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Audi Q3 45 TFSI e 2021

Audi keeps its electrification campaign: Presales of the Q3 forty five TFSI e and the Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e will begin withinside the 2d week of January 2021. The plug-in hybrid force set up in each fashions offers a device output of one hundred eighty kW (245 PS), and each compact SUVs can cowl a distance of as much as sixty one km (37.nine mi) withinside the NEDC powered simply via way of means of power. In the WLTP, the gap is fifty one km (31.7 mi) for the Audi Q3 forty five TFSI e and 50 km (31.07 mi) for the Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e. The Q3 forty five TFSI e charges EUR 46,000 (together with 19 percentage VAT), the Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e EUR 1,four hundred extra. Customers can declare a subsidy of EUR 6,750 in each cases.

The aggregate of an electric powered using experience, easy charging, and excessive stage of suitability for normal use makes Audi's plug-in hybrid fashions specially appealing. The Q3 forty five TFSI e and the Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e entire the variety of plug-in hybrids that Audi has delivered onto the marketplace because the center of 2019. At the equal time, those compact SUVs mark step one into the sector of electrified Q fashions.

245 PS of device output, thirteen kWh of strength capacity: the force and the battery

The Q3 fashions each encompass a 1.four TFSI because the combustion engine. This four-cylinder offers a hundred and ten kW (a hundred and fifty PS). The force is finished via way of means of a completely excited synchronous machine (PSM), which offers eighty five KW of energy. The PSM is incorporated withinside the housing of the six-velocity S tronic collectively with the setting apart grasp. This dual-grasp transmission, which transfers the energy to the the front wheels, integrates an electric powered oil pump. This guarantees the deliver and accordingly the feature of the clutches and with that the tools choice even if the TFSI engine is switched off.

Great using satisfaction and excessive efficiency - the powertrain of those new fashions gives each. The 1.four TFSI and the electrical motor collectively generate one hundred eighty kW of device output (245 PS) and device torque of four hundred Nm (295.02 lb-ft). Both the Audi Q3 forty five TFSI e and the Sportback take 7.three seconds to burst from zero to a hundred km/h (62.1 mph), and each attain a pinnacle velocity of 210 km/h (130.five mph). In the New European Driving Cycle, the intake of the Q3 forty five TFSI e is 1.7 to 1.four liters of gas consistent with a hundred km (138.four to US mpg) (39 to 32 grams of CO2 (62.eight to fifty one.five g/mi)). The Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e statistics the equal values of 1.7 to 1.four liters of gas consistent with a hundred km (138.four to US mpg) (38 to 33 grams of CO2 (sixty one.2 to 53.1 g/mi)). The overall variety executed via way of means of each fashions is about 710 km (441.2 mi) - attesting to their high-quality suitability for normal use.

The excessive-voltage battery is placed below the car ground in the front of the rear axle. Its ninety six prismatic cells shop kWh of strength. It owes this excessive fee to the compact and comparatively light-weight battery of a brand new mobileular generation. The battery device has its personal cooling circuit, which may be coupled to the aircon device's circuit to make certain powerful cooling even if necessities are at their highest.

Focus on efficiency: the force control device

The force control device of the compact SUV fashions is designed for excessive efficiency. Except in extraordinarily bloodless conditions, the SUVs are usually began out in electric powered mode. Both plug-in fashions can cowl as much as sixty one km (37.nine mi) with 0 neighborhood emissions withinside the NEDC (fifty one km (31.7 mi) for the Q3 and 50 km (31.07 mi) for the Q3 Sportback withinside the WLTP). The most velocity they may be pushed at right here is one hundred forty km/h ( mph). At low speeds, the AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System) generates the legally prescribed e-sound to warn different street users.

In "Auto-Hybrid" mode, the principle running mode, the force control device divides the duties among the 1.four TFSI and the electrical motor intelligently and efficiently. The electric powered motor helps the four-cylinder engine in lots of situations, as an example whilst passing. When accelerating from low rotational speeds, as an example, it applies the excessive torque that it generates because of its running precept to bridge the few tenths of a 2d that the turbocharger wishes to accumulate pressure - its deployment is imperceptible, however efficient. Drivers can prioritize electric powered force with the EV button. The force control device continuously evaluates severa statistics points, together with the direction data from the navigation device and the statistics approximately the close to environment from the car sensors. This lets in it to become aware of whilst the auto is drawing close a metropolis sign, a velocity restrict or a roundabout, or getting too near the car ahead. When the foot is taken off the accelerator, the Audi Q3 forty five TFSI e and the Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e begin to coast with the TFSI switched off in maximum situations.

The proper mode for the proper necessities: "Hold", "Charge" and dynamic

Regardless of the intelligence of the force control device, the driving force usually stays in manipulate. By pushing the EV button, they could transfer among vehiclemobile hybrid and electric powered-powered using, even as a menu opens withinside the MMI running device on the equal time that gives extra unique using modes: "Battery Hold" and "Battery Charge". These serve to hold the battery fee on the modern stage or to boom the country of fee. What's extra, the driving force can affect the person of the force the usage of the Audi force pick out dynamic coping with device. By choosing the dynamic profile right here, putting the S tronic to "S", and floors the accelerator, they get the entire torque of the electrical motor of 330 Nm (243.four lb-ft) to be had to them for up to ten seconds. As quickly as they take their foot of the gas, the electrical motor switches to recovery and recovers strength in generator mode. In this way, the car also can slow down speedy way to its electric powered motor.

Irrespective of the using profile, each fashions usually get well whilst the driving force steps at the brakes. Up to round zero.three g - i.e. withinside the tremendous majority of brake operations in normal using - the electrical motor plays the deceleration alone. It is most effective whilst the brake pedal is carried out extra closely that the hydraulic wheel brakes come into play, activated via way of means of an electric powered brake servo. Thanks to the right blending, the transition is almost undetectable, and the recovery stays active. During braking, the device can get better as much as forty kW of energy thru the electrical motor and shop this withinside the battery.

With its balanced person, the suspension of the compact SUVs offers an extremely good companion for the force. The preferred Audi force pick out device provides even extra aspects to the using experience - because it accesses now no longer most effective the engines however additionally structures along with S tronic and energy guidance. In addition to dynamic mode, it additionally gives the consolation, vehiclemobile, and character profiles. The plug-in hybrids force on 17-inch alloy wheels as preferred, however wheels 18, 19 and 20 inches in diameter also are to be had as options. The frame of those SUVs is 10 mm (zero.four in) better than that of the Q3 fashions with traditional force structures - because of this that the floor clearance stays the equal no matter the duvet plate for the battery.

Fully charged in three h forty five min: charging at domestic and at the go

The Audi Q3 forty five TFSI e and the Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e may be charged the usage of alternating modern (AC) at a four hundred V socket with an output of three.6 kW. An empty battery may be recharged in three h forty five min the usage of the usual energy charging cable on this way. The unfastened myAudi app lets in the purchaser to govern the charging, the timer and the pre-access weather manipulate remotely from their smartphone. Audi clients can select to deliver their residence and storage with power from Volkswagen Naturstrom, that's generated absolutely from renewable sources. The compact plug-in hybrids require a style three cable for charging at public AC charging terminals. The e-tron Charging Service, which covers the bulk of nations in Europe, gives high-quality comfort right here: With a unmarried card, the purchaser profits get admission to to extra than 155,000 charging points.

Sporty and versatile: layout and indoors

Both the brand new Q3 fashions provoke with a effective and sporty stance at the street. The indoors is beneficiant and variable. The the front seats provide extremely good consolation and a sporty seating role. The rear seats may be moved lengthwise as preferred; their backrests are divided into 3 sections and recline at seven unique angles. The baggage compartment has a fundamental quantity of 380 l (thirteen.four cu ft), which will increase to 1,375 l (48.6 cu ft) withinside the Q3 forty five TFSI e and 1,250 l (44.1 cu ft) withinside the Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e whilst the seats are folded down. As an option, Audi will supply an electric powered tailgate that also can be opened with a foot motion.

Two presentations shape the premise of the running and show concept. The MMI contact with a 10.1 inch display screen takes up a primary role withinside the tool panel and presentations the strength flows of the hybrid force and extra. The driving force can appearance both at a virtual tool cluster or on the Audi digital cockpit, that's to be had in sizes. A powermeter presentations the device's output, the fame of the force, the recovery, the battery's country of fee, and the variety. Many capabilities may be operated thru a natural-language voice manipulate as a similarly enter stage, which additionally gives the choice of getting access to the know-how of the cloud.

Highly networked: Audi join

Together with the the most effective MMI Navigation plus infotainment device as an option, the net offerings of Audi join also can be accessed on board. They encompass the Car-to-X offerings, which employ the precept of swarm intelligence: Information on roadside parking spaces, hazards, velocity limits and visitors mild stages is exchanged thru the networking of the Audi fleet. The myAudi app tightly connects the auto with the purchaser's smartphone. Hardware modules along with the Audi telecellsmartphone field and the Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with digital 3-D sound entire the infotainment program.

The driving force help structures come from the top rate class. They encompass the adaptive cruise help (optional), which assists the driving force with longitudinal and lateral manipulate - considerably improving consolation on lengthy trips in particular. In order to preserve lateral guidance, the driving force wishes to use only a mild contact to the capacitive guidance wheel, that's a part of the device, to show that they may be paying attention. The Audi pre feel the front, lane departure warning, flip help, and swerve help structures come as preferred.

Prices from EUR 46,000: The plug-in Q3 may be ordered from January 2021

Presales of the Audi Q3 forty five TFSI e and the Q3 Sportback forty five TFSI e will start withinside the 2d week of January 2020. The base fees in Germany are EUR 46,000 and EUR 47,four hundred (together with 19 percentage fee brought tax). In addition to the functions already mentioned, the widespread preferred device consists of LED headlights, -sector automated aircon, and auxiliary weather manipulate. Customers are entitled to a subsidy of EUR 6,750. As corporation cars, each plug-in hybrid fashions are taxed most effective at a flat price of zero.five% of the gross listing price.