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Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas 2004

Although predominant revisions (thru the X300 and, partcicularly, the X308 updates) saved the Mk 2 aggressive in a few regions towards its rivals, the simple layout and 'tough points' of the Mk 2 dated again to 1986 which intended the automobile became in no time being outclassed and dropping floor to its rivals, lots of whom have been now generations on from the MK 2 XJ. For example, for the reason that Mk 2 became unveiled in 1986 on the equal time because the Mk 2 BMW 7 Series (E32), BMW had when you consider that released Mk 3 (E38) and Mk 4 (E65) variations of its 7 Series in 1994 and 2001 respectively - whilst Jaguar became nevertheless generating the Mk 2 XJ.

In September 2002, the all-new 1/3 technology XJ (referred to as X350) arrived in showrooms. While the automobile's outside and indoors styling have been conventional in appearance, the automobile became absolutely re-engineered. The new vehicle additionally noticed the go back of the fabled XJ6 badge, and with it 6-cylinder energy, albeit in a V-configuration.

Design and engineering

Like the Audi A8, the X350's chassis and frame are produced from aluminium. While a few metal is utilized in a few locations at some stage in the chassis, the X350 has an aluminium monocoque/chassis comparable in preferred layout to a traditional metal structure, however with differences; its underbody additives are bonded collectively with aerospace-grade epoxy adhesives whilst round 3,two hundred self-piercing rivets are used to create the brand new XJ's unibody. A traditional metal frame might be spot-welded. Interestingly, the development technique of X350 is extraordinary to the only Audi employs for the A8, however each techniques are taken into consideration advanced.

On its own, the contemporary XJ's bodyshell weighs approximately similar to a cutting-edge Mini. If the automobile have been product of metal, it's miles predicted that it might weigh 40% greater.

Some of the styling capabilities that distinguish the X350 from the preceding XJ consist of the outer headlights, that are large than the internal headlights, and wheels that are driven towards the corners of the automobile (because of an multiplied wheelbase), each just like the authentic Mk 1 XJ. Also, the X350 dispenses with the 1/3 aspect window of its predecessor, reverting again to 2 aspect home windows just like the Mk 1. The curve withinside the rear door resembles that of the Jaguar saloons of the Nineteen Fifties and 1960s.


The V8 engines remained withinside the new version, however have been now the revised and greater effective variations observed withinside the 2002 S-Type. The 290 Bhp litre and 370 Bhp litre supercharged engines from the X308 Mk II have been changed via way of means of the S-Type's three hundred Bhp 4.2 litre and four hundred Bhp 4.2 litre supercharged gadgets respectively, whilst a brand new 3.five litre V8 became additionally introduced. Derived from the 3.2 litre engine of the preceding version, it produced 265 Bhp.

The 240 Bhp 3.2 litre V8 from the preceding version became changed via way of means of the 240 Bhp litre V6 from the X-Type and S-Type. The V6 powers the XJ6, whilst the XJ8 is powered via way of means of a evidently-aspirated V8. The XJR is powered via way of means of a litre V8. The XJ6 is the most effective X350 version now no longer offered withinside the Americas.

2005 additionally noticed the creation of the primary ever diesel-powered XJ Jaguar, a perception that became unthinkable only some years in the past and a version which nevertheless reasons constenation among conventional Jaguar lovers and owners. Featuring the equal Ford-Peugeot-evolved 2.7 litre dual rapid V6 unit observed withinside the S-Type, the engine produces 204 Bhp and 321 lb toes of torque. Called the XJ TDVi, this version is regularly praised now no longer most effective because the maximum effective diesel towards further powered rivals, however additionally the exceptional diesel-engined vehicle withinside the world.


Despite a few critics' worries that the XJ's styling is dated, the overall consensus is that the X350 is a good vehicle proposing sharp and attractive handling, a clean trip and effective engines, especially the V8 and diesel engines.

The pinnacle-line XJs are branded as Vanden Plas (in North America) and Daimler (anywhere else).

The Super V8 is the quickest and maximum costly version, with the XJR a near second. The Super V8, which debuted withinside the 2004 version 12 months withinside the new X350 frame style, is basically a long-wheelbase, supercharged XJ8. Its number one competitor is the Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG. A special cord mesh grille and chrome-completed aspect mirrors set the Super V8 and the XJR aside from the much less costly XJ sedans.

All North American XJs are powered via way of means of a three hundred hp (224 kW) evidently aspirated engine. A four hundred hp (298 kW) supercharged from 4.2 L V8 engine is optional. The valvetrain has a twin overhead cam layout with 4 valves consistent with cylinder. The pinnacle pace is constrained electronically.

In early 2005, Jaguar introduced its maximum exclusive, effective and costly XJ sedan because it ceased V12 production. Called the 2006 Super V8 Portfolio, it's miles a constrained-version trim stage of the flagship Super V8 sedan. It debuted on the New York International Auto Show in March 2005, and is the maximum costly Jaguar sedan produced to date, with a base charge of US$115,995. The Portfolio capabilities delivered energy in addition to outside and indoors enhancements, consisting of a DVD participant and 7-inch monitors withinside the rear headrests. The Super V8 Portfolio, aimed toward American and Canadian markets, have become to be had in August 2005. It is to be had in most effective new, constrained colors: Black Cherry and Winter Gold. The equal version is offered below the call Daimler Super Eight and Daimler logo at the European and different global markets.

The Super V8 Portfolio is powered via way of means of Jaguar's supercharged four hundred hp, 4.2 L, 32-valve, AJ-V8 engine. Top pace is one hundred fifty five mph and the Portfolio has a zero to 60 mph acceleration time of 5 seconds.