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Skoda Superb 2024

The fourth iteration of the Škoda Superb builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, offering an enhanced design, increased space and comfort, and cutting-edge technology.The new Superb provides customers with the option of a Combi estate version or a hatchback. The revamped range structure introduces seven Design Selections, providing sustainable solutions like textiles made from 100 percent sustainable materials. Innovative features such as Škoda Smart Dials and a new interior concept with a 13-inch infotainment screen contribute to improved usability. The interior boasts a clean and spacious design, with optimized powertrains for greater efficiency. The engine lineup includes three petrol engines ranging from 110 kW (150 hp) to 195 kW (265 hp) and two diesel options with 110 kW (150 hp) and 142 kW (193 hp). Additionally, a new plug-in hybrid powertrain exclusive to the Combi estate and a mild-hybrid version are introduced. New assistance systems like Turn Assist and Crossroad Assist make their debut in the Superb.
As the flagship model in Škoda's ICE portfolio, the fourth-generation Superb elevates design, roominess, comfort, and safety. Design refinements and improved aerodynamics contribute to reduced fuel consumption and enhanced performance. The lineup includes three TSI petrol engines, two diesels, and a new plug-in hybrid powertrain with a range of over 100 kilometers on the WLTP cycle. LED Matrix beam headlights and DCC Plus further enhance the driving experience. The exterior features a sculptural design with a new octagonal Škoda grille. The interior introduces a free-standing 13-inch infotainment display and a rearranged center console for a cleaner look. The Superb maintains its success story spanning over two decades and three model generations, having garnered numerous awards and accolades.
In terms of exterior enhancements, the fourth-generation Superb is available in both hatchback and Combi estate styles, featuring a refined design, improved aerodynamics, and LED Matrix beam headlights. The vehicle is longer and taller, contributing to increased interior dimensions. The boot capacity has grown, and the model is offered in six new exterior colors with alloy wheels ranging from 16 to 19 inches.

The interior of the Superb undergoes a significant transformation with a redesigned center console, a new infotainment display, and sustainable materials. The introduction of Škoda Smart Dials enhances access to various vehicle functions. The interior features a total of seven Design Selections, with all textiles made from 100 percent recycled materials. The Superb offers three front-seat configurations and introduces new Simply Clever features, including an electrically operated load cover in the Combi estate.
The Superb ensures a permanent internet connection, allowing for over-the-air updates and various online services. The powertrain lineup includes six options with outputs ranging from 110 kW (150 hp) to 195 kW (265 hp). Noteworthy additions include a 1.5 TSI petrol engine with mild-hybrid technology and an advanced plug-in hybrid drive with an extended electric range. The DSG automatic transmission is standard for all powertrains. The Superb also introduces the new DCC Plus generation of Dynamic Chassis Control for improved responsiveness and suspension settings.
On the safety front, the fourth-generation Superb incorporates intelligent assistance systems, such as Turn Assist, Crossroad Assist, Emergency Steering Assist, and Exit Warning. The model also features up to ten airbags, Crew Protect Assist, and Emergency Assist for maximum occupant protection.
The top-of-the-range Superb L&K model stands out with Unique Dark Chrome detailing, LED Matrix beam headlights, DCC Plus, and progressive steering. The L&K Suite Design Selection offers exclusive features, including heated and ventilated Ergo seats with a massage function. The Superb L&K is available in both hatchback and Combi estate versions and can be equipped with any powertrain option.
In summary, the fourth-generation Škoda Superb combines design excellence, advanced technology, sustainability, and enhanced safety features to deliver a comprehensive and appealing driving experience.