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2002 Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90, a authentic SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), is the primary automobile of its kind which takes different street customers into account. The Volvo XC90 has been designed to assist defend the ones in decrease motors, pedestrians and cyclists.

This attention has additionally been prolonged to the occupants of the Volvo XC90. Its centre of gravity is decrease than that of a traditional SUV, which minimises the hazard of the automobile rolling over. If, regardless of everything, the automobile have been to roll over, it has a in particular bolstered roof, unique sensors to anxiety the protection belts, and the airbags and Inflatable Curtain might be activated.The Volvo XC90 may be ordered with up to 3 rows of seats. The seats withinside the 0.33 row are designed for youngsters. A incredible deal of labor turned into committed to creating the 0.33 row of seats as secure because the others.All of the passenger seats may be folded down individually, for maximum load area flexibility.

There are some of revolutionary techno-logical answers withinside the Volvo XC90. The All Wheel Drive gadget is of the identical kind as used withinside the recently-released Volvo S60 AWD, however tailored to satisfy the necessities of an SUV. The Volvo XC90 is the maximum bendy and most secure SUV available in the marketplace, and it is also a pride to pressure.

Design: masculinity and versatility the Scandinavian manner

"Masculine, however now no longer macho; muscular, however now no longer competitive," is how the brand new Volvo XC90 is defined with the aid of using Peter Horbury, former Vice President and Chief Designer at Volvo Car Corporation.

The muscular stance is the synthesis of some of conventional but particular Volvo capabilities:

  • the upright the front with its darkish, egg-crate grille
  • the V-formed hood, similarly emphasized at the Volvo XC90
  • the broad, mentioned shoulders
  • the function tail lamps

"Nobody ought to be in any doubt that that is a present day Volvo," says Peter Horbury.

The muscularity of the Volvo XC90 is matched with the aid of using chamfered corners the front and rear, selling a mild, non-competitive impression, supporting the automobile to appearance greater homogenous.

"Cockpit ahead layout"

Peter Horbury is glad to speak approximately the "cockpit ahead layout" withinside the Volvo XC90, in which the passenger compartment has been moved as some distance ahead withinside the automobile as feasible, and in which the sloping windscreen is located similarly ahead than in maximum different SUVs.

This has allowed Volvo to make a seven-seater SUV inside compact basic frame dimensions. The Volvo XC90 is four.eighty metres long, simply 87 mm longer than a Volvo V70.

The tailgate at the Volvo XC90 has a instead sporty attitude. This is one manner of pronouncing that that is no normal property vehicle, because the vertical tailgate is this sort of famous layout function of the Volvo V70 and XC70.

The incline of the tailgate additionally method that the roofline is truncated, making the automobile appearance shorter and giving it a very well present day sporty stance on the street.

The tailgate splits into an higher and a decrease half. The decrease segment may be used as a seat or table.

The bumpers of the XC90 appear to embody the automobile and the difficult, darkish coloured, composite panels offer a protecting cradle. This emphasises the automobile's better floor clearance and its SUV appeal.

Interior with a Scandinavian flavour

The indoors of the Volvo XC90 is characterized with the aid of using airiness, area and great materials.

The massive glass panels permit masses of mild to go into the passenger compartment, and the cleanness of the format and indoors trim similarly boosts the sensation of area and elegance.

Facing the motive force is certainly considered one among the auto world's clearest and maximum ergonomically designed tool panels.

It is characterized with the aid of using Scandinavian simplicity of line and functionality: masses of statistics from a small quantity of meticulously designed contraptions.

Compared with the ones located in a passenger vehicle, the contraptions and controls are angled barely up in the direction of the motive force's eyes. Together with the excessive seating role, this complements the sensation of manipulate - the unmarried great that SUV consumers usually prize maximum exceedingly.

The seats withinside the Volvo XC90 are designed to permit it to be simpler to climb inside and out of the automobile.

Focus on flexibility

The indoors of the Volvo XC90 gives what's possibly the best flexibility withinside the SUV class. Despite its compact dimensions, the automobile gives beneficiant indoors area. The Volvo XC90 may be ordered both as a 5-seater or in seven-seater configuration.

No be counted which variation the client chooses, each the second one and 0.33 rows of seats may be folded right all the way down to create a completely flat baggage compartment ground no much less than 1.89 metres long, 1.thirteen metres huge and with a extent of 2404 litres (SAE).

The center row of seats, designed like seats in a normal passenger vehicle, has a 3-element backrest to provide most flexibility. The center seat on this row may be ready with an incorporated toddler booster cushion. In a 7-seater the kid seat can slide forwards in order that it's far located in part among the 2 the front seats, therefore enhancing touch among the kid and the mother and father withinside the the front seats.

The 0.33 row capabilities separate seats, imparting complete consolation for youngsters or for adults of modest build.

"Everyone rides in Business Class withinside the Volvo XC90, no one travels financial system class. It is genuine that the 0.33 row isn't always constructed for tremendous adults, however a present day own circle of relatives not often desires room for seven grown-ups withinside the vehicle", concludes Peter Horbury.

Chassis and powertrain: overall performance and roadholding at top class degree

The Volvo XC90 is a automobile designed for all kinds of roads, no matter the floor underneath the tyres and the climate conditions.

Even aleven though it isn't essentially meant for off-street riding, the mixture of electronically managed 4-wheel pressure and 218 millimetres of floor clearance creates the proper preconditions for endured development while the going receives difficult.

The feeling of protection that the excessive seating role offers the motive force is supplemented with the expertise that he or she will manipulate the auto with the assist of instant, nicely-weighted reaction from the chassis, engine and brakes. Progress is therefore greater comfortable and comfortable.

The chassis withinside the Volvo XC90 is designed to present the automobile the identical journey and roadholding as a passenger vehicle. It is primarily based totally at the chassis of the Volvo S80, S60 and V70, motors which are famend for his or her super street manners.

In the Volvo XC90, however, the suspension has been beefed up and dimensioned to deal with heavier hundreds and better floor clearance.

Well remoted rear suspension for quieter development

The rear suspension of multi-hyperlink kind is nicely remoted, with the dampers and comes connected immediately to the subframe. This consequences in a quieter journey, considering that street and transmission noise is basically filtered out earlier than it reaches the bodywork.

The the front suspension is of MacPherson kind and, collectively with the brand new ZF guidance tools, promotes multiplied precision and sharp reaction. The Volvo XC90 has a really huge track (1634 mm the front, 1624 mm rear) and a protracted wheelbase (2859 mm among the the front and rear axles). This makes for tremendous balance, with the automobile behaving very continually and dependably even on curving, twisting and choppy roads.

The Volvo XC90 may be distinct with various wheel as much as 18 inches.

The braking gadget withinside the Volvo XC90 is dimensioned to assist forestall the automobile safely, even if it's far absolutely loaded with seven humans and their baggage. This is accomplished with an optimised brakesystem and EBA (Emergency Brake Assistance). This gadget video display units how quick the brake pedal is pressed, and may therefore decide if the motive force is panic-braking. In this sort of situation, the brake stress is boosted to most withinside the shortest feasible time, therefore decreasing the preventing distance.

Electronically managed AWD

One crucial element withinside the recipe for secure riding pride withinside the Volvo XC90 is its digital AWD gadget, evolved in near cooperation with one of the most important specialists on this area - Haldex of Sweden.

Just like in preceding AWD fashions from Volvo, the 4-wheel pressure gadget withinside the XC90 operates absolutely independently of motive force input, this is to mention strength is sent mechanically among the the front and rear wheels for fine feasible grip on all kinds of street surfaces.

The electronically managed AWD gadget is clever. It video display units the automobile's touch with the underlying street floor and assesses the alerts that the motive force gets thru the guidance wheel, brake pedal and accelerator. This statistics then enables decide whether, and in that case how, the gadget ought to respond.

In everyday riding on dry roads, nearly all strength is introduced to the the front wheels.

If the street floor reasons the the front wheels to slip, strength is proportionately diverted to the rear wheels. With electronically activated 4-wheel pressure, AWD engagement takes vicinity extraordinarily quick, after simply one-7th of a wheel turn, which gets rid of wheelspin and guarantees dependable street grip. As a end result, the AWD gadget withinside the Volvo XC90 has all of the advantages of everlasting 4-wheel pressure, with out the accompanying risks together with better gasoline intake and heavier weight.

The digital AWD gadget interacts withinside the Volvo XC90 with the energetic chassis structures DSTC - Dynamic Stability and Traction Control. This is an anti-skid gadget that mechanically counteracts any preliminary tendency in the direction of a skid earlier than the motive force even has time to notice. The gadget constantly compares the automobile's route of development with the motive force's guidance wheel movements. If the automobile suggests any tendency to begin skidding, the brakes are immediately implemented to at least one or greater wheels as vital till the automobile stabilises and the skid is avoided. DSTC additionally consists of an anti-spin gadget that mechanically brakes the wheel that spins, in order that pressure is diverted to the wheel with the fine grip. It additionally controls the engine torque.

Engines for each want

The Volvo XC90 is to be had with a preference of 3 engines, all made absolutely of aluminium:

  • An in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine with a displacement of 2.nine litres, ready with dual turbochargers. It produces 272 bhp (2 hundred kW) and has no much less than 380 Nm of torque from simply 1800 revs/min. 0-100km/h takes nine.three seconds and the pinnacle velocity is constrained to 210 km/h.
  • An in-line five-cylinder 2.five litre petrol engine with a mild-stress turbocharger. It has a strength output of 210 bhp (154 kW) and torque of 320 from 1500 revs/min. 0-one hundred km/h takes nine.nine seconds and the pinnacle velocity is 210 km/h.
  • An in-line five-cylinder 2.four litre not unusualplace rail turbodiesel engine. It produces 163 bhp (one hundred twenty kW) and gives 340 Nm from 1750 revs/min. 0-one hundred km/h takes 12.three seconds and the pinnacle velocity is 185 km/h.

All 3 engines come from Volvo's passenger vehicle variety, however they had been re-profiled to in shape XC90. In particular, the petrol engines produce some distance greater torque from decrease down the rev variety. The 6-cylinder engine is the identical unit that powers Volvo's biggest sedan, the S80 T6. It has a parallel faster gadget - small and exceedingly green turbochargers which are set up along every different. They are pushed with the aid of using and feed 3 cylinders every.

In the Volvo XC90, the T6 engine's displacement has been enlarged from 2.eight to 2.nine litres and it's far ready with variable valve timing or CVVT on each the inlet and exhaust sides. CVVT adjusts valve timing to in shape the engine's cutting-edge revs and load, and it therefore exploits the engine greater efficaciously, decreasing gasoline intake and emissions.

One of the maximum crucial consequences is that most torque is to be had from simply 1800 revs/minute, in comparison with the 2000 revs/minute of the 2.eight-litre model.

Best of worlds: Geartronic

The Volvo XC90 T6 has four-velocity Geartronic computerized transmission as standard. With Geartronic, the motive force receives the fine of each worlds: on the only hand, the transmission may be left to attend to gearchanging absolutely mechanically, or the motive force can over-journey the gadget to extrade gears manually with out a seize pedal.

The computerized transmission is adaptive, this means that that it video display units the motive force's riding fashion and adjusts the gearchanging sample accordingly. It additionally capabilities a "W" putting for iciness riding on slippery surfaces. Here, the auto begins offevolved off in a better tools to keep away from wheelspin and lack of manipulate.

The five-cylinder mild-stress faster engine now reaches its most torque of 320 Nm (236 ft.lbs) from simply 1500 revs/minute, giving the XC90 super beginning characteristics. This has been accomplished with an extended piston stroke, growing engine displacement from 2.four to 2.five litres. This extrade is matched with the aid of using a relatively smaller turbocharger which steps into operation a piece earlier. Like its larger sibling the T6, the 2.five litre engine has Dual CVVT.

In addition, strength output has multiplied from 2 hundred to 210 (US 197 to 208) brake horsepower.

The five-cylinder mild-stress faster engine may be laid out in mixture with a five-velocity Geartronic computerized transmission.

2d technology not unusualplace rail

The newly evolved five-cylinder 163 bhp diesel engine capabilities 2nd-technology not unusualplace rail technology. Fuel is injected into the cylinders below extraordinarily excessive stress, as much as 1600 bar. This guarantees an exceedingly finely dispensed deliver of gasoline at some point of the injection sequence. The end result is remarkably green combustion, boosting the engine's performance and decreasing emissions.

The turbocharger is of the VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine) kind. This method that the turbine capabilities movable vanes at the inlet aspect, which promotes a excessive turbine performance score at some point of the rev variety. This lets in a excessive raise stress from low revs, ensuing in a flat torque curve and better strength output.

The diesel engine transmits its strength through a five-velocity Geartronic computerized transmission.

Safety: the attractions are set on leadership

Customers count on Volvo to hold its lead withinside the area of protection - no matter automobile kind. With the release of its first-ever SUV, Volvo Car Corporation enters a completely new segment, and the intention is flawlessly clear: to steer the manner in phrases of protection.

As in all different Volvo fashions, protection withinside the Volvo XC90 is a holistic concern. Safety is by no means accomplished with the aid of using really including some of man or woman stand-by myself capabilities right into a vehicle: what's crucial is the interplay among them - it's far this interaction that shapes the end result.

This holistic method is - and constantly has been - one of the nook stones of Volvo's protection philosophy.

With the access of Volvo Cars into the SUV market, there's multiplied cognizance on numerous new areas. One of them is roll-over accidents, in which the automobile rolls over onto its roof one or greater instances.

Roll-over Protection System

Volvo's Roll-over Protection System, ROPS, tackles the trouble from directions:

  • a balance-improving gadget, RSC, which minimises the hazard of rolling over withinside the first vicinity
  • multiplied safety for the occupants if the automobile does roll-over

Owing to its better centre of gravity, an SUV might also additionally have a better hazard of rolling over in sure essential conditions in comparison with a traditional passenger vehicle. That is why the centre of gravity withinside the Volvo XC90 has been saved as little as feasible in comparison to maximum SUVs. In fact, it's far simply 89 mm better than that of the Volvo XC70.

However, this doesn't suggest that Volvo has compromised on one of the houses that SUV consumers price so exceedingly: a commanding seating role. The the front seats aren't anyt any much less than a hundred sixty five millimetres better than withinside the Volvo XC70.

Roll Stability Control

In order to assist lessen the hazard of a roll-over situation, the Volvo XC90 is ready with an energetic balance-improving gadget called Roll Stability Control or RSC. The gadget makes use of a gyro-sensor to sign in the auto's roll velocity and roll attitude. Using this statistics, the terminal attitude is straight away calculated and therefore additionally the roll-over hazard.

If the calculated attitude is so incredible that there's an apparent hazard of rolling over, the DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) anti-skid gadget is activated. DSTC responds with the aid of using decreasing the engine's strength and additionally with the aid of using braking one or greater wheels as vital till the auto understeers and balance is regained.

This enables lessen the hazard of a roll-over coincidence initiated with the aid of using excessive manœuvres.

RSC is the simplest energetic balance-enhancement gadget available in the marketplace to degree the auto's roll attitude.

Special metallic in a bolstered roof shape

If the Volvo XC90 reports a roll-over the passive protection structures step in. The intention is to lessen the hazard of the occupants' heads from entering touch with the auto's indoors roof panel or sides. Volvo has bolstered components of the roof shape withinside the Volvo XC90 with extraordinarily difficult Boron metallic, that's 4 or 5 instances more potent than everyday metallic.

All the seats are ready with seat belt pretensioners to maintain the occupants securely in vicinity. In an coincidence, the pretensioner pulls the seat belt firmly throughout the occupant's frame so one can assist offer most safety.

In order to assist save you the top from placing the auto's sides, the Volvo XC90 is ready with Volvo's IC or Inflatable Curtain. IC additionally enables save you the occupants from being ejected in an coincidence.

The Volvo XC90 has a model of IC this is in particular tailored to address roll-over accidents.

This method that it remains absolutely inflated for longer in an effort to provide most safety in a roll-over scenario. What is greater, the curtain is folded in its cassette in this sort of manner that it follows the contour of the window glass because it inflates. If the occupant's head is resting towards the window in the mean time of inflation, the curtain will therefore slip among the glass and the occupant's head to offer more suitable safety.

In the Volvo XC90, all 3 rows of seats withinside the 7-seat model are included with the aid of using the IC.

Selfless compatibility

The trouble of compatibility - while an SUV collides with a vehicle that sits toward the street floor - turned into in company cognizance at some point of the improvement of the brand new Volvo XC90. The ordinary SUV has a excessive floor clearance and therefore frequently comes with excessive-located bumpers. This might also additionally create a extra hazard of harm to the oncoming passenger vehicle and greater severe accidents to its passengers, because the decrease vehicle's protecting beams and collapse zones really slip beneath the the front of the SUV with out being activated.

In order to lessen the hazard of this form of harm, the the front suspension subframe withinside the Volvo XC90 is supplemented with a decrease cross-member, located at the peak of the beam in a traditional vehicle. This decrease beam is incorporated into the XC90s shape and is well hid in the back of the spoiler.

This production reduces hazard of accidents in frontal collisions in addition to in rear-give up affects and aspect affects. The decrease cross-member moves the oncoming vehicle's protecting shape, activating its collapse area as meant so the occupants may be given the most degree of safety.

During the improvement of the Volvo XC90, giant interest turned into additionally paid to the protection of pedestrians, cyclists and different notably unprotected street-customers. The whole the front of the auto capabilities clean, mild and easy lines, and there aren't anyt any sticking out components which might also additionally reason more suitable accidents.

The engine withinside the Volvo XC90 is set up low withinside the automobile. As a end result, the bonnet has no much less than eighty mm of deformation area earlier than there's any touch with the engine beneath it. It therefore serves as a tender effect-absorbing "bumper", decreasing the hazard of great harm to a pedestrian who can be thrown onto the bonnet.

High protection degree withinside the 0.33 row of seats

The Volvo XC90s 0.33 row of seats affords a excessive degree of passenger protection. There is beneficiant area in the back of it, so collision pressure in a rear-give up effect may be efficaciously absorbed and dissipated.

The occupants of the rearmost seats take a seat down simply above the rear axle, that's the surest role in phrases of aspect-effect protection. These seats additionally function belt tensioners, head restraints and, as already mentioned, the Inflatable Curtain or IC.

The the front airbags are of the dual-degree kind, with a sensor that video display units the incoming collision pressure and adjusts the airbag's inflation accordingly.

Safety for the auto's youngest occupants has constantly been a excessive precedence at Volvo. That is why the Volvo XC90 may be distinct with the standardised attachment gadget for toddler seats, ISOFIX, in each the primary and 2nd row of seats.

WHIPS, Volvo's award-triumphing Whiplash Protection System, is outfitted withinside the the front seats of the Volvo XC90. WHIPS is activated withinside the occasion of a rear-give up collision from speeds as little as 15 km/h, supporting to lessen trauma at the backbone and neck and therefore decreasing the hazard of harm.

Electronically managed all-wheel pressure for quick, clever activation

The XC90s electronically managed all-wheel pressure gadget is absolutely computerized, and one of the maximum technically state-of-the-art structures available in the marketplace today.

By evaluation with the sooner Volvo all-wheel pressure structures primarily based totally on a viscous coupling differential, the brand new AWD gadget is plenty greater quick in its reaction. One of the the front wheels want simplest begin to slip thru a 7th of a unmarried wheel revolution for the gadget to divert greater strength to the rear wheels. This method that the brand new AWD gadget affords plenty higher beginning traction on tough surfaces, minimising the hazard, for instance, of the the front wheels digging themselves into tender sand. The 'heavier' the riding floor is, e.g. moist sand or mud, the extra the distinction and the blessings in comparison with the sooner gadget.

Normally whatever among five and sixty five percentage of the strength is introduced to the rear wheels, relying at the riding conditions. Changes in the quantity of strength diverted to the rear wheels take vicinity extraordinarily quick however smoothly, with out the motive force even noticing.

Managing the distribution of strength among proper and left is the Traction Control System (TRACS), Volvo's traction gadget. TRACS intervenes while vital with the aid of using braking one wheel to growth the relative strength to the wheel with the fine traction. This method that the AWD gadget, running at the side of TRACS, can distribute strength to the wheels, that have the fine traction at any given time.

In greater everyday riding on accurate surfaces, the digital AWD gadget similarly complements the auto-like characteristics of the Volvo XC90. The guidance precision is super even if accelerating hard - whatever comparable to torque steer is really removed with the aid of using the fast reaction of the brand new gadget in mixture with the brand new precision guidance tools from ZF.

When the Volvo XC90 is being parked, the AWD gadget is managed to save you the the front and rear axles from 'competing' for strength at angles as much as complete lock, making sure smooth manoeuvring for the motive force.

When the automobile is braked, the gadget is deactivated in order that the brake and ABS structures can characteristic efficaciously, for excessive balance and brief braking distances.

Similarly, the AWD gadget is deactivated with the aid of using the Dynamic Stability and Traction Control gadget (DSTC) if this plays any braking intervention to counteract skidding.

Here is a quick technical description of the manner Volvo's new AWD gadget works: one hundred instances in keeping with 2nd, the digital manipulate gadget makes an 'clever' evaluation of statistics from some of exclusive sources:

  • Wheel rotation velocity (as measured with the aid of using the ABS sensors)
  • Throttle status
  • Engine torque
  • Engine velocity
  • Braking gadget

The gadget has 3 primary components: a hydraulic pump that's actuated with the aid of using variations in velocity among the axles, a 'moist' multi-disc coupling, and a manipulate valve with electronics.

The complete coupling may be seemed as a hydraulic pump wherein the pump housing and the ring-formed piston are related to at least one axle, even as the piston manipulate unit is attached to the alternative axle. When each axles are rotating on the identical velocity, no pumping takes vicinity. As quickly as a distinction in velocity arises, the gadget begins offevolved pumping oil. Because the pump used is a reciprocating pump, its movement is really instantaneous, heading off the put off inherent in a slower form of pump.

The oil is pumped to a coupling piston, which compresses the multi-disc part of the coupling, thereby decreasing the velocity distinction. From right here the oil is lower back to a tank through an adjustable take a look at valve which controls the oil stress and consequently the stress at the coupling discs.

Electronic manipulate method that the coupling responds preferably in an entire variety of riding conditions.