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Porsche 911 S-T 2024

Porsche is commemorating the 60th anniversary of the iconic 911 with a special edition designed for the ultimate driving experience.Limited to just 1,963 units, the Porsche 911 S/T showcases a commitment to lightweight design and a purist driving feel. Combining elements from the 911 GT3 with Touring Package and the 911 GT3 RS, this exclusive model boasts a unique blend of agility and driving dynamics, featuring a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine from the 911 GT3 RS, generating 386 kW (525 PS) and paired with a short-ratio manual transmission.

Weighing in at a mere 1,380 kg (DIN kerb weight), the 911 S/T is the lightest among the 992 generation. The Heritage Design Package pays homage to the racing legacy of the 911 S, which achieved notable successes in the late '60s and early '70s. Designed for spirited drives on public roads rather than the track, the 911 S/T brings back the essence of the performance-focused 911 S of the first generation.

The aerodynamic design of the anniversary model, infused with GT and motorsport expertise, emphasizes nimble and agile handling for an exhilarating driving experience on winding roads. The reduced inertia of rotating masses ensures instantaneous response to driver inputs, with each steering movement, accelerator press, and brake application executed promptly. Unlike the track-focused 911 GT3 RS, the 911 S/T prioritizes on-road driving.

Notable lightweight construction measures contribute to the exceptional agility and direct handling of the 911 S/T. The front bonnet, roof, front wings, and doors are made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), along with other components like the roll cage, rear anti-roll bar, and shear panel. Magnesium wheels, PCCB system, lithium-ion starter battery, and lightweight glass further enhance the model's lightweight profile. The car achieves a DIN kerb weight of 1,380 kg, nearly 40 kg lighter than the 911 GT3 Touring with a manual transmission.

Exclusive features of the 911 S/T include a new lightweight clutch, developed specifically for this model, and a single-mass flywheel, reducing the rotating mass by 10.5 kg. These enhancements improve the responsiveness of the naturally aspirated flat-six engine. Coupled with a six-speed manual transmission with shorter gear ratios than the 911 GT3, the 911 S/T accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 300 km/h (limited). The car uniquely combines a double-wishbone front-axle design with a multi-link rear axle, omitting rear-axle steering.

The exterior design focuses on road use, featuring a Gurney flap on the retractable rear spoiler for optimal aerodynamic balance. The 911 S/T rides on 20-inch (front) and 21-inch (rear) lightweight center-locking magnesium wheels with ultra-high-performance tires. The optional Heritage Design Package introduces exclusive elements, such as Shore Blue Metallic exterior color, wheel rim color Ceramica, starting number decals, and classic-design Porsche crest.

Inside, the 911 S/T offers a purist driving environment with optional Heritage Design Package enhancements. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) components, part-leather elements, and exclusive details contribute to the lightweight and performance-oriented interior. The two-tone semi-aniline leather trim in Black/Classic Cognac, perforated Dinamica roof lining, and Gold-finished Porsche logo and 911 S/T model designation add to the overall exclusivity.

In addition to the exceptional vehicle, Porsche presents an optional exclusive Heritage Design Package, featuring Shore Blue Metallic exterior color, Ceramica wheel rim color, starting number decals, and classic Porsche crest. The package extends to the interior with two-tone leather trim, embossed Porsche crest, and a range of exclusive accessories, including a custom key, leather pouch, and indoor car cover.

For a truly integrated experience, Porsche offers an exclusive Chronograph 1 - 911 S/T. Limited to 1,963 units, this titanium-cased timepiece features the Porsche Design WERK 01.240 with COSC certification and flyback function, embodying the lightweight design principle of the 911 S/T.

The Porsche 911 S/T, a masterpiece of intelligent lightweight design, embodies the spirit of motorsport while delivering an unparalleled driving experience. With a focus on weight reduction, especially in rotating masses and unsprung masses, the 911 S/T achieves exceptional dynamics and responsiveness. The naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine, lightweight clutch, and manual transmission contribute to the active, thrilling driving experience, making the 911 S/T the lightest model of the 992 generation.

Designed for optimal cornering performance and precise braking, the 911 S/T features double-wishbone front suspension combined with a multi-link rear axle without rear-wheel steering. The Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) ensures high-performance braking, while the purist character is maintained with the option to deactivate the Porsche Stability Management (PSM) partially or completely.

In terms of exterior design, the Porsche 911 S/T exhibits a sporty and aerodynamic profile, focusing on dynamic capabilities rather than track-oriented features. The Heritage Design Package enhances the appearance with exclusive colors, decals, and classic Porsche elements. The lightweight magnesium forged wheels, featuring a central lock and 'S/T' logo, contribute to the overall performance-oriented aesthetic.

Inside the cabin, the Porsche 911 S/T offers a balance of purist elements and sporty elegance. The optional Heritage Design Package introduces classic details, high-quality materials, and superior craftsmanship. CFRP components, part-leather elements, and exclusive stitching create a distinctive interior atmosphere. The leather-covered center console, embossed Porsche crest, and LED door projectors further enhance the overall heritage-focused design.

The Porsche 911 S/T, with its exclusive and performance-focused features, epitomizes the essence of the iconic 911 while pushing the boundaries of intelligent lightweight design and delivering a driving experience that is both exhilarating and timeless.