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1936 Jaguar SS 100

The SS one hundred is a British 2 seat sports activities vehicle constructed among 1936 and 1940 via way of means of SS Cars Ltd of Coventry, England. The remaining one is notion to had been added in 1941. In 1936 the call Jaguar became given to a brand new saloon vehicle and from then directly to all of the vehicles. Following World War II, because of the connotations then connected to the initials SS, the organization became renamed Jaguar.

The chassis with a wheelbase of eight ft eight inches (2.sixty four m) became basically a shortened model of the only designed for the 2.five litre saloon, a vehicle produced in a good deal more numbers, and had first been visible withinside the SS ninety of 1935. Suspension became on 1/2 of elliptical springs all spherical with inflexible axles. The engine became a improvement of the vintage 2.five litre Standard unit transformed from aspect valve to overhead valve with a brand new cylinder head designed via way of means of William Heynes and Harry Weslake. The strength output became elevated from 70 bhp (fifty two kW) to one hundred bhp (70 kW). Twin SU carburettors had been bolted at once to the cylinder head. In 1938 the engine became similarly enlarged to three.five litres and the strength elevated to one hundred twenty five bhp (ninety three kW). The 4 pace gearbox had synchromesh at the pinnacle three ratios. Brakes had been via way of means of Girling. The entire vehicle weighed simply over 23 cwt (2600 pounds, 1150 kg).

On check via way of means of The Autocar in 1937 the 2.five litre (20 RAC hp rating) vehicle became found, with the windscreen lowered, to have a most pace of ninety five mph (153 km/h) and a zero to 60 mph (ninety seven km/h) time of 13.five seconds. With the three.five litre (25 RAC hp rating) the pinnacle pace reached the magic one hundred mph (a hundred and sixty km/h) with a satisfactory of a hundred and one mph (163 km/h) over the sector mile and the zero - 60 mph (ninety seven km/h) coming right all the way down to 10.four seconds.

In 1937 the 2.five litre vehicle price GBP395 and in 1938 the three.five litre GBP445. The coupé, of which best one became made, became indexed at GBP595. A few examples had been furnished as chassis best to outside coachbuilders.

Widely taken into consideration to be one of the maximum aesthetically desirable Jaguar vehicles it's also one of the rarest with best 198 of the 2.five litre and 116 of the three.five litre fashions being made. Most stayed on the house marketplace however forty nine had been exported. Cars in right situation will fetch nicely in extra of GBP100,000, a close to concours instance became bought via way of means of auctioneers Bonhams on the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2007 for GBP199,500.