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Alpina BMW D3 Bi-Turbo Coupe 2008

The new Diesel Bi-Turbo maintains the Alpina BMW D3 achievement tale started in 2006 through the famous two hundred HP (147 kW) Alpina sport-diesel version, with over 850 devices bought in view that its inception. It is a maximum satisfactory solution to the low emissions and intake discussions of cutting-edge times, and dovetails flawlessly with of out-of-hand gasoline prices.

The designation "D" unmistakably suggests the diesel powerplants withinside the Alpina family. "D" specially stands for dynamism. The new D3 Bi-Turbo, celebrating its international debut on the 2008 GENEVA Salon d'Automobile - with 214 HP/211 bhp (157 kW) @ 4,a hundred rpm - is an extremely effective and surprisingly excessive-revving diesel. Lastly, the "D" at the Alpina BMW D3 Bi-Turbo stands for the German "Drehmoment" or torque, which the D3 has in spades. At 450 Nm (332 lbs-ft) of torque from 2,000 to 2,500 rpm, the, four-cylinder D3 is running in V8 engine territory, or among large-displacement six-cylinder diesel engines. With the acquisition of a D3 Bi-Turbo, an Alpina purchaser owns an engine transmission mixture that could be a uncommon and best delicacy while measured in opposition to its diesel competitors.

The fashionable way wherein the strength is added may be similarly augmented with the optionally available SWITCH-TRONIC computerized transmission. Developed through ZF and Alpina in partnership, this sport-computerized is operated through 3 riding modes: D, S and M. Depending at the driver's mood, she or he can also additionally permit the transmission shift automatically, or shift manually the usage of buttons at the again of the guidance wheel. This offers the broadest spectrum of riding fascination.

The D3 Diesel Technology

The D3 Bi-Turbo's foundation is derived from the BMW, four-cylinder, turbo-charged diesel engine with a block totally of aluminium. The highpressure, 2000 bar Bosch-Common Rail device guarantees excessive performance through using Piezo injectors. Two differently-sized exhaust-pushed turbo-chargers breathe at the D3 Bi-Turbo. The smaller of the 2 chargers starts offevolved to perform proper from tick-over and allows the four-cylinder yield an outstanding four hundred Nm (295 lbs-ft) of torque at a trifling 1,500 rpm. Peak torque of 450 Nm ( 332 lbs-ft) is reached at 2,000 rpm. From approximately 3,000 rpm onward, the second, large turbo-charger, is then absolutely online and drives the engine to its height overall performance of 214 horsepower (211 bhp, 157 kW). Thanks to huge improvement work, gold standard turbo-charger mapping and the gasoline injection device, the brand new D3 Bi-Turbo permits revs as much as 5,two hundred rpm, in which maximum diesel aggregates nowadays forestall at 4,500 rpm. The base engine's configuration, as evolved through BMW engineers in Steyr, presents the capacity to make the Alpina BMW D3 Bi-Turbo's immensely excessive unique output of 107 horsepower consistent with litre viable.

The Efficient Transfer of Power

The wellknown six-pace guide gearbox permits the motive force to now no longer simplest check the 5,two hundred rpm redline, however additionally to revel in the riding enjoy in a manner formerly unknown to a diesel. Coupled with carefully-calibrated equipment spacing, the huge useable torque curve makes viable an surprisingly lightfooted shape of ahead progress, specially on winding united states of america lanes.

At the request of many customers, you'll be able to now revel in the D3 Bi-Turbo with the optionally available SWITCH-TRONIC. This traditional mixture of lots of torque and an automated transmission, gives the motive force a excessive diploma of flexibility.

Using the normal "D" Drive mode, the SWITCH-TRONIC shifts into the following equipment maximum with ease and nearly neglected through the motive force. "D" mode makes use of the engine's mind-blowing torque, permitting a riding fashion this is very economical. In "S" mode, the up-shifts are later withinside the rev range, and faster. This presents for the form of riding traits that so far had been simplest to be observed in sturdy petrol engines.

The D3 Bi-Turbo simplest truly turns into the perfect "Sport Diesel" though, while the motive force shifts manually the usage of the shift buttons at the again of the guidance wheel. Lightning-brief shifts are the order of the day - even the nice drivers cannot shift any faster than themselves. This famous itself in mind-blowing overall performance numbers for each transmissions The guide D3 Coupé reaches a hundred km/h [62 mph] in 6.nine seconds (computerized sec), with a pinnacle pace of 244 km/h [152 mph].

Especially in mild of the cutting-edge CO2 discourse, the Alpina BMW D3 Bi-Turbo Coupe's gasoline economic system figures for the EU blended cycle of 5,4 (5,6) l/a hundred km [52.3 Imp. gal (50.4)] and resultant CO2 emissions of simplest 143 (148) g/km, screen Alpina's efforts concerning maximum gasoline performance. In addition, all measures to lessen intake and CO2 emissions used withinside the base BMW version had been carried over into the D3, together with the automated Start-Stop characteristic on fashions with guide transmissions. High-mileage drivers and commercial enterprise customers respect the ensuing range: relying on riding fashion, as much as 1,000 km (six hundred miles) are the norm.

Alpina Suspension, Tyres & Wheels

The Alpina BMW D3 Bi-Turbo Coupe makes use of suspension generation pretty much like the Alpina BMW B3 Bi-Turbo, an vehicle whose suspension and chassis set-up has acquired rave opinions from the press. The BMW 3-Series Coupe's excessive chassis tension and five-arm rear suspension furnished Alpina excellent capacity for the very best degrees of riding dynamics. The strut/spring calibration is fittingly sporty, matching the D3's character. Thanks to the low kerb weight, pretty agile coping with has been achieved, displaying itself withinside the shape of wonderful coping with, all of the manner to the limit.

The wellknown tyres and weight-optimised 18" Alpina CLASSIC mild-alloy wheels may be up-graded with an optionally available 19" wheel/tyre mixture, to be had in both Alpina CLASSIC or DYNAMIC wheel layout. The interaction of 245/forty ZR18 the front tyres and 265/forty ZR18 rear tyres, driving on 8x18" the front and 9x18" rear wheels, yields outstandingly precise coping with. The key's Alpina's desire now no longer to apply the heavy Run-Flat tyre generation, for motives of weight and comfort.

In Conclusion

Alpina ordinary indoors and outdoors layout cues reveal the Alpin BMW D3 Bi-Turbo Coupe's individuality and elegance. Attractive mild-alloy wheels, an tool cluster with blue dials, and a leather-based sports activities guidance wheel with Alpina brand and multi-functionality (computerized tranmission) are wellknown at the D3 Bi-Turbo. The the front spoiler minimises elevate and underscores the Coupé's aesthetic lines, which may be augmented similarly with an optionally available rear spoiler.

Initially supplied as a Coupé, the D3 may also be to be had as a Saloon and Touring in Autumn 2008. With the appearance of the brand new-era D3, Alpina furthers the preceding version's achievement.

Technical specifications

  • 2,zero litre four-cylinder with turbo-charger
  • Horsepower: 214 HP [211 bhp, 157 kW]
  • Peak Torque: 450 Nm [332 lbs-ft] @ 2,000-2,500 rpm
  • Acceleration: zero-a hundred km/h in 6.nine seconds
  • Top Speed: 244 km/h [152 mph]
  • EU-intake - guide (computerized)
    • blended 5.4 (5.6) l/a hundred km [52.3 (50.4) Imp. mpg]
    • extra-city 4.6 (4.5) l/a hundred km [61.4 (62.7) mpg]
    • city 6.7 (7.5) l/a hundred km [42.2 (37.7) mpg]
  • CO2 emission: 143 (148) g/km