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Nissan Z Safari Rally Tribute Concept 2023

The seventh-generation Nissan Z has garnered praise on both the road and racetrack, and the Safari Rally Z Tribute envisions how this sports car can extend its thrill beyond traditional pavement journeys.Drawing inspiration from the victorious Datsun 240Z rally car of the 1971 East African Safari Rally, the car's design pays a respectful homage.

Embracing the popular trend of robust and versatile "safari" builds, Tommy Pike and his team in South Carolina elevated and reinforced the car's suspension. They incorporated enhanced lighting, durability, and performance upgrades, transforming the originally asphalt-focused Z into a rugged rally contender.

The custom KW Safari suspension, along with NISMO suspension components, lifts the coupe's ride height by 2 inches. This modification accommodates prototype NISMO Safari wheels measuring 17 x 7.5 inches, clad in Yokohama GEOLANDAR M/T G003 tires tailored for off-road adventures.

To shield critical powertrain and chassis elements, a new front bumper guard and skid plate have been added. NISMO Off Road LED lights, strategically positioned, provide extra visibility during dusty conditions or nocturnal racing. Inside, notable enhancements include a custom roll bar with 4-point harnesses and meticulously crafted Recaro Pole Position seats.

Taking performance a step further, the Safari Rally Z Tribute boasts an AMS-tuned VR30DDTT engine, delivering over 400 horsepower. This powerhouse is complemented by a NISMO Track cat-back exhaust system, a cold air intake, a carbon fiber engine cover, a coolant expansion tank, a heat exchanger, and a street twin-disc clutch and flywheel for a comprehensive powertrain upgrade.