aspect-established radar sensors to hit upon automobiles and different strong items withinside the automobile's blind spot region. If an item is detected, a shiny amber caution icon is illuminated withinside the motive force's door mirror.

Available as an option, is a brand new Surround Camera device which helps simpler parking, towing and off-street maneuvering. It functions 5 virtual cameras which relay a close to 360-diploma view to the contact-display screen show. The cameras feature straight away because the automobile is started, and feature alternatives for deciding on and zooming in to help with near zone parking and with towing.

The patented 'opposite tow help' feature (decided on from the contact-display screen menu) allows carry out correct towing maneuvers. The extensive fields of view at the aspect cameras supply a clean view of the reversing trailer and the snap shots are electronically manipulated to offer an undistorted view. Guide strains overlaid at the rear digital digicam photograph illustrate each the automobile and trailer's trajectory and those flow in keeping with guidance inputs, making it simpler for the motive force to are expecting wherein the trailer will flow to, earlier than appearing the reversing maneuver.

Specific traits which include form of trailer, quantity of axles and width courses may be fed into the device to decorate the device outputs.

The Land Rover Range Rover's the front headlights contain elective excessive beam help era. This can robotically turn on excessive beam headlights wherein outside mild tiers are under the device's threshold. Importantly, the device is likewise designed to hit upon previous and coming near visitors, and in a break up 2nd will robotically transfer again to low beam to keep away from outstanding others.

All-new electric structure

The overall performance of among the 2010 Range Rover's superior technology is stronger via way of means of a totally new electric structure which helps greater green integration among the numerous structures. Information is shared among digital additives thru a excessive pace Controller Area Network (CAN), with a fiber optic Media Orientated System Transport (MOST) community controlling the modules of the infotainment device, improving reliability and saving weight.