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McLaren GTS 2024

McLaren unveiled the new GTS, stepping in for the GT model. Designed for those craving McLaren's signature driving thrill along with comfort for everyday and long-distance travel, the GTS is a lightweight marvel.
CEO Michael Leiters describes it as a blend of McLaren's dynamic performance and practicality, staying true to the brand's racing roots while offering versatility.

With its carbon fiber construction, the GTS boasts enhanced aesthetics and customization options. Its aerodynamic design has been refined, featuring updates like a redesigned front bumper and rear fender air scoops.

Under the hood, the GTS packs a punch with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, now delivering 635PS and reaching 0-100km/h in just 3.2 seconds. Its seven-speed transmission offers seamless shifts, complemented by three driving modes for varied experiences.

Unique to the GTS are its electro-hydraulic steering, adaptive suspension, and carbon ceramic brakes, ensuring a balanced yet exhilarating ride. The interior combines performance with luxury, featuring premium materials and advanced technology.

From its spacious luggage area to its refined cabin, the GTS offers practicality without compromising on performance. It's a worthy addition to McLaren's evolving lineup, promising an unmatched driving experience for enthusiasts.