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Renault 5 Concept 2021

The soul of the Renault logo is firmly in its roots, and Gilles Vidal's layout crew have been stimulated with the aid of using the long-lasting cult version from Renault's beyond, the R5. The Renault five prototype appears to reconnect with this beyond and draw concept to discover the spirit of these superb instances with out simply replicating it. Instead, it demonstrates how Renault will democratise the electrical vehicle in Europe with a present day method stimulated with the aid of using one of the maximum famous and crucial motors of its era.

The Renault five Prototype is a charming, compact, town vehicle which takes one in all Renault's undying successes and develops it to be suit for the destiny with a present day, a hundred in keeping with cent electric powered twist. It has retained the a laugh and mischievous person, with the pop of yellow highlights. The Renault five prototype takes robust capabilities from the authentic layout. The present day method is clear withinside the selected finishes and materials, which can be stimulated with the aid of using diverse electronics, furnishings and sports.

"The layout of the Renault five Prototype is primarily based totally at the R5, a cult version of our heritage. This prototype sincerely embodies modernity, a car applicable to its time: urban, electric powered, attractive." Gilles Vidal, Renault Design Director

The R5 is right away recognisable, however way to a present day remedy of strains and flush surfaces with futuristic detailing, the end result is consistent with cutting-edge instances. Additonally, the styling factors taken from the authentic layout disguise a number of the greater present day capabilities, for example: the bonnet air consumption hides the charging hatch, the rear lighting fixtures encompass aero flaps and the fog lamps withinside the bumper are daylight hours walking lighting fixtures. There is even a nod to the authentic 'five' at the facet vent, the wheels and rear logo.

The the front give up and the fabric roof are stimulated with the aid of using the arena of furnishings and are complete of 'French charm', with a touch of mischief and person that attracts at the heartstrings. The the front and rear trademarks mild up, bringing the vehicle 'to life'.

The French flag located withinside the rear-view mirrors underline the "invented in France" ethos of the car, and the call displayed at the small obvious display at the dashboard presents that very last flourish.