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Toyota FT-Se Concept 2023

Introducing an advanced electric sports model, the FT-Se emerges as a top contender among sports cars in the era of carbon neutrality.Drawing on the extensive expertise cultivated in TOYOTA GAZOO Racing's relentless pursuit of superior automotive performance, this high-performance Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) reflects the commitment to crafting exceptional vehicles through motorsports innovation.
To enhance handling stability and aerodynamic prowess, the FT-Se shares key components with the FT-3e. Toyota's vision for this model is to create a car that evolves alongside the driver, achieved through regular software updates.

Characterized by its expansive and low-profile dimensions, the FT-Se boasts a sleek, contemporary silhouette that minimizes aerodynamic resistance.
The state-of-the-art full-digital cockpit of the next generation provides an intuitive interface for controls, offering an immersive driving experience.
With a low instrument panel profile, visibility is maximized, ensuring a clear line of sight. The incorporation of newly designed kneepads serves to shield the driver's body from the G-forces experienced during dynamic driving maneuvers.