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2006 Alpina BMW D3

"It has out of the ordinary pull," become the primary influence that Andreas Bovensiepen had of the BMW 320d race-diesel that he raced together with Hans Stuck, Marc Duez and Christian Menzel. Together they took the general win in none apart from the 1998 24 Hours of Nurburgring, the music whose North Loop become and is known as the "Green Hell". This stays the most important racing victory for a diesel-fired car to date, with thank you going to an sensible package deal made of excessive torque, excessive gasoline financial system and finely-honed aerodynamics

An vehicle from ALPINA - and cognoscenti understand it - is constantly some thing special. Packaging is the magic word - to provide a automobile that the informed, sporty and pretty emotional ALPINA purchasers will appreciate

At the coronary heart of the problem is the 2.0litre diesel, endowed with a lot ability via way of means of the BMW engineers in Steyr that it achieves simply over a hundred horsepower in step with litre withinside the BMW ALPINA D3. This could be a superb end result for a excessive-overall performance petrol engine, and it is a sensation coming from a diesel. Garrett, of turbo-charger fame, are capable of supply a brand new charger that concurrently achieves excessive ranges of air mass through-placed with exquisite responsiveness. ALPINA engineers achieved in depth improvement paintings at the injection system, burn pattern, inter-cooling and exhaust fueloline emissions (particle clear out out). The end result: 200hp (147kW) at four,000rpm

What makes this vehicle special? First off - it really works brilliantly in instances of out-of-hand gasoline prices. Torque: at 410Nm/302lbs-toes just like a V8 engine. Performance: 0-100kph in 7.four seconds, with a pinnacle pace of 238kph, just like a six-cylinder. Fuel financial system: at 6-7 litres in step with 100km, greater like a small commuter automobile. A surely dynamic vehicle that does not first create fake hopes via way of means of capturing farfar from relaxation at low revs, handiest to peter out at better revs. Instead, the 2.0litre likes to rev, withinside the hopes that its proprietor will co-perform completely and thankfully with each it and the buttery-smooth-transferring 6-pace ZF guide gearbox

When served on this manner - way to the enervating drivetrain - an unsuspected degree of riding satisfaction famous itself from the primary kilometre on. Precise, direct steerage permit driving force and vehicle to bond, rhythmically swinging from one nook to the next. Upon achieving 100kph at the autobahn, all that desires be performed is to pick 6th gear, and the driving force surfs on a 410Nm wave of torque, consistent from 2,000rpm to 3,300rpm. It feels relaxed, even easy, and one has the experience that it is actually a muscle automobile. Far from it, because the distance-to-empty gauge smirkingly tells the tale of 800 - 1,000km to go. Heavy mileage drivers understand they may have the higher hand towards each sports activities automobile

ALPINA would not simply stand for fun, however additionally for a clean conscience - which brings us to the subject of particulates. We guarantee you that you will nonetheless be capable of buy groceries into the town with every and each new D3, because the D3 has a diesel particulate clear out out standard. That said, now no longer even Germany's Energy Minister, Juergen Trittin, can say some thing awful approximately this sporty automobile

Light-footed, noticeably agile managing is without delay noticeable, with an agility now no longer formerly observed in diesel vehicles. The key is the ideal, 50%/50% the front/rear weight bias, together with a suspension dedicated to absorbing bumps and supplying Swiss ranges of neutrality on the limit. The light, MICHELIN-shod 18" ALPINA CLASSIC wheels call for this agility, with of 225/forty ZR18 measurement the front and 255/35 ZR18 rear. In configuring cutting-edge MICHELIN tyres, we purposely selected traditional tyres over the plenty heavier Run-Flats. Optional 19" wheel/tyre packages, in CLASSIC or DYNAMIC design, offer the best ranges of lateral acceleration

Quite dynamic and but stylish in look is ALPINA's little one, the D3, with a nod to the wind-tunnel-optimised aerodynamic paintings performed on the the front and the rear.

The first-class for last: the BMW ALPINA D3 has a relatively appealing base charge, a down-proper steal, and thereby correctly getting rid of charge as a hurdle for customers new to ALPINA

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  • Horsepower @ RPM:
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  • 0-60 time:
    7.2 sec.
  • Top Speed:
    145 mph
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