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Peugeot 308 SW 2022

A silhouette in its very own proper, the PEUGEOT logo is proud to give the trendy PEUGEOT 308 SW. It has an expressive fashion with a racy profile and a complicated rear cease. Efficient and ultra-present day with out compromising at the necessities and expectancies of clients withinside the compact property section.The new PEUGEOT 308 SW is available in numerous styles of engine, rechargeable hybrids (HYBRID 225 e-EAT8, HYBRID a hundred and eighty e-EAT8), petrol variations (PureTech one hundred ten S&S BVM6, PureTech one hundred thirty S&S BVM6 and PureTech one hundred thirty S&S EAT8) and diesel variations (BlueHdi one hundred thirty S&S BVM6 and BlueHdi one hundred thirty S&S EAT8).

Depending at the usa, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW may be bought at the logo's on-line income site, for a 100% virtual shopping revel in, trade-in, financing and a desire of transport location.The new PEUGEOT 308 SW is a part of the C-section property, a marketplace wherein PEUGEOT has had quite a few achievement for lots years. Although at once challenged through SUVs, this section has remained consistent for the reason that 2010, call for in Europe stays robust and income forecasts are solid for the years to come.The property vehicle patron base is each the youngest and maximum dynamic withinside the C section and could be very connected to the silhouette. Represented through lively couples, without or with children, who use their car intensively (they're the section's largest drivers).
They are very worrying and feature many expectancies, consisting of fashion, using delight and generation, with out compromising on quantity and spaciousness.
It is on this context that the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW is capable of meet all desires and all patron groups (70% expert and 30% private) and is prepared to win over new clients.
The new PEUGEOT 308 SW is located on the pinnacle of the variety with a idea primarily based totally on those key themes: layout, performance, generation and modularity.The project for the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW in phrases of favor changed into to offer man or woman and desire, at the same time as imparting notable load quantity. Like with the saloon, the structure's form changed into optimised to layout a completely sloping roof and boom the vicinity of fabric to be had to form the rear with out compromising the indoors area.The new PEUGEOT 308 SW is a vehicle with a robust character that embodies the perception of favor because the carrier of feature. It has been designed to draw and draw the gaze closer to an item whose top goal is loading, area on board and practicality.
The wheelbase is 55mm longer than that of the saloon, which provides to the narrow silhouette and rear area.
Therefore the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW rear cease has the function form of the brand new PEUGEOT 308's aspect theme, sculpted in depth, which creates a stated mild consumption that presses the auto to the ground, that is the important thing to its stance.The layout of the aspect window inset, which falls quicker than the roof, creates a version withinside the fabric (thicker frame colour) which offers the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW a specifically dynamic silhouette withinside the section. The rear cease functions the ultra-skinny complete LED lighting fixtures of the saloon, however with out the black strip that hyperlinks them at the latter, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW is alternatively in search of to boom the quantity of perceived bodywork, specially on the rear flap, to mirror its introduced quantity and draw the attention to the more area.Like the saloon, the rear cease has been designed to optimise the airflow sample for aerodynamic performance. The skirt is specifically imposing, because it acts as an extension of the decrease a part of the sidewall like an aerodynamic deflector through breaking the air glide coming from the doors.At the the front cease, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW bears the brand new PEUGEOT logo crest in a grille this is totally devoted to it. Its presence is bolstered through the sample of the grille which steadily converges closer to it.
A layout and technological evolution, the radar for the using aids disappears in the back of the crest (radome generation the usage of indium well suited with radar waves), giving it delight of area at the grille. The variety plate has been moved to the lowest of the the front cease.The the front headlamps use LED generation from the primary trim stage. The headlamp and chiselled and sharp to make a contribution to the dynamics and identification of this new PEUGEOT 308 SW. They are prolonged through daylight jogging lighting fixtures withinside the form of fangs at the the front bumper. This mild signature is flawlessly in line with the modern PEUGEOT fashion, identifiable at the beginning look through day and night.On the GT/GT Pack levels, the Full LED headlights are even slimmer and turn out to be PEUGEOT Matrix LED Technology, for more performance and protection in ordinary using.At the rear, the lighting fixtures undertake complete LED generation showing the three claws for a present day mild signature, precise to the logo. The new PEUGEOT 308 SW will are available in seven colours: Avatar Blue, Elixir Red, Pearl White, Banquise White, Artense Grey, Platinum Grey, Perla Nera Black. PERFECT FIT, certainly nicely designed The new PEUGEOT 308 SW is constructed on a scaled-up model of the EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform) multi-strength platform, which lets in a extensive variety of variations to be deployed. Two plug-in hybrid variations are to be had from launch.
The platform consists of new structural elements, for even more performance, protection, using delight and luxury.Compared to the saloon, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW will increase its wheelbase (+fifty five mm) to attain 2.732 m, with 129 mm of knee room in row 2, and maximises the boot quantity
The new PEUGEOT 308 SW is longer, decrease and sleeker than the preceding model: the period is now four.sixty four m (+6 cm), the tracks (are same): 1,559 mm / 1,553 mm the windscreen tilts and actions again, decrease through 20 mm, the peak is now 1.forty four m. The rear overhang is 21 cm longer than that of the saloon, because of this that the rear cease is flawlessly balanced among: a bumper that completely displays the brand new layout, a deep and spacious boot. The dimensions of the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW flawlessly meet the expectancies of the section's clients and permit it to provide one of the first-rate boots ordinary at the marketplace, with a -function ground (inner combustion engines) that guarantees practicality and modularity. On inner combustion engines, the boot beneathneath the parcel shelf has a quantity of: with the boot ground withinside the decreased function, 608 litres of water and compartmentalized garage area beneathneath-carpet. The -function ground gives garage area in the back of the seat backs. To make it even greater realistic, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW has a three-component bench seat (40/20/40) as general. It is geared up with a machine to right away fold the 3 sections of the seat through the usage of controls without difficulty reachable from the edges of the boot. This modular bench seat may be configured as follows, relying on what the patron requires: proper-hand backrest folded down only, the centre backrest folded down to show a protracted area for skis. left and primary backrests folded down, proper and centre backs folded down With all of the seat backs folded down, the to be had quantity is, at the inner combustion engines, with the boot ground withinside the decreased function, 1634 litres of water and compartmentalized garage area beneathneath-carpet. With the bench seat folded down, you may load an item longer than 1.eighty five m. To make this realistic on a every day basis, the boot vicinity is geared up with a 12V socket at the proper-hand boot trim, LED lighting fixtures withinside the vicinity, garage nets and bag hooks. The boot windstop may be without difficulty unlocked with one hand through urgent upwards at the primary manage to roll up without difficulty. On inner combustion engines, the boot windstop may be saved beneathneath the carpet or beneathneath the ground in positions. The boot flap is motorised to facilitate get admission to when you have your palms complete, commencing automatically: through sweeping the foot beneathneath the bumper,through urgent the button at the far flung manage key, through urgent the outside manage of the tailgate, through urgent the frenzy button at the dashboard. PERFECT FIT, green
The new PEUGEOT 308 SW advantages from excessive-stage aerodynamics, with a Cx of zero.277 and an SCx of zero.618 m². The fashion of all frame elements is optimised (bumpers, rear sector panels, diffuser, frame pillars, mirrors, underbody screens, etc.).The tyres on the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW variety from sixteen to 18 inches, in Class A and A+ categories, for higher smoothness, with out sacrificing the logo's necessities in phrases of benchmark street holding.

In order to enhance vibration absorption, the stress of the frame is optimised through bonding structural elements. More than ever, using delight is withinside the very DNA of this new PEUGEOT 308 SW, with exemplary street holding, pinnacle-of-the-variety trip consolation, notable using delight and ideal coping with on the town with a turning radius among kerbs of 10.sixty eight m.The seats withinside the new PEUGEOT 308 SW had been designed with nicely-being in thoughts and to focus on the nice of the substances used: scalable flecked fabric, technical mesh, alcantara, embossed leather-based and colored nappa leather-based.On the GT variations, an Adamite-colored signature thread laces via the seats, highlighting the dashboard, door panels and the froth pads at the console. The the front seats had been offered the AGR (Aktion für Gesunder Rücken) label, as general or as an option, profitable each ergonomics and variety of adjustment. They also can be geared up with 10- manner energy adjustment with reminiscence settings.The wrap-round the front seats also can be geared up with an non-compulsory eight-pocket pneumatic rubdown machine with numerous differentiated programmes, in addition to seat heating.And now no longer forgetting connectivity, with USB C sockets (charging and charging/data) on the rear of the centre console from the Allure stage.There have additionally been technological modifications for the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW's distinct home windows: a totally heated windscreen, multiplied window thickness on the the front and rear, acoustic laminated aspect home windows in row 1 relying at the model, a frameless indoors replicate from the Allure trim stage onwards, along with a cyancoloured LED on hybrid engines, indicating to the outdoor global that the car is shifting in 0 emission mode.
The aircon machine has been absolutely redesigned to enhance thermal consolation for the occupants, and passengers in row 2 have air vents withinside the rear of the centre console.As for the air inside, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW is geared up with the AQS (Air Quality System) which continuously video display units the nice of the air coming into the passenger compartment and may spark off the air recycling machine on its very own. From the GT stage upwards, that is complemented through the Clean Cabin, an air remedy machine that filters out polluting gases and particles. The air nice is displayed at the primary contact display.
The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is a part of the logo's DNA. With every era, it turns into greater delicate and greater present day. This new PEUGEOT 308 SW marks an evolution in phrases of ergonomics, nice, layout and generation with its trendy infotainment machine, the PEUGEOT i-Connect®.
The new compact guidance wheel includes sensors able to detecting the motive force's grip at the wheel while the usage of the brand new using aids. Ergonomic and heated (non-compulsory), it consists of all of the controls: radio,media,phone,using aids. The virtual handset is placed at eye stage and consists of a 10-inch virtual show from the lively % stage. In GT, the handset is 3-dimensional. The virtual handset may be absolutely customised and customized and has numerous show modes (TomTom Connected Navigation, Radio/Media, Driving aids, Energy glide, etc.) which may be changed at once from the left manage panel.The creation of the dashboard of the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW is primarily based totally on a "excessive wind" structure which locations the air vents at once in the front of the occupants' heads. This function is top-rated for driving force and passenger consolation.
This structure approach the same old 10-inch primary touchscreen, that is barely decrease than the virtual device cluster, is positioned toward the motive force's hand through becoming certainly into the center of the general quantity of the dashboard.From the Allure stage onwards, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW introduces absolutely configurable i-toggles which update the bodily aircon the front panel. Arranged contrary the primary display, like an open book, they offer a completely unique aesthetic and stage of generation withinside the section.Each i-toggle is a contact-touchy shortcut key to the aircon settings, a phone contact, a radio station, an utility launch, etc., all of which may be configured through the user.The new PEUGEOT 308 SW's PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® keeps the precept of the "driving force-oriented" primary display which optimises using ergonomics, simply sufficient in order that the passenger does now no longer experience excluded. The equal applies to the centre console, that is intentionally open closer to the passenger. One of the targets of the indoors layout changed into to stability the distance among the 2 the front row occupants.
The layout of the centre console displays the distance saving impact of the brand new compact aircon unit. Its layout brings collectively all the auto's dynamic controls in an arch at the driving force's aspect:a brand new compact manage to pick the modes (Reverse, Neutral, Drive) and a pair of buttons (Parking and Manual) for the eight-velocity computerized gearbox,
the Driving Mode selector, to pick distinct modes (Electric, Hybrid, Eco, Normal and Sport) relying at the engine. The arch of the centre console extends to a devoted slot for wi-fi telecellsmartphone charging. The relaxation of the console is totally devoted to garage and practicality: large-diameter cup holders, USB C sockets (price and price/data), severa garage compartments, as much as 34 litres, an armrest. The new PEUGEOT 308 SW is turning into one of the new references withinside the section.The indoors layout highlights the range and richness of the substances used. The LED temper lighting fixtures (desire of eight colours) is hidden in the back of the primary display and glows over the principle décor proper as much as the door panels which, relying at the trim stage, may be foamed, in fabric, in Alcantara® or made from actual pressed aluminium elements.Depending on their competencies and desires, the brand new infotainment machine can provide absolutely each person the first-rate of the arena of smartphones and the first-rate of the arena of cars. Ergonomic and seamless with ordinary use, every driving force (up to eight profiles) can outline and keep their very own show, atmosphere and putting preferences.The mirroring feature is now wi-fi and it's far viable to attach telephones thru Bluetooth on the equal time.
The primary 10-inch excessive definition display is absolutely and without difficulty customisable, multi-window with widgets or shortcuts, very smooth to apply and responsive like a pill.It is straightforward to swipe via the distinct menus from left to proper, up and down for notifications or with a 3-finger faucet to deliver up the utility wall.You can without difficulty go back to the principle web page through urgent the contact-touchy "Home" button, similar to on a telecellsmartphone.At the pinnacle of the display, a everlasting banner presentations statistics at the outdoor temperature, aircon, function withinside the widget pages, connectivity data, notifications and the time.The technological revel in is whole with the PEUGEOT i-Connect Advanced, that is geared up with a effective and green TomTom linked navigation machine.
For top-rated legibility, the map is displayed at the complete 10-inch display and is updated "over the air".The "OK PEUGEOT" command provides to protection and simplicity of use through the usage of herbal language voice popularity to offer get admission to to all requests associated with the infotainment functions.In order to help with right use and to reply any questions, the machine integrates on-board documentation and tutorials.Developed in partnership with Focal, a French logo specialising in audio, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW's progressive FOCAL® Premium Hi-Fi machine is the fruit of greater than 3 years of co-layout work.The FOCAL® Premium Hi-Fi machine is made from 10 audio system with different patented technologies: four TNF aluminium inverted dome tweeters, four woofers/mediums with Polyglass cone and 165mm TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) suspension, 1 Polyglass centre channel, 1 Power Flower™ triple coil ovoid subwoofer. They include a brand new 12-manner 690W amplifier (boosted elegance D generation) and finished with ARKAMYS virtual sound processing.The Peugeot and Focal groups labored collectively to decide the bespoke places of every loudspeaker as a way to provide all passengers a sensational sound immersion.On board, the sound is solid and precise, voices are clean and detailed, and the bass is deep and impactful. On board the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW, the brand new era of using aids whole the variety of on-board technologies, at the best stage of the logo's expertise.A similarly step closer to semi-self sufficient using is concerned with the Drive Assist % (to be had on the cease of the year). It includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go (EAT8 computerized gearbox) and Lane Keeping Assist, and provides three new functions to be had on twin carriageways: Semi-computerized lane change: indicates the motive force overtake the car in the front and actions again into their lane, from 70 km/h to a hundred and eighty km/h. Anticipated velocity recommendation: the machine indicates to the motive force that he adapt his velocity (acceleration or deceleration) in step with the velocity restriction signs.Speed model on bends: optimises velocity in step with the curve of the bend, as much as a hundred and eighty km/h. The new PEUGEOT 308 SW comes with new gadget as general or as an option, worth of the better segments: Full fingers get admission to with a motorised boot lid, Long-variety blind spot monitoring (seventy five metres), Rear visitors alert (while reversing, warns of close by danger), New a hundred and eighty° excessive-definition rear view digital digicam with incorporated cleansing nozzle, 360° parking help with four cameras (the front, rear and aspect), Hands-unfastened begin get admission to, Fully defrostable heated windscreen and heated guidance wheel, E-name+ emergency name with passenger statistics and lane guidance, Mirror indexing while attractive opposite gear. Of course, the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW nonetheless comes with a whole variety of using help, protection and luxury gadget relying at the trim stage: Adaptive cruise manage with Stop and Go feature (EAT8 computerized gearbox) with adjustable inter-car distance putting, Adaptive Cruise Control with 30 km/h feature in guide gearbox with adjustable inter-car distance setpoint, Automatic emergency braking (detects pedestrians and cyclists, day and night, from 7 km/h to a hundred and forty km/h relying on model) with collision caution, Active lane departure caution with lane correction, Driver Attention Alert, to discover driving force alertness over lengthy using instances and at speeds of over sixty five km/h, through analysing the micro-moves of the guidance wheel, Automatic excessive beam switching, Extended popularity of visitors signs (stop, one-manner, no overtaking, cease of overtaking ban, etc.), Sunroof with velum, Perimeter, volumetric and deadlocking alarm, Electric parking brake for all variations. PERFECT FIT, the engines For petrol, three-cylinder engines with a capability of 1.2 litres: PureTech one hundred ten S&S BVM6, PureTech one hundred thirty S&S BVM6, PureTech one hundred thirty S&S EAT8. In Diesel, four-cylinder engines with a capability of 1.five litres: BlueHdi one hundred thirty S&S BVM6, BlueHdi one hundred thirty S&S EAT8, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) The purpose is to provide a TCO or fee of use this is near that of a combustion car and a hybrid car, taking into consideration all of the expenses past the easy monetary fee. All the subsequent elements ought to be taken into account:a higher residual fee while resold at the second-hand marketplace, a vast variety of monetary incentives (ecological bonuses, premiums, registration fees, resource for companies, coverage and tax deductions), a renovation fee same to that of a diesel engine (in 36 months and 90,000 km), decrease strength expenses (as much as 12% much less than a diesel engine in 36 months and 90,000 km).
The PEUGEOT eco-machine
In order to assist its clients via the strength transition, the PEUGEOT logo gives various offerings primarily based totally on numerous pillars.
PEUGEOT Easy-Charge or a way to make certain get admission to to distinct charging answers for our clients:
various domestic or workplace charging answers, thru a extensive variety of gadget (bolstered plug, Wall box, Smart Wall box, etc.), a analysis to evaluate the electric set up to be supplied and the first-rate charging solution, in addition to the very last set up via our endorsed partners, a public recharging provide thru Free2Move, making sure get admission to to a community of greater than 220,000 charging factors in Europe: choice of charging factors in step with distance, velocity and recharging price.
PEUGEOT Easy-care or a way to reassure our clients via their discovery technique and permit them to experience their vehicle with whole peace of thoughts: new simulators and virtual trips to assist find out the electrical vehicle at the PEUGEOT logo websites, tailored carrier contracts and roadside help, which may be blanketed in a unmarried financing bundle in order to experience their car with whole peace of thoughts a battery capability certificates while the auto is serviced, to make it simpler to resell their car through making sure the extent of capability of the car's battery. The battery is assured for eight years or 160,000 km at 70% of its price capability. From the telecellsmartphone MyPeugeot® utility or from the primary display, you may:
Launch or time table a thermal pre-conditioning, past consolation, this selection is used while the car is plugged in to optimize autonomy (quicker convergence of the temperature set factor throughout the beginning phases) and to attain the top-rated temperature of the battery greater quickly.
Check, time table, begin or defer the battery price. Depending at the usa of sale, thru the "on-line income" site, a patron is ready to shop for his new car, trade-in his vintage car and finance his new car from his telecellsmartphone, pill or PC. Each patron can have the liberty to select to have their car introduced to their domestic freed from price at the same time as scrupulously respecting all protection standards.PEUGEOT is affirming its character and man or woman with its new logo, and the brand new PEUGEOT 308 SW is the primary car withinside the variety to undergo this emblem. A undying image of French knowledge and savoir-vivre, the logo is popping a brand new web page in its records books encompassing present-day revel in and international nice revel in. The goal is to provide its clients of these days and the following day a logo that meets their necessities.
The first PEUGEOT 308 SW may be introduced at the start of 2022. It may be synthetic in France, on the Mulhouse site.